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Works great for me (as the previous version was).
I tried to attach a logitech webcam C905 and this would not crash the system anymore (as it was with the IBM version of the USB).

Great work!

PS.: Now if only there was a good driver and video calling app to make use of the webcam under eCS... ;-)

Article Discussions / Re: ACPI version 3.20.03 released
« on: 2012.07.08, 11:20:09 »
And the reactor temperature widget for XCenter does not show anything except of "Zzz".
Does anybody have a working version that can show system/CPU temperature as measured using ACPI?

Roderick: Should I open a ticket requesting support for my board's temperature sensors through ACPI?

Article Discussions / Re: ACPI version 3.20.03 released
« on: 2012.07.05, 22:48:42 »
Runs well here on a Phenom II X6. However, with SNAP video enabling 4 cores is still the limit. (6 cores only work with plain VGA, SNAP hangs at WPS boot-up)

So what happens if you run with Panorama do the 6 cores work ? If that works then we know SNAP has an SMP defect!
We have somebody working on SNAP at the moment. Based on your report I opened a ticket:

Roderick Klein

Indeed, the 6 cores run fine with plain VGA. I did not try panorama though. However, I need SNAP to power my two LCDs with a large WPS...
Also, video performance with multiple cores enabled is not great.

Will comment on the SNAP ticket

Article Discussions / ACPI version 3.20.03 released
« on: 2012.06.24, 09:08:08 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Saturday, 23 June 2012

I have jus. .. .

Runs well here on a Phenom II X6. However, with SNAP video enabling 4 cores is still the limit. (6 cores only work with plain VGA, SNAP hangs at WPS boot-up)

And the reactor temperature widget for XCenter does not show anything except of "Zzz".
Does anybody have a working version that can show system/CPU temperature as measured using ACPI?


I hope for Michal Necasek as well. And for Mensys to go the efficient way and focus on one high end desktop and the one or two most common laptop graphics chipsets - and implement the full feature set as good as possible. Just another generic driver with no real hardware acceleration, no multi-screen capabilities and limited video acceleration won't be a big step for me (still using SNAP on ATI X850)

GOOD LUCK!!! Really exciting news!

Unfortunately, no version of the new USB drivers works here. IBM version kind of works (sometimes traps at boot). Lars' version does not allow a complete boot. System is stuck and only hard power reset works. It's a Gigabyte 770TA-UD3 with a Phenom II X6.
Unfortunately, I don't seem to get this system working properly. Still running only one core and no SATA3 for my SSD...
Hope to have some time debugging end of next week.

Article Discussions / Re: About Snap Technology
« on: 2011.05.22, 14:04:42 »
Yep. I agree that open source is not to blame. Was shooting into the wrong direction. My apologies. However, I maintain that updating something that actually works (and was one of the tech highlights for OS/2 over the last decade) sounds more realistic than starting a new port effort based on some LinuX source and architecture. Given that I use some very old software components and they work very well, I'd rather invest my money into evolution than some long term dream.

I don't say 'don't do a new video driver model for eCS'. I would be excited if anyone succeeds!
I just wouldn't invest money into it.

Article Discussions / Re: About Snap Technology
« on: 2011.05.18, 23:29:12 »
An open source solution like GL/2 may come out. Suppose it was workable. To make a supported version would cost plenty. Assuming it cost about the same as the SNAP drivers, would you pay?
Open source drivers are not impressive so far. Uniaud is OK, but not great, panorama does not allow for multiple screens and ACPI is just a disaster. I use OS/2, not LinuX, os2apic.psd, not ACPI, c-media driver that also works well on my SMP system, SNAP for two screens. Open source is just sane and CUPS (although I could also use a simple PCS or PS driver).
Open source is great for apps, that can be ported easily (e.g., based on Qt). But for drivers I am simply not convinced by the end products. I would certainly invest into something that works for the next 5 years rather than into some long term future dream that never materializes (like ACPI).

Article Discussions / Re: About Snap Technology
« on: 2011.05.17, 22:31:52 »
The question is: What option is realistic at all? SNAP sources have specific code for OS/2, which a capable programmer should be able to compile and tweak for stability (SMP safety). Then it's all about adding the modules for oe or two additional chipset(s). The technology is proven - and still really cool considering what drivers are available on other platforms.

