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Networking / JetDirect/Port 9100 support
« on: 2011.12.13, 17:13:04 »
I have a printer on my network that I'd like to use from OS/2. While drivers aren't a problem (it will process PCL5/5e), getting data to the printer has proved tricky. The printer uses a Port 9100/JetDirect-clone interface as its main network interface (it also claims to speak LPD, but I can't get it to work) and JetAdmin for OS/2 (which provided the port drivers for the raw TCP/IP printing scheme) seems to have vanished from the Internet... How does one go about adding support for this?

I thought of a couple more myself: 4OS2 and OpenWatcom both started out as commercial software before going open source.

I have been doing a lot of research on that for my new site...I emailed you!
I tried to reply, but your domain's mailserver says your email address doesn't exist...

Games / Trials of Battle, anyone?
« on: 2011.01.10, 22:58:48 »
I was digging through my pile of old CDs and I found this old favorite of mine, and much to my surprise, the Virtual PC GRADD drivers turn out to be good enough that it runs flawlessly in VPC! Seeing as the game appears to support TCP/IP multiplayer, I'm wondering if anyone feels like perhaps doing a tournament?

Applications / GBM fails, looks for TCPIP32???
« on: 2011.01.10, 21:47:24 »
I'm creating an OS/2 VM and in order to get some support for modern image file formats, I was installing the new version of GBM from Hobbes. Sadly the WPI installer is sadly inadequate, as it fails to do certain crucial things like adding the GBM path to the system path and library path in CONFIG.SYS. Even after I do this by hand (and reboot), things still don't work: GBMV/GBMV2 fail to run (when I run them from the command line, I'm told that they're looking for TCPIP32, which, of course, my old Warp4+FP15 combo lacks) and GBMVER says that I lack either GBM or some dependencies. What gives here? Nothing I've read seems to indicate that GBM relies on TCP/IP, so was this just a case of bad compilation switch which included an erroneus dependency in the app, or is there something more going on here? Can anybody help me get GBM working?

Abandonware / Abandoned apps that were legally made freeware
« on: 2011.01.10, 21:08:15 »
I'm trying to think of a list of abandoned OS/2 apps that were actually made freeware. So far, I can only think of BlueCAD, TrueSpectra Photo>Graphics and Dadaware Embellish. Can anybody think of any others?

Applications / Re: Smartsuite Updates?
« on: 2010.08.10, 21:43:50 »
Somehow, I doubt that I'd be able to take out a support contract for software for which all paperwork is gone and the only evidence that I own the thing is the fact that I have an old CD...

Basicly Smartsuite (read the link I posted) from my point of view is left a slow death. There will be for example no filters for DOCX support (the new document format from Microsoft), which has been around for about 4 years.

Roderick Klein
I know that SmartSuite is basically dead. It's not something that I would ever use "in real life". I was just curious as to whether it's possible to update the version that I have for the sake of playing around. Given that its not (at least within my super-limited financial means), that's the end of it. While it would be nice to have a bug-fixed and less outdated version of the Smartsuite apps (especially WordPro, which has a frame-based approach that allowed for almost DTP-quality layouts to be created), it's ultimately not worth my limited resources for something that's basically just a nostalgia piece for me.

Applications / Re: Smartsuite Updates?
« on: 2010.08.10, 14:18:59 »
Somehow, I doubt that I'd be able to take out a support contract for software for which all paperwork is gone and the only evidence that I own the thing is the fact that I have an old CD...

Applications / Smartsuite Updates?
« on: 2010.08.09, 21:12:16 »
I recently found my old SmartSuite for Warp 4 CD and decided to install it in my OS/2 VM. The install went fine and things work, but I was wondering if it's still possible to download updates or if I'm stuck with whatever version shipped on the CD. I'm also wondering ho I can even figure out what version I have, as the "about" window doesn't seem to give any version numbers at all, except for Word Pro which is "Release O97.1944.0" The part number on the disk is T14970 and the copyright date, both on the disk and in the programs is 1998. If anyone could help me out here, either with updating the version I have or even just figuring out what that version is, that would be great.

So now I'm stuck with the annoying copy protection screen when I found my old CD and reinstalled the game... Any help?

I know I have a vested interested, we  (Mensys) still have shrink wrapped copies in stock :-)

Roderick Klein
I may order it after Christmas if I can't find the manual by then... I'm still hoping that I can find it and that it didn't get thrown out when my Dad was cleaning out the computer room. Heck, I may order it anyway since teh copy on your site has all the add-ons which I never got.

So now I'm stuck with the annoying copy protection screen when I found my old CD and reinstalled the game... Any help?

Setup & Installation / Re: Installing OS/2 4.52 on QEMU...
« on: 2009.12.09, 06:43:57 »
The hardware I have now could probably run eCs just as well as the new build you describe. I don't really have the money for eCs thgough, so I'm stuck with either the stuff my Dad bought before he gave up on OS/2 and became a Linux person (which peters out at Warp 4) and the stuff I can scavenge from other computer people who had OS/2 but gave up on it for whatver reason (I got my 4.52 stuff this way) For me, OS/2 is part of my broader interest in alternate OSes and computer history: it's not something I can spend money on.

Programming / OpenWatcom versus GCC
« on: 2009.12.09, 05:10:50 »
Which is the better compiler for OS/2 at the moment. Obviously OW has the advantage of producing .EXEs that need external runtimes in order to run, but it also has the disadvantage of being more old fashioned in terms of language features that it supports, especially on the C++ side. Does anyone have recomendations here?

Setup & Installation / Re: Installing OS/2 4.52 on QEMU...
« on: 2009.12.09, 04:43:42 »
A way of having eCS on Linux? The hint page posted by sXwamp should help even if it is for winblows QEMU. Has anybody some experience with eCS on Linux using QEMU?

Well grab virtual box, you need CPU virtualsation (van der pool) its in almost ever recent duo core CPU this is special hardware support for virtual machines. Grab eCS 2.0 silver release this should install just fine with virtualbox on Linux (if you have this hardware virtualsation support!)

Roderick Klein
Well, then I'm out of luck on that one. I'm still using a six year old box with an Athlon XP 3000+. It's one of the finest single core 32-bit chips ever made and handles most stuff quite well, but it seems that more and more things are coming out that just plain need CPU instructions that it doesn't have. If I weren't so broke, I'd upgrade.

Article Discussions / Re: OpenSNAP geplant/OpenSNAP planned
« on: 2009.12.09, 04:38:51 »
Sorry for the bump, but after several months, I was wondering if anything more had been heard on this front? Will SNAP's new owners keep Scitech's promise to open the source or have they decided to be jerks and break the promise?

I would need to check again with Altrichmont where we stand (Mensys).

BTW I could be wrong but was it not Scitech that would open source SNAP. I don't know what the statement was from Altrichmond. And in this type of cases its better to have a name of somebody that stated there are willing to open source.

Mensys was in touch with them and we still needed to work out details how to deal with the code. But lets just say it will not be done free or charge. From what I remember a developer would need to split off the code thats OS/2 specific.  That would come with a price tage.

Roderick Klein
So OpenSNAP is dead before it was even born? If Mensys is planning on taking up the code and developing it as either payware or as an eCs-only closed source driver kit, it would certainly seem that way... C'est la vie, I guess.

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