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Applications / Re: DOS Window
« on: 2012.10.02, 16:41:32 »
Hi Andi,

if you mean this:

-> replacing vsvga with vvga made it even worse. When starting dos Window it covers the whole WPS with a blinkg red and green... and crash

-> adding switches to config.sys and autoexec.bat - hm. The only change there is a "d" instead of a "/" in the first line of the dos window. Still unuseable.


@jdeb : Even though - isn#T it possible to use DOSBOX instead?

Would be one of my suggestion for eCs X: integrate DOSBOX in installation in addition to DOS.

Applications / Re: DOS Window
« on: 2012.10.02, 15:51:40 »

just for the notes - it does not help much, sorry - I have got the same problem with my Samsung Series 7 Slate, eCS 2.2 and latest ACPI. Have no suggestion so far.

Hardware / Re: eCS on Samsung Series 7 Slate
« on: 2012.10.02, 14:05:54 »
Some pictures here...

- with Virtual keyboard (that has some bugs I guess.....; i.e. right mouse click button not working after having Virtual keyboard closed)

- with DFSEE (to show HDD Layout)

- with Firefox 4 and Flash Beta 2 (via LAN in Docking Station)

-> still a problem:

The device seems to have an Realtek HD 0269 audio chipset that seems to be usually supported by UNIAUD. But still the driver can not be loaded due to the fail of opening the hardware (driver stopps)

Any suggestions?

Hardware / Re: eCS on Samsung Series 7 Slate
« on: 2012.09.26, 21:08:18 »
Hi Pete,

never heard about this test team, never get an information about it  ???

I did testing, some more then only graphic, with the Samsung, here the results, as I do not no where to send them.

And I do have nothing to compare, so I dont know if these results are good,ok or bad....

Sysbench 0.9.5c result file created Wed Sep 26 21:00:43 2012

Machine name       - Samsung S7 SLATE
Manufacturer       - Samsung
Motherboard        - Unknown motherboard
Chipset            - Intel Sandy Bridge
Processor          - 4 x Intel model 6a7 found (not in

cpu table) with MMX
External cache     - 0Kb internal instruction cache, 0Kb internal data cache
Graphics card      - Unknown Unknown

Storage Controller - unknown controller
Machine data
Coprocessor        = Yes
Processors         = 4
RAM                = 511.98 MB

Operating System data
OS/2 version       = 20.45
CSDLevel           = XR0C004_
FIXLevel           = Unknown
Revision number    = 14.097
Priority           = Dynamic
Maxwait            = 1
Timeslice          = (32,32)
Protectonly        = NO
Swap file size     = 2.00MB

...initially     = 2.00MB

Video data
Resolution         = 1024x768x32 bits/pixel
Number planes      = 0
Screen Access      = Direct

Switched      = No
Bytes/scanline     = 4096
Aperture size      = 3145728
Manufact. code     = 32902
Chipset code       = 278


BitBlt S->S copy      :       11.222    Million pixels/second
   BitBlt M->S copy      :       11.238    Million pixels/second

Filled Rectangle      :       21.526    Million pixels/second
   Pattern Fill          :       19.234    Million pixels/second

Vertical Lines        :        3.121    Million pixels/second
   Horizontal Lines      :        5.388    Million pixels/second

Diagonal Lines        :        2.063    Million pixels/second
   Text Render           :        6.028    Million pixels/second

   Total                 :        7.582    PM-Graphics-marks


CPU integer
   Dhrystone             :     3654.600    VAX 11/780 MIPS equivalent
   Hanoi                 :     4637.000    moves/25

   Heapsort              :     3305.100    Million Instructions Per Second
   Sieve                 :     3038.900    

Million Instructions Per Second
   Total                 :  

  3624.283    CPU integer-marks

 CPU float
   Linpack               :      415.120    MFLOPS
   Flops                 :     1632.600    

   Fast Fourier Transfrm :      551.040    VAX FFT's

 Total                 :      317.327    CPU floating point-marks

 Direct Interface to video extensions - DIVE
   Video bus bandwidth  

File I/O-marks

   5    kB copy          :    11779.674    Megabytes/second
   10   kB copy          :    11455.385    

   20   kB copy          :    12883.810    Megabytes/second
   40   kB copy          :     6877.161    

   80   kB copy          :     9292.243    Megabytes/second
   160  kB copy          :     5309.379    

   320  kB copy          :     5381.161    Megabytes/second
   640  kB copy          :     6105.237    

   1280 kB copy          :     3762.229    Megabytes/second
   5    kB read          :     2965.335    

   10   kB read          :     3112.180    Megabytes/second
   20   kB read          :     3137.361    

   40   kB read          :     2701.796    Megabytes/second
   80   kB read          :     1986.156    

