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Did you test with the latest odin? There was a bug fixed some months ago which influenced Keil 8051 licensing...

Yes, I tried but it fails with a "call to an non-existing api KERNEL32.DLL->EncodePointer (loaded by XERCES-C_3_0.DLL" error. You need ┬ÁVision to generate the system (computer) dependent license code. It is not possible to use the license code that was generated on an other computer.

The fix you mention was related to problems loading TOOLS.INI.

I'm using the command line tools from Keil's MDK with Odin to compile Cortex-M3 code.
Unfortunately only MDK-Lite (32kByte limitation) is working with Odin because ┬ÁVision does not run with Odin which is needed for generating the License Code.
And of course debugging and flashing with a JTAG debugger is not possible too.

Article Discussions / Re: SmartGit version 2.0.6
« on: 2011.08.08, 21:39:50 »
Thanks, this one seems to work  :)

Article Discussions / Re: SmartGit version 2.0.6
« on: 2011.08.07, 14:43:16 »
Many thanks, I wasn't aware that an OS/2 port exists :)

The Zip file of Version seems to be broken. Version is Ok.

Unfortunately SmartGit starting with version 2.0.0 needs Git 1.7.1 or newer :(

Article Discussions / SmartGit version 2.0.6
« on: 2011.08.06, 21:15:27 »
SmartGit seems to require a Git executable. Do we have an OS/2 port of Git?


Applications / Re: Is anyone using Rsync for backups ???
« on: 2011.07.19, 22:46:49 »
Yes, that's fine for me :-)

Applications / Re: Is anyone using Rsync for backups ???
« on: 2011.07.15, 22:03:52 »
Here is a Rexx script similar to the one I use to backup data on a linux server.

Open Bounties / Re: Emacs Port Bounty
« on: 2011.07.15, 21:46:27 »
I'm afraid that cledit doesn't have a folding mode which is the most important feature for me.

I want to replace my old origami-editor and for emacs a folding-editor-like minor mode (folding.el) exists that is nearly compatible to my old editor.

It works with emacs 20.6 but 23.3 has many improvements which would be nice to have :-)

(The windows version of emacs doesn't work with odin)

Open Bounties / Re: Emacs Port Bounty
« on: 2011.07.07, 22:48:20 »
Is anyone else interested in having Emacs 23.3. ported?

I'm willing to invest 200$ (perhaps more)  :)

I had a quick look at the 20.6 sources (emx port) and unfortunately it seems that it will not be a straight forward port due to the graphical PM interface ???

Article Discussions / Re: Secure Email with OpenPGP
« on: 2008.02.29, 09:42:55 »
For me Thunderbird (PmW-Tb works with Enigmail 0.95.5 and gpg (GnuPG) 1.4.7 on my eCS 2.0rc4 without problems.

ODIN / Re: Current Status of the ODIN OS/2 Project
« on: 2008.02.03, 12:12:42 »
Unfortunately it seems that this file only contains the contents of the cvs-tree.
Most likely without any new changes since september 2006 :-(

This sometimes happens for me when I have to reboot the machine with a hard reset.

This solves this problem on my machines:

- Reboot to a command line (ALT-F1 at beginning of booting)
- rename the \XWorkplace or \ecs\SYSTEM\eWPS folder to a diffetent name
- normal reboot (XWorkplace or eWPS is not started)
- make scroll bars disappear
- normal reboot (perhaps this step can be skipped)
- rename the renamed XWorkplace or eWPS folder to its original name
- normal reboot

Not everythin should be fine.

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