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Utilities / Re: dfsee
« on: 2012.09.23, 13:51:38 »

Hello, Phil,

Just FYI, DFSee has an E-mail support system and a
mailing list which when subscribed to for a while, provides an excellent knowledge base for new and longtime DFSee users.

You'll find most common problems and situations, (and some uncommon), all ready addressed there.

Just hoping to save you some future anquish... 8)

General Discussion / The Epitome of a Sad Fool
« on: 2012.08.15, 20:44:34 »

story is both sad and pathetic and I can't say if the tears I almost shed where tears of sadness or of laughter.

Any "twit", (as in TWITter [where do you think they got the name from?]), that stores his private and personal information on someone else's machine where they have secondary control at best, is a moron. There is so much to say about it that I simply will say nothing other than post this reference as a current and real-time, example in supplement to other posts that I have made here in the past.

In the end I have to say again that this story is both sad and funny, because he is an idiot... a pathetic idiot, but an idiot nontheless who was duped and bought into the bullsh*t.

"Do you think that this will happen to you?" For nearly everyone out there reading this... it is only a matter of time...

And since we covered TWITter, (it's for the birds), let's hit Yahoo! Do you know where they got that name from? Think Robert Louis Stevenson, (the rest you can do yourself).

And Google? Not too hard to figure that one out, but look it up... (sounds like baby-talk to me). MicroSoft? Tiny and Limp... as with all of these, it is written WRT the users. Do you see a pattern in these names? Apple? With a clear and deliberate bite out of it? Original Sin. The original sin was/is an act of stupidity. And Facebook? A facebook is a book that the police keep to help them identify criminals. (Who are the criminals? Anyone that opposes... or will oppose... the desires of the super wealthy. In other words; You.) The CIA has never denied, (and admits openly), that it created Facebook. Any one that has been following things online over the years, accepts this as a given. But, what else needs to be said?

Read the newspapers, (online or whatever), with a new eye. You'll see the deliberate use of such well-thoughout names all of the time... and I'm not being sarcastic... these names are well thought out... thought... as in brains... as in thinking. All brain activity is not by default, thinking. Thinking is a deliberate and focused act, designed to learn, know about and to understand some subject or thing, for a distinct purpose.

So, you do not think that these names and references are deliberately done as stated above? Anybody watch any good "zombie" movies lately?  :o

People... does anyone out there... anywhere... have any sense left at all?



Minds and computers are brothers in that they both can be, (and are), programmed.

There is a tonne of propaganda out there telling you how wonderful! it is to give up your personal information.

Here, it is not my intention to promote or condemn such invasive and belittling social software. What I am doing, is giving a good dose of reality that I can only hope will offset this family-destroying, mind-rot-trash, and help to bring your minds back down to the ground.

Understand the differences between perception and reality. All forms of media know the difference, but the audience does not. Media uses this confusion to their advantage to lead you where you never would go if your mind were clear and the issues in focus.

A stage has been set; Are you an actor, (following a director), [bad] or are you an individual? [Good].

Aldous Huxley [bad] said it very clearly in a 50s TV interview on the BBC and I paraphrase going from memory; "I don't see why the public should not be made to love their servitude." He's talking about You.

Privacy is inextricably tied to Freedom; You cannot give away one without giving away the other. This very invasion of personal privacy, hence freedom, is why all our of parents and grandparents died in wars... so that we, their children would not have to live under tyranny. And now we give away the very thing that they died for, in an orgiastic fit of hemorrhaging insanity.

If you do not understand how the Huxley quote applies, allow me to be blunt; We must WANT to give up our freedom. We must be made to LOVE the very process of giving it up! This has manifested in social networks. By intent and design.

It's easy to see if you can can momentarily hold back the addiction, look... and think.

"The Yahoo, who GoOgLes mouth opened and a-drool, is a Twit with a birdbrain and a limp dick who commits original acts of stupidity while in a zombie-like state who dislikes his freedom so much that he gets off on giving it away as fast... as... is... humanly... possible." Those are not my words. These are the words of your masters talking to you.