   160  kB read          :     2521.769    Megabytes/second
   320  kB read          :     1744.601    

   640  kB read          :     2473.167    Megabytes/second
   1280 kB read          :     3210.626    

   5    kB write         :     3715.333    Megabytes/second
   10   kB write         :     4811.056    

   20   kB write         :     2829.253    Megabytes/second
   40   kB write         :     4408.564    

   80   kB write         :     3559.598    Megabytes/second
   160  kB write         :     3070.918    

   320  kB write         :     3319.594    Megabytes/second
   640  kB write         :     4282.109    

   1280 kB write         :     2735.443    Megabytes/second

   Total                 :     5098.063    Memory-marks


 Disk I/O disk 0-1: 61052 MB - SAMSUNG MZMPA064HMDR-00000
   Avg. data access time :        0.100    milliseconds

xfer rate   :       87.587    Megabytes/second
   Track 0 xfer rate fwd :      115.778    Megabytes/second
   Middle trk rate fwds. :  

   162.723    Megabytes/second
   Last track rate bwds. :      161.674    Megabytes/second
   Average Transfer rate :      146.725    

   Disk use CPU load     :        8.680    percent

   Total                 :     1307.903    Disk I/O-marks


   EDIT: to cut things that I did not test

Hardware / Re: eCS on Samsung Series 7 Slate
« on: 2012.09.26, 17:05:49 »
Hi Melf,

the WLAN is something strange. The US market version does have the Intel 6200 WLAN card (or similar) that may have a good chance to be supported, if ever. If I understand it correctly this module is combined somehow with the Bluetooth, so some wanted to change the WLAN Adapter (what for me seems to be rather impossible without destroying the Slate) with another but get warnings with loosing Bluetooth functionality then.

The German version does come with an combi module with an Atheros AR9285 802.11 b/g/n (bgn), Bluetooth, UMTS/3G Adapter.

I have sadly no idea if this Atheros chipset (that I have seen by the way in many Netbooks and tabletts I tested) will ever be part of the plan of the WLAN Multimac.

I will give the UMTS/3G a test this evening as it is easier to handle the Slate with the working Stylus now.

What does actual bother me more is:

- The usable but in deed painfull slowly working Panorama vesa
- UNIAUD not working

So at the moment it is something between  >:( and  :)


Hardware / Re: eCS on Samsung Series 7 Slate
« on: 2012.09.26, 12:31:16 »
Stylus is working now..... ! All credits to Wim!

Hardware / Re: eCS on Samsung Series 7 Slate
« on: 2012.09.26, 08:55:14 »
Just for fun I created a new bootlogo for the Slate :-)

Besides all legal things - wich in this case do not bother me at all - I think it is one of the saddest advertise decision from eCS to deny the OS/2 Warp History and brand. I think it is better to have some kind of reputation - even if it is for some probably a bad one - (OS/2) than having no reputation (eCS) - sadly. But it may be one of the things IBM wanted to have fixed.

(The file here is png , just that it can be viewed , I have it as a lgo file created with the PMVIEW Program)

Hardware / Re: eCS on Samsung Series 7 Slate
« on: 2012.09.25, 08:07:37 »
Following the readme of Lars Erdmans USB Drivers 186 I deleted the "USB Widget" from e-center - since then eCS usually starts with a CPU Usage between 1 and 4%..... USB Widget/ USB Dock turns out to be a broken application.

I also installed AHCI 1.24 but that seems to make no difference.

Still have some weird boot processes, that stopped while the eCS boot screen is displayed.....

Something positiv:

With Wim's help and guidance I was able to extract some information from the Touch and Stylus via USB what gives some hope here :-)

Stay tuned....


Hardware / Re: eCS on Samsung Series 7 Slate
« on: 2012.09.24, 07:32:18 »

thanks for your reply - I tried it but unfortunately it does not change something. The boot process is still something weird and I think it seems to be a problem with ACPI tables or USB. I even tried the new 186 USB drivers that seems to make extend the "recognation rate" of the USB connectors, but unfortunately have no effect (still do not know if there is some to expect) on the boot process.

In addition I tried to load UNIAUD drivers wich fail to load during bootprocess ("can not initializise....")  :-(

Will go on testing this evening with Stylus drivers Wim provided me.

BTW - is there a way to exclude USB devices during boot process, i.e. to disable Touch support?

