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Applications / Re: Question regarding Lucide + WPS
« on: 2012.09.26, 18:16:30 »
The pdf and images preview in WPS is a feature included in eSchemes Deluxe edition.

Article Discussions / Re: Qt version 4.7.3
« on: 2011.09.18, 15:35:41 »
Needs also coreutils, failure.
Any suggestion?

Hardware / Re: [Request] Latest DDPak Download Mirror
« on: 2011.05.24, 10:03:01 »
The fix, and the DDk it's here

Applications / Re: Cclive, multimedia url and vlc
« on: 2010.06.04, 16:19:01 »
Ok, solve the problem:
- Add in config.sys the statement
- create a file in C:\HOME\Default named ".ccliverc"
filename-format = "%t.%s"
format = "best"
stream-exec = "C:\usr\local\bin\vlc.exe %i"
are minimal settings for my purpose, more statements on cclive main url..manual
Create a program object named "Stream" pointing to cclive.exe (unpack somewhere in PATH should be preferred)
--stream-pass "[ ]"
Working directory where is cclive.exe
check in Session panel "Start minimized" and "Close window on exit", Window tab, Open object behavior "Create a new window"
Now, simply pasting the url in the pop-up window clicking on "Stream" object, will start vlc streaming the media ;) !!
A shadow of "Stream" program object in the eCenter will help your web-surfing ;) !!!
For the moment the only players that can do this are vlc and smplayer. Mplayer, kmp and ffplay wait all for the end of download before start (gnash does not works) ???
The supported sites are all sites available for cclive 0.6.3 (latest), a large number.
Now i can waiting for flash10 without need Clipgrab..Abby..or other similar programs..simply using the WPS features :)!!

Applications / Re: Cclive, multimedia url and vlc
« on: 2010.06.03, 22:44:28 »
Inside abby there is the package you need (LUA),..and the streaming function included in the program does not works (i think probably becouse use the --stream=n (in percentage) option that was in the 0.5.5 version of cclive.

Applications / Cclive, multimedia url and vlc
« on: 2010.06.03, 14:47:46 »
So, as now several sites with multimedia content does not works without flash10 (still not 'available), for the moment I should have a solution for streaming that works, but I am not satisfied completly :
I've created a program object on the desktop called "stream", pointing to cclive.exe and for parameters
--stream-exec="C:\MMOS2\MPlayer\mplayer.exe %i" --stream-pass "[ ]"
where, as you can see, cclive extract the multimedia content from stream-pass and redirect it to the media player preferred, the only think to do is to copy and paste the url of the multimedia site (youtube or others) in the pop-up window callback by "[ ]".
Now, using mplayer as preferred player, all works fine but the video starts only at the end of download and for very long contents the wait should be...very long  :).
Now, a strange thing happened using vlc as media player: via an OS/2 command line, the streaming works and play in real-time the media (cclive.exe --stream-exec="C:\usr\local\bin\vlc.exe -d %i" --stream-pass "http://youtube..."), but setting it as parameter for my "stream" object program, vlc is waiting for something  ???
So, the question: is there a way to pass like PM object parameters a line like this one
cclive.exe --stream-exec="C:\usr\local\bin\vlc.exe %i" --stream-pass "[ ]"
that play media in real-time?
This because in my opinion i think that should be the best elegant solution waiting for this blessed flash10 once made a shadow of "stream" program object direct in eCenter!!
Thanks for any idea, regards,

Select 'color only', sorry ;D

Right click on Desktop->Properties->Background, unselect 'color only' and change your color  ::)

Programming / Re: Innotek font engine extended to WPS
« on: 2008.09.28, 23:32:32 »
No crash. It seems stable and all works fine. But needs also SET SDDFONTDPI=96 var in config.sys (SNAP). I don't know if Panorama VESA support it.

Programming / Re: Innotek font engine extended to WPS
« on: 2008.09.28, 18:55:27 »
The one included in eCS 2.0RC5, i think it should be 2.40.

Programming / Innotek font engine extended to WPS
« on: 2008.09.28, 13:27:06 »
Hallo, i've discovered that the innotek font engine can be extended to the WPS adding
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\InnoTek\InnoTek Font Engine\Applications\PMSHELL.EXE
to the registry.
Now the desktop can use fonts like Inconsolata an Vesa Sans, just like Linux Ubuntu.
Can this helps?
Some screenshots.

Hardware / Thinkpad A20m shut itself down!!
« on: 2008.06.27, 23:16:52 »
Hello, i've a problem with a Thinkpad A20m:
When i visit a web site using firefox 3 (also firefox or Seamonkey 1.1.9) that have a flash player contents
(es. ), the notebook shut itself down (power-off), and it is necessary to unplug the DC connector and remove the battery to power-on again (with all the problems related, chkdsk and eventually lost info).
I'm running eCS 2.0 RC3 (SNAP), SSD 16GB Transcend and 512MB ram.
This problem occurs only in this cases and also running Windows 2k and XP, and with 7-8 and 9 version
of  flash player and also  with firefox in the same environment.
Running eCS the problem is not frequent like on Microsoft.
Maybe an hw problem  ::)?
PC-Doctor tools and diagnostic from IBM website for this notebook say all ok, like also other memory test programs i've used.
What is the problem? any suggestion?
Thanks, Barbara.

Applications / Re: List of apps working /w Java 1.5_07
« on: 2008.05.02, 21:43:08 »
Also Mercury dMSN Messenger works fine, but i don't know if webcam works.

Programming / Re: Songbird Media Player
« on: 2008.02.03, 22:27:03 »
Wow, should be a great news  ;D !!

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