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I tried to install it on an older intell 500 mhz and I'm not coming far.
Getting a message that snap demo licence is over and will fall back to standard vga, press any key..  (don't have an any key key on my keyboard) but pressing whatever, nothing happened..
I suppose I have to select custom install and select vga instead of snap.. will try that later.
But this should not happen.. its weird.. 

As far as I know you don't have to accept any windoze version preinstalled, its officially an option like extra ram or a dvd burner ect.
It does safe money or instead of windoze you get extra ram or whatever.
OK in a cash and carry shop they wont.. but then they are below prize already anyway.
In fact, when you do get windoze preinstalled, then you have to get a serial and a CD-DVD.. witch they too often keep a secret.. even the password in the bios they often keep for themselves so you depend totally on them and M$.
People should be more alert and standing on their rights when buying a PC, nobody can force you to buy a OS you don't want..  in fact when you buy a PC say every 2 years then you pay double often for the same windoze.. while in fact M$ is obligated to reset the serial so you can install it on your new machine..
As long as people are not smart and accepting too many things they get away with it..

Hardware / Re: uniaud
« on: 2007.06.25, 19:44:08 »
Its not so difficult, just type at a command prompt ;

unimix -list >unilist.txt
unimix -names >uninames.txt

And then have a critical look at unilist.txt  (and uninames.txt)  and things that don't fit should be clear.
For instance DAC enable should not be zero.

Hardware / Re: uniaud
« on: 2007.06.23, 11:45:03 »
I'm moved now, and back online.. so its OK to ask whatever.. let me see about the where of this user list.. but mail is OK as well..

Applications / Re: Virtual machines
« on: 2007.06.23, 11:39:43 »
It runs perfect in VPC, even in XP and even in the M$ versions..
(can be found on edonkey, irc.. ect..  (sthhhh) ).. :)

Hardware / Re: uniaud
« on: 2007.06.08, 19:46:29 »
No, I'm not subscribed at the uniaud list yet, I could do so, but after about a month.. I'm moving to another house at the 18th of June, so rather busy and probably without net for a while..
But I come back...

Hardware / Re: uniaud
« on: 2007.06.07, 20:22:02 »
OK, first of all the gbo don't work, it giving MCI error 5610 .  so no idea if it still needs this unimix command line.

What kind of sound card I'm using is a bit of a story.

I have 3 sound cards, on my main board there is a SIS 7012, I have a SBlive 5.1 and a cmedia CMI8738..
The last one I only use because it has a midi wavetable (MPU) and its the only way to get midi in eCS at the moment, so this one don't really need to produce sound but I need mixer access.
There is not a working midi/FM/Adlib at the moment and tmidity is not OK, it crashes a lot, it does crash firefox all the time and often the WPS.

Anyway for a long time I was using only the sblive in eCS with several uniaud drivers and I managed to connect the wavetable out with some wire inside my PC to the sblive input.
After a certain update of the uniaud driver  (don't know exactly wich one) my sound disapeared completely.
After doing some investigations I noticed soon that it stopped using the sblive as default, it was using the SIS now as default.
The solution was simple, I needed this /C:SBLIVE in the uniaud line and I needed this unimix thing..  but.. now I'm doubting  .. if it was the same parameters with unimix with the sblive.... 
Because since a few months everything is different and I'm using all 3 cards now, I can switch betwen cards and tell every sound program (almost) to use wich card.. I kinda like it this way.. some programs are better with sblive, others with the SIS.. and wel.. the cmedia.. its the same as the SIS actually and maybe its a little to much but its working great..
So my config.sys now looks like this;
As you can see the uniaud is now processing the SIS only and it needs this unimix thing to open the dac sound so I can hear it..
Also the mixers (LBmix) is working great with all 3 cards at the same time and my mixers look like the the pic I'm attaching.
Of course I know uniaud does see all 3 cards also but switching is not easy..  in fact almost impossible at the moment so for now I use 3 different drivers  even al off then are alsi based they use their own device names and don't interfere at all.
Hope this helps ..  I have a sound here now...  I think about 3 times 16 channels..  hmm not sure.. but OK plenty :)

Hardware / Re: uniaud
« on: 2007.06.05, 11:30:32 »
With later versions of uniaud I put the following line in comfig.sys to make the sound working;

RUN=x:\MMOS2\unimix.exe -id21 -val1

Where x is of course the drive where os2(ecs) is installed and asuming unimix is copied to the mmos2 folder.

Applications / Re: Warpin and java programs
« on: 2007.05.27, 09:13:35 »
When your java version is showing 1.1.8 then your libpath and path (classpath) are not correct or are messed up.
The path and libpath are pointing to the java1.1.8 directory (folder) instead or before the gc java.
You should have a critical look at the paths in your config.sys.
And see how long they are, the paths in the config can become too long and often half of the paths are not really needed as long as there is a . (dot) as first item in the libpath.
DLL files that are only used by one program should not be in the libpath, these DLL's belong in the same folder with the rest of the application.
Mostly you start your programs from a desktop icon, no need to have them in the path either.
That's another reason to install applications manually and see if they really need to modify the comfig.sys.
Warpin does make it to easy to modify the paths, often there is no need for it at all.
Another possibility is to launch programs with setevironment command file when only one application needs a special evironment settings, mostly its smart to launch java programs with a commandfile, specially with more version of java on the same machine.
It seems your default java is 1.1.8, but how are you starting your java programs? 

Chris Roossien.

Applications / Re: Warpin and java programs
« on: 2007.05.25, 06:58:56 »
Warpin stops working when the database gets to big, I had the same kind of problem.
Deleting DATABAS_F.INI did solve the problem but of course you lose the install history.
This file is getting bigger and bigger, specially when you update programs often with warpin, many programs
do appear 10 or more times in the database, update manually, extracting the files and then just overwrite is what I'm doing from now on.
When you don't want to lose your database of installed programs, then you could edit DATABAS_F.INI with a ini editor and remove all the doubles and maybe the programs you never will remove again.

Inotec java does depend on the inotec runtime, probably installing java again could solve the problem.
Typing java at a command prompt should tell more.

ODIN / Re: odin access error
« on: 2007.05.19, 22:15:38 »
Could be the odin directory is not OK, did you run the odin installer (at least once) ?
Win error messages are confusing and can mean anything.

But voip does not work in odin (yet?) I tried a few progs and as soon as I make a call it does crash in the dsound.dll.

This looks more promising;

Runs with java 1.4 so runs in eCS / OS2
But its not finished now, there is not yet a working version.. 

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