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Qt 4.8 will come sooner anyway, so stay tuned.


I also agree we need more information on porting software.  I am not a programmer but I would be prepared to try IF I knew where to begin.  For example, I use Sigil to produce epubs of the manuals we produce, thanks to Paul we have a port of it but it is version 0.2 and rather short of the features of the latest version 0.5.  If I knew how to start and setup what is necessary to port version 0.4.5 which is the last version possible because of QT4 restrictions, I would try and see if I could port it.

does Sigil 0.5 and better need Qt 4.8? If not it should be possible to port as well, as our Qt 4.7 is very good.


Applications / Re: Looking for VisPro software
« on: 2012.08.30, 16:31:53 »
if you can't find all binaries i have VisPro/REXX Gold 3.1 and VisPro/Reports 2.1 on diskette. I didn't verify if i still can read them so far.


about easiness:. libtorrent wasn't easy at all, as it needs boost as a req. and boost is a very large and complex biest.

but of course everything needed for qBittorrent is on netlabs svn. And qBittorrent till 2.9.x builds out of the box, as all changes are in qBittorrent source tree. Version 3.0 will come in a while, as i have not that much time to try it right now.


just a small note on libtorrent. as it's needed for qBittorrent it's already ported.
i could easily create a dll of libtorrent, but then someone still would need to do the rest.


Article Discussions / Re: Java (OpenJDK) 1.6.0 Build 25 GA3
« on: 2012.08.10, 10:36:47 »

many thanks for your kind words. We try to improve Java and later also Flash, to a stable system. So stay tuned for some new announcements in the next month. And yes please keep donating, as without that money we would not be where we are.

Silvan (aka diver)

Applications / Re: Iced tea
« on: 2012.07.22, 17:22:32 »
The options Part is Disabled for the current Beta. We Plan to add that Later

Article Discussions / Re: ACPI version 3.20.03 released
« on: 2012.07.12, 17:40:44 »
@Eirik the Java part is being worked on. Should not really take very long till GA3 is out.

Article Discussions / services down
« on: 2012.05.24, 19:26:31 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Thursday, 24 May 2012

Due to hard. .. .
hmm the day this news was posted, the netlabs site already worked 1 day already again.

there must be something really broken on your EFVS installation. I use the sambaclient daily and it transfers some GB every week on my backup. i never saw what you describe. and i'm sure we don't have a ticket for that.

What do you think about Thinkpad T61? Thinkpad X300? Thinkpad X61?

TP60 works with Windows only -

the above is 100% not true. The T60 as well as also the R60 work very nicely with ecs 2.1

Applications / Re: RPM YUM error
« on: 2012.03.27, 18:02:25 »
try "yum clean all"
and you are sure you did not delete any files by accident?

Article Discussions / Re: Odin 8.0.4
« on: 2012.03.26, 11:13:02 »

if possible do not link to the wpi at all in official odin announcements. We do not support the wpi installer at all, and we do not accept tickets for that.
To add a small seperate announcement, that also a wpi installer exists is of course no problem.

Java, Qt4 odin .... project lead

we had to decide, if we should wait till the plugin is done also and not release GA2 at all. but we thought it's better to release this big step forward than to hold it back another month or so. the plugin interface is not that easy and needs to developed from ground, as we can't use the win32 plugin.

if you want that working, you have to open a ticket at
we can't and we will not monitor all forums to see if there are some open problems.


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