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Applications / Re: Anyone tried Qemu?
« on: 2009.04.06, 22:02:50 »
Hi all,

Currently running Ubuntu 8.04 and in order to use a USB thumbdrive under VirtualBox one has to share the thumbdrive on your host machine. In your client machine you can then browse your "Workgroup" under network shares and then access the thumbdrive contents from there. Possibly one could try the same approach with QEMU under OS/2 eCS.

Just setup OS/2 Warp4 as a client under Ubuntu VBox and can access my thumbdrive over the network even though Warp4 does not have native support for USB devices, unless one has a Software subscription so far I understand to get access to the drivers for Warp4. One also has to have a CPU supporting the VT extensions in order to install OS/2 eCS as a client it seems.

Update... it appears I need to share my old HP Deskjet 695 printer under the host to gain access to it from my OS/2 client.

Sad news possibility IBM to purchase Sun, hope they keep Virtual Box Open Source in the event they do take Sun.


General Discussion / Theft - Punishment Idea
« on: 2008.11.03, 23:05:16 »
Hey All,

Just wanted to mention that I was broken into recently and my OS/2 box taken among other things. Anyway, this gave me an idea I thought I'd like to share...

I think it would be a kewl idea if it was possible to "Hardcode" and "Embed" OS/2 / eCS onto the machine it's been installed to so that NO other OS can then wipe it clean or format the drive. I know too well that those thugs have gone and already installed M$ Windows on the machine - any "Pawn Shop" you walk into here where I am has an almost identical copy of M$ Windows on their "second hand" PC's. Make it so that the only to wipe the partition is to have the original install diskette of OS/2 / eCS to do the "wipe" :-)

Other benefit, potential for more OS/2 / eCS users as they're forced to use the system by virtue of their "second hand" purchase.
Thanks for allowing me to blow off some steam here  :-[


Hi jpeoples,

I'm definitely no guru but have a look at the following thread with a howto from RobertM :,com_smf/Itemid,63/topic,255.0/

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the info and help ddan,

Could you please advise on how to browse my Linux box from eCS, as mentioned it shows in the File and Print Client Resource Browser but asks for a password when I attempt to browse it. Which password would that be? Will in future figure out the FTP solution for transferring files.

Thanks and regards,



I went out and bought a D-Link DWA-520 Wireless 108g Desktop Adapter card for my desktop to play around with. It's an Atheros chipset based card - not sure exactly which - and used GenMAC to install drivers and followed the included readme file. All went well but now have an issue connecting to my router using XWLAN310 widget. For some reason I can see my neighbours' wireless Access Points except mine. I manually put my details in and Voila I was connected but only for short periods of time. After playing around with the properties to try determine what's going on my system totally froze up with the only option being to uninstall XWLAN ( The only way I could get my working system back ).

Even using the VIO window command SCAN.EXE shows only surrounding Access Points and can connect to one which has no security at all ( Pity they recently enabled their security after I mentioned it as free internet access would've been great :) ), I've double checked the entries on my router to ensure my SSID is not hidden etc and have no problems seeing and connecting to my router from Linux/Windows.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Hi again,

This may be of some help : Surviving with OS/2 Warp in a sea of Windows, haven't read thru all of it yet but have bookmarked it.

Hope this helps too.





Please excuse this Martin, I've had no success with networking OS/2 - eCS and Windows but do recall seeing in an old thread that one needs to edit a registry file on the MS Windows machine. I myself have been trying to migrate completely away from MS Windows and been dabbling around with various Linux Distros which leads me to a call for help regarding networking an eCS and a Linux box (Currently using Linux Mint 5 R1 which is based on Ubuntu 8.04.1).

My current problem is that I can see both my eCS shares and my Linux box from : Network Utilities, File and Print Client Resource Browser but when I try to open my Linux share I get a prompt asking me for a password? I've no passwords set on my Linux box for the Local network. On the other hand I can browse my eCS shares and transfer files from and to my Linux box. A point worth mentioning is that in order to get that far I had to make sure that my Domain was set to WORKGROUP on both machines.

Another question I have is during my experiments of transferring files between Linux and Windows and Linux and eCS on the SAME Hardware I noted that I seem to get better performance from the eCS box at an average of 4 MB/sec versus the MS Windows box at 3.8 MB/sec. The Linux box has onboard Gigabit lan vs eCS/Win 100Mb lan - I was under the impression that I should be achieving around about 12.5 MBytes/sec according to my calculations. Curious to know what the optimum throughput should be for various type network cards ie 10/100/1000 Mb lan cards.

Please excuse if I should have posted this in another thread.



