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Hardware / Re: New way for netcard support
« on: 2012.06.11, 15:39:57 »
Pasha, Is there an updated binary version available yet? I have the atheros chipset in question.

Hardware / Re: New way for netcard support
« on: 2012.03.04, 18:13:05 »
Is this method going to be able to support importing wireless chipsets like the atheros and modern Intel WiFi Link 5xxx and 6xxx chipsets?
These are the big pain points for me. Will all of the added/supported chipsets end up in the unimac.os2 file? or will there be a separate ***.os2 file for each adapter?
If so, Will they communicate with our existing tools like Wireless Lan Monitor? or will a new application be needed to support a linux wifi device. Please tell us more..

Hardware / Re: strange USB issues
« on: 2012.01.28, 05:26:10 »
Another thought hit me about your
problem, I tried to send you a private email but it didn't work.

Please open your config.sys and look for these lines.

In eCS 2.1 there is a bug in pass three of the installer that the IBM mouse driver doesn't get replaced with the better amouse driver properly.
See my config.sys snippet below.

At the end of the install, IBM's mouse .sys is active with amouse as the usb driver. They don't mix well.

The correct entry is shown below. my install is in C: drive but your may be different all you really want to do is rem the IBM mouse driver line and un rem the amouse base driver line and your problem might go away.


I forgot to bring it up as I am so used to checking the box to stop the 3rd pass from rebooting and correcting this manually. I took it for granted.

I want to backup my case about usb keyboard and mouse complaints by asking you this.

When you used the CD to install eCS, You used a usb keyboard and mouse without a problem to install or import your key? You used it as well to select easy or advanced install?
and other selections like snap over the default panorama video driver. was the usb mouse or keyboard acting up then?

You were already using eCS the moment the installer started and before it even wrote a file on your harddrive.

How will you edit the config.sys with the keyboard/mouse acting up?

right after the bios post is complete, or if boot manager is installed>select your os/2 install, Hold down alt-F1 and the recovery menu will appear. press F2 and eCS will boot to the command prompt full screen from there, type "TEDIT config.sys" and the text editor will appear. use the escape key to toggle the cursor and then the arrow keys to get the affected lines. rem and unrem lines to match the what is shown above. respecting your drive letter instead of mine. (While doing this you should notice the keyboard is working fine.)

Once the mouse driver lines are fixed, hit F2, then F3 to can crtl-alt del or type exit to reboot you machine and let us know what happens.

You can also use the CD and cancel the install to get to the maintenance desktop and use the editor there as an option to perform the same thing.


Hardware / Re: strange USB issues
« on: 2012.01.24, 17:21:23 »
Thank you Ivan,

Did I forget to say, I typed this post on a USB keyboard? and I used a USB mouse to click the reply link?
Oh and even better, It's connected to a 4 port USB KVM switch.

My monitor is connected thru HDMI on a wide screen panel running1360x768.
If you want to buy salvage hardware off eBay to keep OS/2 running in legacy mode, that's your choice.
I don't see how comments like yours are helping the community when most of us were over that hurdle 5 years ago.

It's nice to be able to run dual core hardware and use modern display adapters. (Although our video driver performance could be a lot better)
I wish you all the luck as the capacitors dry out in your equipment.

It's obvious you have no idea who I am when making your comments about "giving to the community"

If I was a new interested OS/2 user and I came to this site and saw these posts, I'd be running to Linux or OSX as a windows alternative instead of witnessing the conflict within a small user base that isn't doing any of us any good.

I'm done with what I have to say. So be sure to respond with how my statements are yet again the 3rd useless post.

Hardware / Re: strange USB issues
« on: 2012.01.24, 05:43:51 »
Since you are having the issue with either PS2 or USB HID devices.
1. Download ACPI 3.19.14 from mensys the acpi shipped with 2.1 has some issues.
2. did it install SNAP or Panorama for the video.? SNAP is having serious issues running in VBE mode on modern hardware. to get around the problem with SNAP.
go to the command line (OS/2) cd to the snap directory cd \snap and turn off write combining with the command gaoption nowcomb. `If that's the problem, You will see an immediate improvement. If panorama is your video driver then the acpi update above should solve your problem.

Some other things to do,
To use a usb keyboard during install, It was likely you had to or USB legacy support was turned on in the bios. You can turn it off now that the install is complete.
Last but not least,update the usb drivers by going to and searching for and install the drivers per the instructions.