Do you think that their opinion of you is inaccurate?

Say so here and write clearly why you believe it is not accurate, in reply to this post. Back it up. Prove them wrong.

Can't do it? Truth has a bite to it like a dogs teeth locked onto the side of your face... pulling you down, down, down... you can't help, but look the other way.

You cannot argue against what the elite think of you... because they are correct.

MicroSoft, (see above), is the wanton dream of the average, male online user.

Remember, that thing in your hand should be the rudder that steers your life, and should have nothing to do with a Micro Soft. least a rudder is hard.

Remember... you always have a choice. 2B or Knot 2B, that is not the question, but the way out, simply undo the snarl, (knot), that you've gotten yourself into... that you've been wrapped up in... and develop your personal growth... after all, it's what you were put here for.

Didn't know that?

Hmm... seems likely that you have been distracted by too many, virtually, pretty birdies... **tweet, tweet!** Tout Suit! Sign up now! The deal is sweet! Dépêche-toi! But... sure to read the EULA, for the hidden payment lost in the small print and the end of a very, long read... is your balls. And micro soft demands payment in full! And for all you same-sex, swingers out there, it's all right in front of your face!

Programming / Re: AMOUSE - development, source code?
« on: 2012.08.02, 13:23:49 »
There is a known problem when using amouse and KVM switches - amouse does not properly recover when PS/2 mouse is switched back by the KVM switch.

You might be barkin' up the wrong tree there Andi. I have been using a KVM switch with AMouse for many  years now, and I have never had a problem with the two conflicting, not cooperating or any form of disconnection in anyway. So while you might be able to say that there is a problem with AMouse and your KVM switch, it may not be as general as you think... and AMouse may not be the problem at all.

BTW, I have used both PS/2 and USB mice with my switch and Amouse.

I doubt that will help your cause, but it may help in finding the real source of your problem.

Now, I did at one time, long, long ago, use a low-grade monitor/mouse/keyboard, (or Keyboard/Video/Mouse), box and regardless of what combination of mice and drivers I used, there was often frustrating problems with mouse disconnect and I ended up using as many mice as I had machines... eventually that setup ruined a monitor or two so...

So watch out for junky switches!  ;)

General Discussion / Re: Injoy
« on: 2012.06.24, 12:01:19 »

Well, that is good news.

You speak like you have some direct involvement in this new situation that InJoy finds itself in... either directly or indirectly.

It would be nice to know if there are any new features in the works?


General Discussion / Re: Injoy
« on: 2012.06.22, 12:11:56 »

Four!! hehe

The question is, of course, "what's going to happen to the OS/2 version?"

Usually when an OS/2 company sells itself to another company, the OS/2 based product languishes on the shelf for a while, then, when expectations have diminished, the novelty and excitement faded, and memories dissipated, they announce that the OS/2 version will either be dropped, not receive any new development, the old version will still be sold without improvements and/or given away and treated like a mentally handicapped child who's been shoved into the loony bin and forgotten about, (you know... like the Queen's relatives, tut, tut, naughty inter-breeders).

Is there a possibility that it will continue to be developed? Of course!.. just not much of one. 8|

And if it is taken off the market, then I can still use the present version of InJoy Firewall that I have. While it isn't as fast as a router, (software is always slower than hardware), it has a greatly increased level of flexibility that makes it invaluable to me.

So, it's a waiting game now, for those of us that still use it... and, dear I say it, would like to see improvements!  ;D

Multimedia / Re: OS/2 and Vector Graphics
« on: 2012.06.16, 02:07:47 »

That is good news Mikael...

While it isn't current, at least it will give me something OS/2 based at some point in the future, (hopefully), whereas before, there was nothing on the horizon at all.

Thanks for that little tidbit.  :D

So MELF is Mikael + ELF, (Extremely Low Frequency -- just kidding), or MEL being short for MikaEL and last name beginning with F?  Or do you have "four-barrel" name? M.E.L.F., MELF being an acronym?