Open sourcing is out of the question for the guys at Alt Richmond and we cannot buy the entire company just to get OS/2 drivers done ;-) So we can dream of open sourcing the stuff, but it aint gonna happen. Unless those guys don't see any value in SNAP any more (won't happen in the near future).

Thus, if the license were free I would go this way and invest into a solution on current high end HW - this should carry us another 3-4 years. (The driver to the ATI X850 that my two LCDs are attached to is that age at least).

Article Discussions / About Snap Technology
« on: 2011.05.17, 15:59:36 »
That is very interesting. Especially that they would license the source code for free.

Regarding expertise: Don't we have a graphics guru looking for bouties (demitrioussharpe)?

Regarding funding: I am willing to put EUR 500 on the table for a start and possibly more in case of tangible progress. And I imagine that many people would jump in as well.

Regarding scope: Focus on ONE desktop and ONE laptop chipset. Probably high-end at the moment - until it's implemented, it becomes mainstream. Implement all funtionality that makes sense (and is feasible) for OS/2 and eCS:
- fully accelerated 2D
- accelerated video
- all resolutions that the hardware provides
- SMP safe (enhancement over current SNAP, which seems not to be)
- multi-screen (possibly including a solution for laptops to use a second screen
- display orientation (albeit not on the fly as OS/2 does not support on the fly res change)

Out of scope (at least initially):
- accelerated 3D - only if someone had an idea what to do with it under OS/2
- multiple cards (crossfire etc.) - no use without massive graphics intensive games
- ... anything other that would delay a first release ;-)

Question is: could mensys 'own' the code and find a good project manager (like diver aka Sylvan) who can manage this as well as Qt and Java are managed. Then funding can also be raised. If it becomes another one of those zomby projects like flash, ACPI or various bounties at, I don't think many people would be willing to invest (including me).


Open Bounties / Re: Porting AbiWord
« on: 2011.05.11, 18:14:14 »
I guess everyone agrees that using ODIN is no benefit in itself and a native version would certainly be preferable. However, I wonder if one really urgently needs Abiword if a recent port of OOo and many good (though older) OS/2 native workd processors are around (like Describe, Papyrus etc.)

If looking for bounties, why don't you open a new one? I personally would rather be willing to sponsor something like an update to SNAP graphics driver to a selected number of current chipsets (1 desktop, 1 mobile). Including multiscreen cababilities and 2D acceleration, maybe rotation (even if not dynamic, as PM cannot chnge resolution on the fly).

Open Bounties / Re: Old Open Bounties
« on: 2011.05.11, 16:56:40 »
Good question. Way back wen I invested quite some money into the bounty system and suggested that bounties should be contingent on any progress over time. In addition, the bounty should only be paid by the sponsors at the time the bounty is actually claimed.

So far, nothing much happened. So, I focus my attention on Qt, Java 6 and other projects with noticable progress and transparency over where my money goes...

Article Discussions / Re: eCS 2.1 this Saturday?
« on: 2011.05.08, 21:30:13 »
Well, I think the saturday is over en europe. I just hope they release it soon. I want to test it on some machines I got here.

Me too. Just installed eCS 2.0 on a new machine with Phenom II X6. Installed pretty well onto an SSD. However, no SATA3, but only SATA2. And I did not get the NIC to work (although it recognized the right one for the GenMac driver). No SMP either, at this time (PM hangs at WPS start - using SNAP on a X850PCI-E).

Very interested to see if version 2.1 installs any better.

Setup & Installation / Re: Installing eCS 2.0 - ACHI
« on: 2011.04.06, 11:34:51 »
Interestingly enough, I am working on installing Windows 7 x64 on an Asus KGPE-D16,
Anyway, eCS v2 installed on the machine (figured I'd run a test), but though it recognized the CPUs (dual 8 core CPUs), enabling ACPI causes eCS to crash early in the boot process. Didn't have time to play with the config...

Hi Robert,
Please keep us posted on your success - I am interested in replacing my aging dual Opteron 244 system with one based on a ASUS KCMA-D8, AMD SR5650 (dual Sockel-C32, dual PC3-10667R reg ECC DDR3). Would be nice to know if ACPI.PSD or OS2APIC.PSD can handle dual multicore Opterons. The old workstation I run with OS2APIC.PSD. ACPI.PSD fails in SMP mode.

Posted by Martin Iturbide - Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Rich Walsh. .. .

Works very well here - problem with auto-completion in URL bar and non-sticky bookmarks resolved. Great!

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