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Applications / Question regarding Lucide + WPS
« on: 2012.09.26, 00:32:46 »

A few weeks ago when I was using WPS wizard I was impressed that when I opened a folder containing PDF files, I could see a thumbnail of the first page of that PDF file in the preview pane.   Now that I no longer use WPS Wizard, this is not happening.   Although, It seems from what I have read that Lucide still creates these thumbnails, and stores them in something called an "extended attribute".   On my system I use Xworkplace and I was wondering if there was a way that I could still see the thumbnails in the WPS?

Internet / Does Thunderbird handle "processes" incorrecty?
« on: 2012.09.19, 12:42:23 »

I have notice that if I have used the ctrl-alt-del commander that comes with EcS while Thunderbird is running, it lists a number of "processess" in the window list that are related to Thunderbird and have the same Process ID but with the note "Inv" next to them.   These processes all seem to pertain to tasks I have performed in Thunderbird during the day, but have completed.  For example, each message that I have written or printed has listed a separate "write-[subject of e-mail msg]" or "print-[subject of e-mail msg]".  Is this something to be concerned about?  It makes me think that maybe thunderbird doesn't know how to fully clean up or exit its completed tasks.   Perhaps this is why my system becomes unstable after, say, 5 or 6 hours running and using thunderbird.  Is this perhaps a shared experience?

Hardware / Re: Multibay DVD
« on: 2012.09.10, 23:45:13 »
Hello abwillis, thanks for your response.
I am using the standard IBM drivers, not the DANI ones.  It is an older laptop, a HP/COMPAQ TC4200 using a "HP Advanced Docking Station".  The docking station contains the multibay slot.

I'm pleased to report that I tried the bleeding obvious and it worked - I did ALT+F1 at boot and chose to enable full hardware detection.  The result was that the S: drive object now connects to the Multibay drive.   Its funny because I had always assumed that enabling hardware detection on OS/2 boot never did anything at all, beacuse in my experience, it had never assisted with any hardware problems.  But there you go, a welcome surprise.

Hardware / Re: Multibay DVD
« on: 2012.09.10, 08:21:37 »
Hi Eugene, thanks for your response.

There are no Bios settings that mention the Multibay slot in the docking station.

The USB DVD drive works fine.    It is the new Multibay drive which is not being recognised.

Hardware / Multibay DVD
« on: 2012.09.10, 03:10:41 »
I have recently fitted a multibay DVD burner to the docking station I use with my laptop.  It seems Ecs doesn't fully recognise it.  It can be heard "spinning up" during the boot process, however I do not get an object for it in the Drives folder.   The S: drive object that pointed to my USB DVD is still there though (but doesn't do anything when that USB device is unplugged).  I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions as to what I might try to enable the drive to be accessible?

Storage / Re: JFS on Warp Server Advanced?
« on: 2012.08.28, 08:35:33 »
Thanks for the reply.  I did find the IBM doc about installing server components on Warp 4, but I wasn't game to try it on an otherwise functioning ECS installation.  No pain no gain though I guess!

Storage / Re: JFS on Warp Server Advanced?
« on: 2012.08.27, 01:06:06 »
In terms of Mirroring, I was going to use the software that came with warpserver, or if that didn't work, one of the frontends to Rsync.

Is LVM a prequisite to using USB and/ or JFS?

Storage / JFS on Warp Server Advanced?
« on: 2012.08.24, 03:01:10 »
I have full licenced copies of Warp 3, Warp Server 4, Warp Server 4 Advanced, Warp 4 and Ecs.   Warp Server 4 Advanced includes HPFS 386, which as I understand it has two important limitations:
- Hard Drive Size is limited to something (but I don't know what)
- File Size is limitied to 2 gig.

So I was wondering whether I could, practically and legally, somehow graft JFS onto Warp Server 4 Advanced so that I could use external USB 1TB drives (which I would set up with mirroring).  These would not be the boot drive, that would stay HPFS386.  The external drives would house a lot of data including images of DVDs, which I hope to be able to mount as required (hence the concern about file size limit).

Wondering if anybody had experience with such things....

Networking / Re: RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
« on: 2012.07.26, 00:18:38 »
I have upgraded to the latest Java.
I also get these errors using lixia (using the -g 1024x768 switch).   However the program it was based on (properjavardp) works, except for fullscreen.   When I try the fullscreen option, the command line keeps working so that app isn't crashing - its almost as if it just doesn't know how to "draw" a fullscreen window.

Networking / Re: RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
« on: 2012.07.25, 00:18:20 »
Unfortunately that suggestion does not work here.  It generated at log, for what its worth.

I have got to ask: Why do you want to use WPS Wizard?

I like the fancy Icons, the transparent tips and the PDF and image preview features.   It makes me thinks somebody has gone to some effort to make Ecs look a little more modern and I appreciate that effort.

Having said that, I don't understand programming or how the software works (nor do I understand what shared memory is).   The reason for my post to was to see if anybody knew how I could capture information (like logs or other debugging information) that the developer might find useful, and put it in a place they could access it because I couldn't figure out how to put things in the "tickets" part of the WPSWizard website.  

I know the software is free and I don't make any demand/criticism that the developer must fix my problems, but want the experts to have information in a form that  might be useful to them if they want/intend to release a future version at some point.  I think that if somebody wants to make free software for a community of users, it is more helpful to give them feedback they can use (i.e. something in proper technical language, not just  "it doesn't work"), should they wish to continue the project.

Networking / Re: RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
« on: 2012.07.24, 10:57:40 »
Thanks - I will give that a try as well.  I am particularly interested to see if the FullSceen switch works on this one.

I have now:
De -installed WPS Wizard
De - installed Ewp
Re - enabled Estyler
Re installed WPS Wizard
Installed X workplace
Run Check INI

I made sure the Turbo Folders was not selected.   Things are much more stable now, but the actions that provoked problems make the WPS restart, rather than bringing down the system altogether.   Which is good.  What is bad is that once I click on an Icon, it changes and defaults back to what it was before WPS Wizard was installed (i.e. fancy icon disappears).  Also, the preview/information space no longer provides image previews (JPG etc), only PDF previews.  Odd behaviour!

I see..thanks.  This appears to be a feature in XWP but not EWP.

Hello Andi thank you for your reply.  Excuse my ignorance, but what is Turbo folders?

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