I have a couple of thinkcenter desktop machines running very well and have never plugged a PS/2 keyboard into them other than my MAME custom joystick for gaming.
Lots of USB devices work just fine with eComstation and have been for a long time. It's unfortunate some of our user populous can't come out of the dark ages or work thru problems to get devices working like memory sticks,cameras, audio devices, network adapters and HID devices. I guess it more fun to RANT about it.

Applications / Re: Error when opening OpenOffice 3.2
« on: 2012.01.19, 05:42:42 »
By any chance did you install the libc064 csd4 from netlabs or yum?
It hosed my OO until I restored version libc063 csd3.  In the new package, I have several issues going on with older applications that don't like the dll forwarder function in the libc064 package but many recent applications have to have the new version.

This subject alone deserves a thread to alert folks that some applications may be acting up or don't work at all without libstrictpath and scripting tricks to keep libc063 csd3 and csd4 versions separated.

If that gets your OO install working let me know. It worked for me.

Hardware / Re: DVD reading under OS/2 Warp 4.52
« on: 2011.06.08, 15:59:30 »
While I have seen a lot of interesting discussion here, I would like to offer a very simple suggestion. Please open your config.sys file and make sure udf.ifs is being loaded before the cdfs.ifs statement. I recall having this same problem back on Warp 4.52 as I could not watch DVD movies using Warpvision until the statements were traded.

I'm not sure why but the ifs's are loaded in order and searched the same way. eComstation users on 1.2 and higher never see this problem as the config.sys is re-ordered that way by default. should look like this when correct.


After checking or correcting this, Suggestions in some of the other posts may apply.

As for the backup suggestion, Blu-Ray drives are getting cheap as well as the media and I have been using them since DVD Toys was first released with great success. 25 gig per disk is a much nicer chunk combined with zipping the folders to retain the EA's.

Article Discussions / Re: eCS 2.1 this Saturday?
« on: 2011.05.18, 16:46:52 »
As requested for warpcafe,

Working with FAT 32 USB Memory Devices larger than 2gig.
These instructions will allow you to access usb memory sticks and many usb storage based devices like cameras and phones using FAT32.

1. You will need DFSEE to perform the update to the device.

2. Syptom: you have plugged in a new memory stick or SDcard into your computer. OS/2 assigns it a drive letter but the drives view shows it has only 32meg of space on the disk and the file system is inaccessible. The card or stick is 4 gig or bigger and is fat32 formatted.

3. With the device still plugged in, Start DFSee,

Choose File> Open Object to work with> Disk and choose your memory  stick or device from the list. (Usually the last disk listed) You should see the capacity is listed correctly.

4. From the top menu, Choose Mode=FDISK>OS/2 LVM and BootManager>Interactive Edit LVM info.

┌──┤ Select partition to start LVM-edit with ├───┐
│ 01 ECS21           C: Pri 07 JFS        7812.8 MiB │
│ 02 ECS 2_0     D: Log 07 JFS       40962.6 MiB │
│ 03 I13Xoption          Pri 0a BMGR          7.8 MiB │
│ 04 I13Xneeded        Pri 0a BMGR          7.8 MiB │
│ ───────────────────────────────── │
│ 05 HOPKINS     U: Pri 07 JFS       31654.0 MiB │
│ ───────────────────────────────── │
│ 06 NO NAME     *: Pri 0c FAT32     15120.0 MiB <---Select your memory stick

5. Fill in only the Volume name and drive letter fields. Leave defaults for everything else.
6. Select OK, Exit DFSee. Do not eject the device using DFSee.

7. Eject the USB device either using the widget in eWorkplace or from a command line using "eject (Drive Letter eCS assigned the device before you used DFSee)"

8. unplug and re-insert the usb stick/device and it will take a few sec. longer to mount but should come up with the new drive letter

and the drive should now be accessible as long as the FAT32 driver is properly installed.

Notes: If the device is a MP3 player, cellphone or camera with only external memory. I usually perform these steps with a card reader before installing the sd or micro sd card in the device. then when I connect a usb cable to the device in question it usually works.

If you plug in a USB device and no drive letter is assigned, The device may not support the MSD standard. Like Keychain photo viewers. These instructions won't help.

Last Note: I have done this on several devices and large memory sticks. I have never lost existing data doing this but of course, You should back up data just in case of a hickup! 


Article Discussions / Re: eCS 2.1 this Saturday?
« on: 2011.05.09, 19:02:54 »
I used to have those problems with all my fat 32 usb media devices until until I figured out how to use DFSEE to add lvm data and a static drive letter for each of the large floppy format sticks, cell micro sd, and  media players with built in ram. When the MSD driver assigns a drive letter, The fat32 ifs driver can't see the drive. If LVM data is present, then the Fat32 driver see's it as a regular partition (Although it is still in large floppy format)and the ifs can read the data. 