Also, MEL is an abbreviated, concatenation of Me + El. Which is a variant of "I Am god"; "me" = "I Am" and "El" = "god".

If you have been inspired, look up "I Am" you will find a glimpse of real knowledge about the world today. Start with Nietzsche's "I think therefore, I Am," and followup with KJV Exodus 3:13-14, a very short read. If you're clever/persistent, you'll find out a little something about yourself that you didn't know.

Mikael is a powerful name. You might find the following of interest too!.

From one of my own, personal research, databases...

Mikael or Menes: The 1st pharoah of the 1st dynasty of Egypt. It turns out, (source name removed for this post), that he was, Manis-the-warrior, the son of Sargon-the-Great, (world-monarch), Pharoah of Sumeria of which Egypt was merely a province of, until Menes broke away in defiance of his father. His tomb is in Abydos, but is empty, (a cenotaph?). It is suggested in the Ebony Label found there, that he was buried in Ireland. He was also King Minos the traditional founder of civilization in Crete.

He is also called Muku or Mukhla,
(MKLU), the invincible warrior surnamed Tasia, (see "Tascio" below), and Miok, son of King Thor, (Sargon the Great of the Nordic Eddas), and Mikalu, (MKLU), or St. Michael the Archangel. He is also tied to the sun bird the Phoenix, or solar Goose as in the Michaelmas Goose associated with the festival of St. Michael today within the Roman Catholic Church.

Now you know just a little bit more about yourself, Son of the Sun  :o


Thanks, jdeb.

I'm glad you caught both the humour and the seriousness of it.

It's hard as hell to excite brain activity these days so you gotta add some "jabs" and some "bites" and a sprinkle or two of "humour."

But is it a wonder that only a very few people ever try to think anymore, with a plethora of thought-arresting phrases like:

  • Positive thinking
  • Negative thinking
  • Sustainability
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Don't be Left behind
  • That's just your opinion
  • I know
  • What's on TV?
  • Global Warming
  • Change is good, (yet is forever undefined. What are we being changed into and who asked for change?)
  • Progress, (yet is forever undefined. Progressing where and into what? Do I really want to go there? Not me!)
  • New Freedom, (ala G.Dubya Bush who also, never defined the term. And I can say this emphatically, he meant "less" freedom for us. Ask yourself, are we more, or less free, since he gave that speech?; We are far, less free...)

I could go on and on listing these terms and phrases that are all carefully crafted by teams of old, psychiatrists and psychologists, (old people having vast reserves of experience and knowledge upon which to draw), each specializing in different fields and subcategories of linguistics, philology, archeology, social engineering, behavioural patterns. And all of whom remain anonymous. (Can you name one?)

You know them as the amorphous blobs called "Think Tanks"... and there... are... hundreds of them, if not thousands. (Can you name one member of a Think Tank? or for that matter can you even name one Think Tank?) How can you know so little about groups that have such wide-reaching, affects upon your lives?

Who starts them?

Who pays them?

What people asked for them? Did you? I certainly did not!

What need do they serve and who are they serving? You? They surely are not serving me!

Why don't you know more about them?

Yet they control our society and our day to day existence in a deep and profound way that very few people will ever be aware of or understand.



It seems clear at this point in time, that any OS can be kept on life support indefinitely, even with just a trickle of new input. Some will thrive under limitless funding while others will just keep on trekkin'.

The real question one should ask is how is it that no new OS' have come into being?

Another question one should ask is how is it that no new computers have come along in all this very... long... time?

We still have the late 70's, early 80's, x86 architecture being patched and face-lifted with trowels of plaster, and great fanfare about miniscule, literally microscopic, changes yet there has been no significant enhancements and no... that's right.. .zero... newcomers into the arena.

This doesn't seem possible does it? That's because it doesn't work the way that TV tells us. In fact, nothing works the way that TV tells us. Yet TV is working precisely as it is supposed to. Precisely. Such a fine-tuned metaphorical, machine! Begrudgingly, respectful, admiration leaking out from what should be an open and unmitigated, hatred from all, (not just me).