Hardware / eCS on Samsung Series 7 Slate - UPDATE 1
« on: 2012.09.21, 08:25:12 »

just a small update:

--> things done:

-> the LAN interface in the dockingstation does work perfect with the Mensys Realtek Driver (and even better: if the Slate is booted "Not connected to the dockingstation" the driver loads as well and does not stop boot process with an error message nor halt); Internet connection possible (see picture attached)
-> Panorama Video driver shows maximum resolution 1366X768 with 16M colours (but - see below)
-> USB Drivers seem to work (but see below)

--> things to be done:

-> as mentioned the eCS is somehow strange and instabel, it depends on the boot process. I guess ACPI and USB are not allways able to set the right and proper settings during boot process
 i.e.: the easiest way to see if all went good or wrong is to watch the CPU Meter directly after boot: (I did disable Hyperthreading allthough it seems to make no difference) if the two kernels show activity between 0,5 and 5% everything is OK but if those show 50 - 90% the device will be unusable after a short duration of time...
I can not say wich way it will go the next boot time, I would say the usable / unusable rate is up to 50/50...
When unusable it is not possible to shut down (regardless if APM or ACPI has been choosen on the "e-shutdown" page), it just closes the WPS and starts it again or just stops with 0% in the shutdown progress. If the boot process went OK it is possbile to shutdown the system, it turns it self completly of. The same is with the Power Manager - if booting is OK it calms down the fan and temperatuer after about 1 or 2 minutes, if booting is not OK it allways runs on full fan and CPU power that makes it dangerous for the device.

-> Sound - I did not test sound drivers so far as I thought those might be one reason preventing eCs from booting
-> UMTS - I will try to get 3G/UMTS connection to run as I did with the Lenovo X200t (but later)
-> Stylus - Touch: Wim is so kind to help me here once again!!!!!

--> things that never will and can be done:

- Bluetooth (and therefore the included keyboard...sadly, as it is a really great one!!)

All in all it is really worth a shot! It is really a pitty that I can not sent David A. and Lars Erdemann a slate to set proper ACPI and USB functions as I am of the opinion that it then would really be a great device for eCS! I am looking forward to get touch and pen to run.

ANd if you choose the right background image, eCS or OS/2 isn't that bad looking ;)

Hardware / Re: eCS on Samsung Series 7 Slate
« on: 2012.09.20, 14:50:23 »
There has been no difference from the beginning on whether with or without Hyperthreading.

Last week on ebay a used one was sold for about 390 Euro....

Hardware / eCS on Samsung Series 7 Slate
« on: 2012.09.20, 13:55:49 »
For those who are interested in:

Well, it took me almost 10 months now to finally succed in getting eCS to run on the Samsung Series 7 Slate. But, I tried not that often in this duration of time because simply it was to hard and I gave up for month. Finally I went trough.
It is this:,2817,2397331,00.asp
I am using the eCS 2.2. alpha from April this year, using USB Drivers from Lars Erdmann 183 and ACPI 3.21.02 (Latest).

Once I figured out that it was because of the USB Drivers (still included in 2.2. the "old IBM" ones so far) that it allways crashed I managed to get it to run, but it was not that easy because I had to prepare the HDD and did not want to destroy the Windows 7 installation. In the end I am using Airboot Manager now to switch between Windows 7 and eComStation during boot process. As the inlcuded keyboard is a Bluetooth model I can not use it. But i discovered that I can use the inbuild switch for "Loudness" and "Rotation" to work with Airboot.
eCS is still somewhat instable, but at least it is running native, but I guess because of that much included USB devices (2 Webcams, UMTS,Bluetooth, Digitizer, Tablett and 2 USBEHCI ) eCS comes in heavy problems.

I will see if - with the help of i.e. Wim - we can get Digitizer and Touch to run.

Setup & Installation / YUM/RPM still in use?
« on: 2012.07.17, 13:17:21 »
While building my Mini PC for the first time installed YUM/RPM.  It was really not that hard, but I wonder - is it still being updated? I installed QT 4.7.3 without issues. I was then looking for ODIN and JAVA 6, the newest ODIN there is (what I was able to find) 0.83 (to browse follow this link:  ) - but I was not able to install it, while JAVA 6 recommends ODIN 0.8.4. I found no JAVA 6 there, was'nt it supposed to be placed there?

Should I have looked into a different directory?

Once getting used to it I like this tool.

Is this project still being maintained?

Multimedia / Re: SNAP - Quiet mode?
« on: 2012.07.16, 21:58:16 »
I can confirm Pete. Fo me the same - registrated full version = no splash screen.

Hardware / Re: eCS 2.2 on fanless Intel Atom Mini PC
« on: 2012.07.14, 10:20:45 »
Because of Panorama driver still has this (for me ;-)  ) annoying bug with SDL and is still slow

What is the SDL bug?

-> Wrong Colour Palette (everything blue , i.e. scummvm, dosbox), before I solved this by using 64k colour but now this is not working as well, regardless if I use onboard Intel graphic or G550
-> DOS and WIN-OS/2 seamless sessions mode does not work ("This video mode is not suported") - crash of these applications
-> No multimonitorsupport

Using G550 and SNAP -> no more problems.

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