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Applications / Re: How to contact Dink
« on: 2010.12.23, 01:25:00 »
Even if this is not Dink, he might give you a lead

Applications / Re: How to contact Dink
« on: 2010.12.23, 01:20:37 »

I'm using Dink's Web/2 on my home page, running PGPGedview a blog and some other things, without any greater problems.

Did you try the contact given in the whois?

Harry Lee
1824 Bromley Lane
MI 48306

Tel: +124 865 153

The nick dink and the name Harry Lee match (think USA TV shows) and the fact that Dink used to talk about going clubbing in Detroit in the late 90's matches this location as well.

> Would this affect OS/2-eCS?

Yes. It's the end of the road. Game over.

> Can one install eCS onto a board that has the UEFI?

Not likely. But you can give it a try by installing it natively
on a recent MacBook...

As many have done....

The macs just like most UEFI systems have BIOS emulators

Setup & Installation / Re: Help with unzip - unbelievable!
« on: 2010.02.14, 19:37:36 »
it just means that you have not managed to fully download the file

Zip files keep the index at the end of the file, so if you only manage to download a part of the file the zip extractor will not see the index, hence this message

Hardware / Re: Is this Thinkpad t42p a good choise for eCS?
« on: 2010.01.29, 01:07:09 »
This is a good computer, period, and finding one with an UXGA screen like this is usually not easy, the graphic card will show up in OS/2 with SciTech drivers as a Radeon 9600

Before you go and buy something note that the T42 basic version only had a 1200 x800 screen, they were available with anything up to WUXGA though

General Discussion / Re: eComstation Facebook page
« on: 2010.01.15, 13:04:25 »
The link below appears to work on some browsers and not others, fine on google Win, Iexplore win and Opera Win, but only sometimes on FF356 win and OS/2 and sometimes not, strange bug indeed.

General Discussion / eComstation Facebook page
« on: 2010.01.14, 07:20:05 »
For those of you that have no real social life there is now a Facebook page for eCS, not much material there yet, but that will hopefully change in the near future.

Applications / Re: Pixel
« on: 2009.12.31, 21:10:52 »
As for... That company was a big development company in Canada which slowly dwindled down to nothing. Our project was dead as soon as theirs died.


That Canadian company was not making databases was it?

Bingo! And it was at a time where the only other alternative was the waaaaay too expensive DB2 was the only other solution... though we owned that as well, the licensing needed for each copy would have made the end-product way too expensive for the target market. The other alternatives at that time were already discontinued or on their way. By the time MySQL became a viable solution (the 3.3x releases), it was waaaaay too late to continue the project, especially as it would have required a total rewrite from a staff we no longer even employed.

I spent 1500 USD on the Windows version of that development system +additional packs from the company, Imagine my surprise when I realised that it could not accept any input except ASCII, from a Canadian company ......., mind-bogglingly stupid, and they offered a refund but never made it.

Applications / Re: Pixel
« on: 2009.12.25, 20:18:42 »
There is promised 'red eye removal' funtion for future. I personaly does not see anything else missing under PMView. I use it under Win and Linux systems too, even convience bunch of other (win)people to use it.

The problem with PMview is colourspace, it is less of a problem with LCD screens since there is much less depth perception but it is still noticeable vis a vis a Windows or a mac program

You can do redeye correction with PMview now, how photoshop handles it is really simple, it just renders a grey ring instead of the red, this gives the eyes a natural look if you do not look too cloesly, the only difference is that you will have to do this manually with PMview.

Applications / Re: Pixel
« on: 2009.12.25, 20:13:16 »
As for Pixel, I dont know enough about the situation to speculate. A business venture I was entrenched in promised a software package that was near complete and included a lot more features than promised, but was reliant on coding tools and compilers (and related libraries that were irreplaceable at any reasonable cost at that time) from another company. That company never fixed some major showstopper bugs, which required a lot of effort to circumvent those issues, leaving way too many unaddressable issues remaining even after those attempts. That company then promised new releases that addressed all of those issues, got some stuff in beta and quietly disappeared leaving the project I was working on dead in the water. That company was a big development company in Canada which slowly dwindled down to nothing. Our project was dead as soon as theirs died.

He was using Pascal and his own portable library, worked fine for OS/2

He also stopped working on all other "minor platforms", very shortly after having promoted the software heavily leading to lots of unhappy customers, that included Skyos, morphos, Beos, BSD, DOX and QNX

That Canadian company was not making databases was it?

Applications / Re: Pixel
« on: 2009.12.25, 20:05:25 »
I'm one of those "idiots" who paid for a copy of Pixel and of course, nothing is happening with it. I would hold a contrary view on PMView and I'd say that it is one of the most useful programmes I've used on OS/2 (which I also paid fo). I also use a Mac and, unbelievably, PMView is better than what's available on the Mac.


Oh it is an excellent program it is just that in the mid 90s I was talking to the author about a couple of minor features that would have transformed its usability and nothing has happened since, it is the fastest viewer you can find on windows and I often recommend it to friends but to most windows users it feels outdated

Applications / Re: Pixel
« on: 2009.12.22, 04:05:07 »
Huh, I am not even convinced there will be a working Windows version of it, those of us that paid for the eCS version have been downloading the windows version every now and then just to keep up and it is somewhat less than than promising and all forums have been disabled allegedly due to "numerous spammers attacking this page" but it felt like the increasingly hostile criticism voiced on the forums was the real reason.

The other OS/2 commercial picture editing program PMView still gets updates but has not seen a worthwhile new feature in 15 years.....

Bootable OS2 images work fine in VB, however Warp 4 did not come with a bootable CD only the eCS and OS2 4.5 versions were shipped on bootable CDs

IBM offered updated V4 install diskettes for download as a floppy images, download them and boot from them (VB works with most uncompressed IBM disk images) and the install disk with then find the CD image.

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