Only 1 crummy Craig 4gig media player still doesn't work. My blackberry, Archos media player, Android tablet and 32gig usb mem sticks are working great.

The only trick here is that you have to remember what letters you assign each of these devices and keep them different. So LVM won't have to assign a drive letter if you want to plug in more than one of them at a time,

My camera with a 16gig flash card is assigned P:
My digital video camcorder with a 32gig sd card is set to V:
My Android Tablet's micro sd card (16gig) is set to T:
My Archo's Media Player (8gig)is set to M:
The memory sticks are set to X: and Y:

It would be nice to not have to do this but it works and only needs to be done once.

When these devices are plugged into  a Windy Box, Windows assigns the  next open drive letter and doesn't even know LVM data is there. 

Games / Re: MAME for OS/2
« on: 2011.01.06, 03:50:07 »
I think Mame vs SDLmame have different revisions.
i am using the latest 1.38 with no problems. I will warn you that the Panorama Video driver doesn't work well with it. I get inverted red blue color palettes no matter what color depth or SDL environment variables I set. I ended back with SNAP.

Last but not least, Be sure to download the rom packs for the bios's of the arcade machines you want to emulate. The game files don't include them and it can drive you nuts trying to get games working.


Has the Atheros AR5007 driver in your package been updated since the Team OS/2 version was released to support the Asus netbooks?

I ask as both my Asus and Acer netbooks eventually had the mini pci card changed out to use the Broadcom BCM4311. Another unsupported mode driver I created and could add to your package. The problem with all the BCM43xx family in general is that XWLAN can't seem to pass the SSID properly and I have to make the profile for the sake of using the wep entry then manually issue the ssid command to get to get XWLAN to start dhcp and finally connect.

It is still better than the experience I was having with the Atheros cards in both devices, It would connect but IP would stop functioning after about 30secs. Sigurd and me had many a post on this subject and I never found an answer to the problem. I would love to put back the Atheros cards if I can confirm this is now working.


Thanks Martin, That did the trick. I was able to reach him. Please see the email I sent you regarding the results.. Rather promising.. :)

I'm trying to locate the author of pmlogin. If anyone knows how to reach him or has the source code to this app.
I have built a replacement for this application that uses UPM for client authentication as well as SAMBA,Netware and Lan Server but I am having a problem with WPS restarts pmlogin seems to handle correctly. Any help would be appreciated. He last posted in 2004 and worked on the orrinico wireless driver.

Last known email and address. email domain is no longer available.

Jens Glathe
(Removed Address)
D- 10787 Berlin


I'm surprised this didn't make the site yet!

eComStation 2.0 Silver Release available
August 28, 2009
Serenity Systems International and Mensys BV are pleased to announce the immediate availability of eComStation 2.0 Silver Release for download.

eComStation 2.0 will offer unparalleled performance with Bootable JFS and support for multi-core CPUs.

eComStation is fully OS/2 compatible and will run your existing OS/2 applications!

Got your software subscription still?

Hardware / Re: Criticisms of Panorama VESA
« on: 2009.06.19, 17:46:09 »
Based on the info provided, I was hopeful for a moment. I too experience the same problems Sigurd refers to with certain SDL apps.
None of these suggestions help.
1. adding sddhelp.sys to my config.sys and starting a full screen dosbox session worked,  once you try and exit the session or Alt-Esc out, It's game over, no desktop, hard reboot! Is there other switches for the driver I'm missing?
2. The problem is not that Panorama will not run SDL apps in full screen, The problem is when some SDL apps are running in full screen, the color tables are messed up. In my casee, Dosbox and ScummVM in FS mode have inverted red and blue color palettes.
Many of the SDL apps for OS/2 ship with SDL.DLL,SDL12.DLL,FSLIB.DLL, I have removed those and only leave the 804 2008 release set in my dll directory. that helped some of the windowed sdl apps. didn't affect the FS apps.

Some SDL apps that do work ok in FS for me are VirtualBox, SDLMAME<latest release.
Can you concur? Sigurd

I'm quite fine with Panorama for now if the SDL FS thing could get resolved... I have Windows for workgroups 3.11 and WIndows Millennium working in dosbox but looks horrible in inverted color mode!
Scitech VESA mode on my Acer Aspire One netbook was so slow it was unusable!

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