Yes, we still have the Mac trudging along on the bones of the Power PC and now, oo! strange... now, it is also on the X86 architecture and and... yes... it has morphed into a Linux variant. All to give the illusion of real change where there is... none...

There's an old adage in politics; "throw enough shit at the fan and some of it will stick"... Do you see how that applies here, in reference to the previous paragraph?

In plain English, throw enough miniscule changes at the people, hype them in to the stratosphere, and everyone will think that we are in the massive rush of an "evolution"ary computer change where soon... soon... we'll progress, (undefined, that word is meaningless), into, into...

I do apologize; that wasn't plain at all. Here's plain.

They want a human & computer merger.


A computers chief usage is that of a control device.

Get it?

Why did, in the time of the Bubonic Plague, the elite give up lordship... mastery... over us, (the serfs/slaves), and hand control over to government that seemingly just popped into existence?

A question that is most easy to answer and everyone knows it; They didn't!

So... in ending the segway and in returning to the topic...

Does this computer OS/architecture, game-play remind you of politics?

There are two main contenders Conservative/Republican, (Windows/X86), and  Liberal/Democrat, (Mac), and a wishy-washy 3rd party called New Democrats/Green Party, (Linux), that caters to the misfits, an acts as a subtle rudder to steer the preselected candidate into power under the guise of "freedom of choice".

Can you discern a pattern?
Look around you. You'll see this very pattern repeated, never naturally occurring, yet pervasive. The ancient greeks, (do you know why I used a lower case "g"?), wrote about this method 2,350 years ago. So did the ancient Chinese around the same time period. No, not about computers, but about "techniques of control". Control of what? Control of you.

Anyway, like I alluded to in my first sentence, OS/2 can be kept going indefinitely. When the control system is ready to steer us in a different direction, a new, (Miracle!!), OS will come out. There will be much chatter and excitement, line-ups and raging, squawking and spats all about what the latest and greatest is as compared to the "ol' stand-by" as the masses, -- really one side being split into two opposing sides to promote infighting-- just go along with the hot-inflated, breeze from the fetid, breath of those that live upon high, swaying and harmonizing to the computer-generated songs and juvenile lyrics handed down to us from the filth at the top. (Yes folks, shit does float to the top).

Until then we will trudge along with our "True 32-bit, Object Oriented" wonder of yesteryear... which is still the best OS out there... as far as I'm concerned... and if I had a big, bag of money that I did not need, OS/2 would get a big boost!


For some, the "jolt!" of real, brain activity, is too much! But don't worry... I put the pseudo-paramedics on stand-by in case someone flops over... and please! no keyboard stammering!.. or I'll have to send in the white coats... you know... those that are associated with nervous disorders... especially catering to the ones that have been exposed to recent, unexpected, externally excited, brain-activity. Shocking, you know... it's just not right!

Oh! Dear me.
Once again I must apologize... I didn't mean to talk about "the real issues". Don't be alarmed. I'll stop. I'll turn right now, back to your... regular... programming... programming... programming.

Ever seen a "zombie" movie? Where the "once men" creatures imitate real life, ambling along in their herky-jerky motion, lost in a somnambulant state somewhere between sleep and death? And what are these lost souls searching for? "BRAINS!"

Now, don't become alarmed, but those movies are just the sons-of-the-elite having their little fun... at our expense That is to say, the movie producers making fun of YOU! The Zombies. Do you get it? No? The movies producers know that you never will... Cows munch their cud, the masses munch their popcorn... So what is the difference between them? To those that make the movies, there is no difference. The fact that most of those who read this post will never think beyond the surface of those words, prove the movie makers right! Which are you? Do you understand the question?

