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The biggest problem with the kernel (not necessarily any issue I know of on the loader) is the fact that they used the debug kernel to patch.  The debug kernel is not designed to use in every day usage.  I would guess they used it because they probably used the debugging function connected to another PC to figure out what needed to be done but then had everything based off of the binary they were using because they lacked the source.
Latest OS/4 kernel package contain both debug and retail kernels ;) Really retail - without kernel debugger code. COM port link still available, but optional - for logging...

1) once they are able to replace the IBM leaked source code. Using leaked source code is consider illegal. Abandonware is consider illegal. There is no future for a platform if it can not be also used for commercial use. Companies and individuals that works to make money don't want to have the risk of using an illegal platform.
I think - only one way is to annoy IBM every month and repeatedly ask to open OS/2 source code ;)

2) When OS/4 kernel and loader turns open source. I don't know why some Russians thinks that Open Source only help the capitalist. Talking on the #OS2russian channel they told me "Open Source only works for making Mensys Millions of Dollars". But they don't think that turning the software open source (copyleft) also forces Mensys to give back the source code improvements.
There is a small problem with Mensys - they cannot create working things ;) Multimac? Fine - it works 3 (three) seconds on full gigabit speed for me, then trap system ;) Uniaud? It mute forever after 1-2 sounds, on most of PCs near me. Azarewicz version. They put wrong versions of drivers to release (!) of OS. They create system app with funny default Borland Delphi icon, etc, etc...

About QSLoader, as far as I know it is original work (please correct me if I'm wrong), but it says on the license.
"Binary form of this package is freeware. Source code can be available by request, for non-commercial use only." So, this loader do not has a future, and the license seems to be dedicated to Mensys.
Gorbunov wrote a time ago on his forum: "we need to search source code available to put our copyrights on it" ;) This is clearly define "the way of Mensys", I think ;) May be I'm wrong, but I can promise to upload qsloader source code then it author became too tired of it.

The OS/4 team need to stop having heart feelings against Mensys and think about the future of the platform.
May be... but who started this "war"? Who asked hobbes to remove OS/4 loader (not kernel!)? Why? It really usable, for personal use, at least. Especially on modern PCs (with "holes" in memory). And who will really care about it's "source" if it is not distributed by Mensys? IBM? Are they remember such word at all? ;)

Someone steal from IBM Merlin source code.
This is UNIprocessor kernel, without SMP, without changes for JFS, many other new features (like LIBPATHSTRICT=T, memory above 512Mb - 2 new arenas!, loading modules into this memory and so on).
But OS/4 is 104a (or 104b, I'm not sure) - basically ;)

os2ldr unlike kernel, contain too many new features to be completely "reversed" or "stolen": ini/menu with a lot of options, own PXE support (topic about it is here somewhere), detection of kernel type (UNI, SMP), advanced memory handling (there is a lot of holes in PC address space in modern models, IBM os2ldr can see memory only up to 1st such "hole"), etc...
So, I'm simply don't understand - why they are want to ban it?

One possibility could be to disassemble the OS/2 binaries (which is legal in the EU) but the resulting code would probably need a huge clean up.
Yes, this project is named "OS/4 kernel" and what?
Mensys ban it from everywhere, both kernel and os2ldr. In new os2ldr was implemented menu, debug & log support, correct memory handling (IBM loader can see only 512Mb of 4Gb on latest ASUS MBs, for example)... AND - they remove it support from new "Azarewicz" ACPI. Funny. Let's they make all of this from scratch.
Mensys is enemy for himself.

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: kernel affinity bug
« on: 2010.03.05, 21:10:25 »
It is illegal.
I'm think, the only one, who make things legal or not - Mensys itself.
Because the common IBM position for OS/2 is to make it abandonware ;) Or forget at all.

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: kernel affinity bug
« on: 2010.03.04, 17:53:20 »
it came out in that thread that yes, this is a patch to the IBM OS/2 debug kernel, not a new kernel.
Yes, but I'm think they use some kind of another technology, no direct binary patching.

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: kernel affinity bug
« on: 2010.03.04, 17:08:37 »
This is not "hacked" or "patched" debug kernel. It have many differences with it:
- boot time config.sys editor
- new logo
- optional preloading basdev/boot files to avoid bug in ATI chipset with ACPI
- fixed affinity (try to run HMM3 in Odin on 104a, 1/10 to catch dead lock)
- new KEE functions, common log
- new os2ldr (menu, options)
I'm think any one of those functions cannot be made by patching ;) Especially because of lacking LX EXE file format editors :)

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: kernel affinity bug
« on: 2010.03.04, 15:03:21 »
Look here ;)
Especially to string "OS/4 kernel revision" ;)

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: kernel affinity bug
« on: 2010.03.04, 12:15:44 »
Because its a debug kernel, beware. Any ring 3 access violations will in fact call then IPE exception handler... meaning that you get a black 'Trap' screen (and system halt) even on application errors that would normally be handled by the OS. So, this kernel is not suitable for production use IMHO.
Your are wrong :)
Ring 3 access violation work as usual, ring 3 debuggers too. Kernel suitable for everyday use, not for production, may be - but my home server uptime is a several weeks.

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: New kernel
« on: 2009.05.05, 13:34:15 »
If I understand correctly this (vesa boot logo) is handled by OS2LDR, not by OS2KRNL; and (again if I understand correctly) OS2LDR has been completely rewritten, it is not a patch over the original one, so there is no problem adopting it.
No, kernel load and show logo during first init phase, in protected mode. Then you press AltF1 - it handled in kernel before logo.

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: New kernel
« on: 2009.05.04, 13:34:30 »
What I know is that WIN32K.SYS method (patching in memory) (as Andy Willes explains) has the least to none of the technicall problems.
This method is suitable only for small, second boot phase patches.
How you can patch kernel from driver to show another (vesa) boot logo?

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: New kernel
« on: 2009.05.03, 18:24:21 »
Yes, I am understand legal/formal reasons, but another side look - OS/2 story is a story of child, who killed by own parent. May be, not by IBM itself, but with help of some .... like Lou Gerstner or any other "big chief". Kernel story is a good demonstration too (even Mensys can`t get sources).
In-memory patching is "legal", but bad idea ;) 1) it forbids original IBM os2ldr, 2) it is not easy to find memory for patch file on boot ;)

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: New kernel
« on: 2009.05.02, 22:30:31 »
From my point of view, Mensys position is clear: "this guys must work for us for free and give us all, what they done" ;) And copyrights only is a good shield for main idea ;)
And as far as i know, no one is specially hide something from Mensys ;) - this effect is result of long term holy war between Eugene Gorbunov and maintainer of Linking to this site is not permitted on our forums ;)

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