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Security / Re: Java Control Panel - where is it?!
« on: 2012.09.29, 19:39:47 »
OK.. java6 - this panel is disabled.

maybe it is available in Innotek 1.4.2?

Security / Java Control Panel - where is it?!
« on: 2012.09.29, 18:25:54 »
Do we have Java Control Panel?

some screenshots:
In Windows I can select
/Security\ -> Certificates -> Import

something related:

Does c:\PROGRAMS\JAVA142 (Innotek Java) has Control Panel?! so users can import certificates.

Hardware / Re: eCS on Samsung Series 7 Slate
« on: 2012.09.20, 14:19:09 »
aaa... very expensive device.

too many CPUs.. try disable HyperThreading (if activated)

Hardware / Re: Multibay DVD
« on: 2012.09.10, 06:41:48 »
1) Check BIOS Setup,
activate DVD player if disabled.

2) attach the DVD player to computer via USB cable.
does it work?

Events / Use Eugene Gorbunoff to promote your ideas
« on: 2012.09.09, 23:23:01 »
You can buy adv places on t-shirts which I am going take to the Warpstock Europe conference.

Programming / Re: Arduino UNO on eComStation
« on: 2012.09.09, 10:30:30 »
there is no word "eComstation" or "OS/2" there.
or REXX examples
is it correct link?

Off Topic discussions / Openchat for Windows
« on: 2012.09.07, 22:39:22 »
I can't find Openchat for Windows.
Please help me find it.

I am using search string:
google ->
"openchat" mikh windows download

Applications / Re: LVM ... effin buggy
« on: 2012.08.01, 22:03:37 »
You can use SEDIT to initialize flash disk

Attention! don't kill your main harddrive!

I am using this method to reboot OS/2/eCS during the last 15 years:

* save all your files
* Press Ctrl-Alt-Del,  press Ctrl-Alt-Del one more time  and reboot starts.

all caches are saved. no need to wait.

Off Topic discussions / Re: car-boat?
« on: 2012.06.26, 15:26:33 »
You make me popup one more topic: OS/2 for Car

Imagine that your car is equipped with OS/2.. Yes, the computer works fast but audio driver generates clicks and no support of Bluetooth.

Here is Maps application which is able get data from different sources --
We don't know how to make USB GPS receiver start generation of data. No data from serial port when you attach the receiver. How to initialize GPS receiver?

Setup & Installation / Re: One Instead Of Three?
« on: 2012.06.25, 00:07:04 »
Fresh idea: provide software and software updates via Internet.
IMHO, CD2 and CD3 are unnecessary.

On the other side, it's necessary combine all languages to one Installation DVD disk.

Default: English, all other languages may be distributed as LIP packs.

Hardware / Re: Video driver
« on: 2012.05.21, 23:57:23 »
No, eCo Software doesn't have resources to develop other video drivers.

What do you think about Thinkpad T61? Thinkpad X300? Thinkpad X61?

TP60 works with Windows only -

Setup & Installation / Re: Installing eCS 2.1 on the laptop
« on: 2012.01.25, 19:49:20 »
1) "SYS1475: The file OS2BOOT cannot be found" is a known issue of eCS 2.x, I can't find the notes how to resolve the problem. Continue search of the solution.
Other known issues of eComStation:

2) To ALL:
if you have tested AHCI driver, please post the report to this site:

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