So you don't like the above paragraph and reflexively think what I wrote was wrong, sardonic, (look it up!), or satirical? Rent one of the many, many, zombie movies out, and watch it. Pay particular attention to that metaphor I just gave you. And it doesn't matter which zombie movie; They're all the same. Take the 1st one as a suggestion, the old black and white starter by George A. Romero, the "Night of the Living Dead". Get it? It surely ain't no zombie movie! Look at it for a moment like the swelling masses of zombies are just the swelling masses of people and that there are, but just a few really alive! with working brains.

The National Film Registry wrote of this as a film deemed as "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant." Huh? How can such a piece of mindless trash get such accolades? That doesn't make any sense... unless you look at it in the light that I just shone upon it.

Don't like the Zombie flicks? Watch any of the many, (ever wonder why the make more than one version of the same flick?), versions of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", (Spock - Leonard Nimoy - is in one of them for all you Trekkies out there), and you'll see another take on the exact same thing, people becoming empty shells, mockeries of themselves, and the few really alive people with some brains, fighting against them. And in case you still didn't get it, we are the zombies, the walking dead... and the elite... are the ones that are truly alive and with brains.

Ever notice that? Common and constant re-occurrence of theme in the cinema?

There are only nine movie themes. It's well known amongst the literary community and critics talk of it all of the time. Ever wonder "why"?

Ever wonder why you have never seen a movie where people progress in a natural way, love and care for, and support one another, where the "functional", (not dysfunctional), family thrives and where government fades away, (no one wants to fight), and big business is no more? How can it be that no such movie exists if there is freedom?

Oops! More reality. Tut, tut. Where ARE my manners!

What? No remote?

Here! Let me push the off button for you. CLICK!


Just as a side note...

Under every test ever done down through history and today, (and there have been many), the sons of the average joe always, (and I mean always), tested higher in ever conceivable test, (physical, mental, spiritual), than do the sons of the elite, (interbred). Always. No exceptions.

So how do they stay above us and in control?

They give us, (and we accept, into the very heart of our family), TV programming, grotesque video games, mindless, brain-rot trash, immoral behaviour, and fake revolutions, (computer, politics, etc.).

If you ain't stupid when you sit down to watch TV, have no fear, you soon will be! This is how we remain under their thumb and their puppets... that they toy with; we, the great genius' at birth, who are mindlessly conned into throwing away our birth gifts... our own, personal genius... so we can watch, rotten, TV garbage! Oh! What a deal we have negotiated!

Remember, it's always a choice... we are never forced.

Keep all of that in mind the next time you watch your favourite episode of "The King of the Hill" as he chug-a-lugs a half gallon of chilled, horse sperm, or as you gobble down the "very latest", "cutting edge", and obviously "faked" news broadcasts. (Not mindless trash you say?... right...soul-destroying would be more accurate.)

Multimedia / Re: OS/2 and Vector Graphics
« on: 2012.06.09, 12:03:20 »


I wrote a message here, about Inkscape and Draw Plus... it gotten eaten when Firefox crashed... before I could post it and I never had time to redo it. 8(

Those are the prime packages that I'm considering using, but neither run on OS/2.

I recently had to install a version of Windows... something I have never really used before... on my machines, but I was hoping to find something that worked under OS/2.

SVGraphics are very important because of their scalability... meaning there is no loss of detail with the change of the size of the graphic.

So far I have been able to get by with all of the graphics programs that were written for OS/2... which were really overpowered and quite sophisticated for their time... else they wouldn't hold up today.

I'm a little bit surprised that not one of those programs have had their source code released... that's unusual. All recent native graphics programs are written by one person and hardly covers the basics, and while welcome, not sufficient.

Embellish, Photo>Graphics, (reasonably powerful once one knows how to use it), Colorworks, (not really useable anymore because of certain problems). Many got screwed over and have hard feelings, because of the incredibly disrespectful way SPG handled it's customers, selling advance licenses for it's newer yet-to-be-released, version while never telling the customers that it had switched platforms; It originally was OS/2 only, but had dropped that platform and went exclusively Windows. They completely destroyed their customer base, greatly pissed off a lot of people, and shortly after went under. Many thought that was a well-earned reward for SPG; It was the "killer app" that many OS/2-ers supported and held up on high... And some "killer app" it turned out to be... the only app that it killed was itself. 8|

Too damn bad though... for all involved; Colorworks had enormous potential. Of course, even if it worked today, it would be dated. Still, it's so old that it's hardly likely that it works with SVGraphics.