Storage / Re: Accessing Linux JFS partitions on OS/2
« on: 2008.09.06, 22:09:29 »

I'd just like to point out that with my little dabbling with various distros of Linux, I've found it extremely stable and a very definitive alternative to MS offerings. Also, think of all the great open source software that has been ported to OS/2 by Paul Smedley and others, please forgive me for not mentioning all those who've contributed to keep OS/2 "Alive".

In short, much would be gained from an Open Source OS/2
... too tired, going off topic.



Hey there,

Just gave ZOHO and Google Docs a quick try with FF under OS/2 and both seem to work quite well. Obviously, I haven't tested them extensively, but they DO work. I haven't yet checked on how much bandwidth these apps use but for myself I pay approx US$0.075 (current exchange rates) per MB so it may become quite expensive in the end for people who pay ( I consider the above rate expensive ) a fair amount for bandwidth especially "3rd World countries". Just my 2cents.



Applications / Re: CD Record
« on: 2008.06.03, 16:54:54 »
Hi "Carlo_Warp",

As I said, I burned some MP3 songs and everything seemed to be ok; at the end of the burning process, I got the message "Disk created successfully".
I tried to read the disk and I got the message "The Cd-rom might be damaged, unformatted or not sompatible...". In other words, the burned Cd was empty!!

I used a CD-RW.

It's been a while since I've used Audio/Data Cd Creator, please ensure that the "Test Only" check mark is unchecked when burning your project, else as far I remember CD Creator doesn't physically burn the disc.

Hope this helps.



Much thanks for your input,

The price difference between the 2 brand cards is not so much different (from our local suppliers) but I really would like to get the best performance when coming to playing 2 games I purchased in the beginning of January ie Quake 4 and FEAR. I've not had the chance to play them on my own machine yet with onboard graphics..

Will more than likely opt for the NVidia purely for my gaming investment. Will try and follow up with what's supported with the OpenSNAP project as I get closer to final purchase as funds allow, hopefully not too long.

Thanks again



Hardware / ATI or NVidia Graphics Cards and Future Support.
« on: 2008.05.29, 17:35:55 »
Hi All,

I'm budgeting to get myself a 3D Accelerated Graphics Card and can't decide whether to go for an ATI 3870 based or NVidia 8800GT based card. Judging from reviews at I'd like to budget for the NVidia option due to better performance.

For future compatibility support with eCS, which would be the better option. When going through Scitech SNAP support reference there seems to be more support for ATI graphic cards.

Your input much appreciated,



Hardware / Re: HSDPA & 3G PCMCIA Data Card
« on: 2008.05.29, 16:56:37 »
Much thanks for your reply "Blonde Guy",

I've been looking into such a solution, but unfortunately I have yet to find a supplier here locally for such router. When I approached the Internet Service Providers and asked for such a solution, they generally remark on why I would do such a thing cos it works straight up for any PC or Mac, when I tell them I'd like to be able to use their service under OS/2 or even Linux, they give me a strange look as though I'm an Alien or something :-)

Looks like I must take the plunge to get myself a PayPal account and order it over the web either through NewEgg or similar service.

Thanks again,



Polls / Re: Poll about Faxworks disappearing
« on: 2008.05.23, 12:30:36 »
Hi All,

I bought Faxworks Pro many years ago and used for only a short period of time until my modem was struck by lightning, the only available modems I could get after that were USB type modems or internal Winmodems so never really got a chance to make serious use of the software.

With a range of combination Printers, Scanners and faxes available on the market I'd like to see an updated Faxing solution. I personally find that a lot of people and companies still respond to a Fax faster than via email. Optical Character Recognition would also be a "must have" with the software.



Hardware / HSDPA & 3G PCMCIA Data Card
« on: 2008.05.22, 23:57:07 »
Hi All,

I was wondering and curious to know whether anyone here has had any success with using HSDPA & 3G PCMCIA Data Cards for internet access. I'd like to buy a standard PCI to PCMCIA adapter card to install on a 2nd hand desktop I purchased for my folks as an alternative means for them to access the Internet as they live on a small holding in a Rural area and one can wait for months to years even, for our local telecoms provider to install an ADSL line which would be down more than running due to cable theft in the area. A wireless means to access the 'net would be a wise choice and the offering from one of our Cellular Service providers for an HSDPA 3G solution seams acceptable if a little pricey. Speeds offered are supposedly 7.2 and 3.6 Mbps respectively - pretty impressive here in SA where only the super rich can afford 4Mbps ADSL.

I'd like to install Warp4 or alternatively save up for eCS and install this for them as desktop solution for their computing needs. Are their drivers available for such Data cards and is there software available to Dial in to and connect with the Service Provider? I know Linux running Gnome Desktop has GnomePPP for this task, the Data Card comes with a CD to install drivers and dialer for Window$. If this proves successful, I may just follow suit purely for the speed improvement on 'net connectivity.

Many thanks in advance,


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