If I have to go to Windows it will be either Inkscape, Draw Plus, GIMP, (time-gobbling learning curve), or Corel Draw... but I was hoping that I could delete that crappiest of OS's; It's an offense to my machine... and to my personal privacy.

Multimedia / Re: OS/2 and Vector Graphics
« on: 2012.06.08, 18:35:21 »

I should add that I also gave Open Office a go. It will export files into the SVG format though create/edit one per say and it does a poor job in exportation.

I constructed an image using the basic, geographical archetypes; Triangle, Circle and Square, using three separate colours.

The square and triangle held their positions, shapes, and colours but the circle moved position significantly and changed into a distorted octagon, though the colour held fast; I did no further testing.

However, I have to add that OO could not view the file that it exported; it loaded it as a text file no matter what I did. I had to use Scribus to view the export, so maybe the fault was Scribus and not OO. I have no way of checking since I have nothing else to view it with.

Just passing along mind findings for anyone that's interested.

Multimedia / Re: OS/2 and Vector Graphics
« on: 2012.06.08, 18:11:05 »

Corel Draw for OS/2? I have no idea where to find a copy of that.

And by Tiger I am assuming that you mean Photo Tiger?

However from the readme:

PhotoTiger supports 1, 8, and 24 bit pictures. PhotoTiger can load and save pictures in the following file formats:
- BMP (1, 8, 24 bits)
- JPEG (8, 24 bits)
- IMG (1 bits)
- PNG (1,8,24 bits)
- PNM (1,8,24 bits, only loading)

No SVG, so you cannot mean Photo Tiger.

I'd need to check, but I believe that Corel Draw for OS/2 might be a bit old for that format as well, but I have never used it and have no way of finding out.

I appreciate your reply though... and anything additional would be welcome.  :)

Multimedia / Re: OS/2 and Vector Graphics
« on: 2012.06.06, 02:59:14 »

Melf, thanks for that, I'll give Scribus a go. I didn't know it could do SVGs... I'll also try Open Office, (thanks, Andreas), though the last time I looked at its graphics creation abilities it left a lot to be desired... but that was a long time ago. Time for a rego.

David. Thanks; That's not bad for the basics, but even if it could/can do what I need, I cannot have these creations online; The end product(s) will be privately owned.

I'll post results.

Multimedia / Re: OS/2 and Vector Graphics
« on: 2012.06.06, 00:04:25 »

Thanks for replying

Scalable Vector Graphics, (*.SVG), is what I meant... I should have been clear.

I did some searching for it on Google and I was surprised to find only a few products that dealt with SVGraphics regardless of platform... little to nothing in JAVA, little to nothing in *NIX and little to nothing on M$ platforms surprisingly enough... of course Photoshop handles it nicely it won't work on our preferred platform and won't work on AMD CPUs should I decide to try another.  :-X

There was an old OS/2 program called KVEC, but that's pretty limited and I believe it requires a license.also it's a "Commandline utility for converting raster graphics to vector graphics and vice versa"... which pretty much negates it for my purposes.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated... but I'm beginning to feel doubtful. 8|

Multimedia / OS/2 and Vector Graphics
« on: 2012.06.05, 17:08:50 »

Does anyone know if there is an OS/2 program than can do any or all of the following?

Read, Write, and/or create Vector Graphics?


Events / Re: Encyclopedia Britannica entry for OS/2
« on: 2012.03.16, 16:26:19 »
I read about the end of the print publication this morning... I had not realized they had been around 244 years.


It was published in sections from 1768-1770.

In 1771 they printed their first, complete, edition together in 3 volumes...

That's written on the first pages of the 1st edition.

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