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General Discussion / The Epitome of a Sad Fool
« on: 2012.08.15, 20:44:34 »

story is both sad and pathetic and I can't say if the tears I almost shed where tears of sadness or of laughter.

Any "twit", (as in TWITter [where do you think they got the name from?]), that stores his private and personal information on someone else's machine where they have secondary control at best, is a moron. There is so much to say about it that I simply will say nothing other than post this reference as a current and real-time, example in supplement to other posts that I have made here in the past.

In the end I have to say again that this story is both sad and funny, because he is an idiot... a pathetic idiot, but an idiot nontheless who was duped and bought into the bullsh*t.

"Do you think that this will happen to you?" For nearly everyone out there reading this... it is only a matter of time...

And since we covered TWITter, (it's for the birds), let's hit Yahoo! Do you know where they got that name from? Think Robert Louis Stevenson, (the rest you can do yourself).

And Google? Not too hard to figure that one out, but look it up... (sounds like baby-talk to me). MicroSoft? Tiny and Limp... as with all of these, it is written WRT the users. Do you see a pattern in these names? Apple? With a clear and deliberate bite out of it? Original Sin. The original sin was/is an act of stupidity. And Facebook? A facebook is a book that the police keep to help them identify criminals. (Who are the criminals? Anyone that opposes... or will oppose... the desires of the super wealthy. In other words; You.) The CIA has never denied, (and admits openly), that it created Facebook. Any one that has been following things online over the years, accepts this as a given. But, what else needs to be said?

Read the newspapers, (online or whatever), with a new eye. You'll see the deliberate use of such well-thoughout names all of the time... and I'm not being sarcastic... these names are well thought out... thought... as in brains... as in thinking. All brain activity is not by default, thinking. Thinking is a deliberate and focused act, designed to learn, know about and to understand some subject or thing, for a distinct purpose.

So, you do not think that these names and references are deliberately done as stated above? Anybody watch any good "zombie" movies lately?  :o

People... does anyone out there... anywhere... have any sense left at all?



Minds and computers are brothers in that they both can be, (and are), programmed.

There is a tonne of propaganda out there telling you how wonderful! it is to give up your personal information.

Here, it is not my intention to promote or condemn such invasive and belittling social software. What I am doing, is giving a good dose of reality that I can only hope will offset this family-destroying, mind-rot-trash, and help to bring your minds back down to the ground.

Understand the differences between perception and reality. All forms of media know the difference, but the audience does not. Media uses this confusion to their advantage to lead you where you never would go if your mind were clear and the issues in focus.

A stage has been set; Are you an actor, (following a director), [bad] or are you an individual? [Good].

Aldous Huxley [bad] said it very clearly in a 50s TV interview on the BBC and I paraphrase going from memory; "I don't see why the public should not be made to love their servitude." He's talking about You.

Privacy is inextricably tied to Freedom; You cannot give away one without giving away the other. This very invasion of personal privacy, hence freedom, is why all our of parents and grandparents died in wars... so that we, their children would not have to live under tyranny. And now we give away the very thing that they died for, in an orgiastic fit of hemorrhaging insanity.

If you do not understand how the Huxley quote applies, allow me to be blunt; We must WANT to give up our freedom. We must be made to LOVE the very process of giving it up! This has manifested in social networks. By intent and design.

It's easy to see if you can can momentarily hold back the addiction, look... and think.

"The Yahoo, who GoOgLes mouth opened and a-drool, is a Twit with a birdbrain and a limp dick who commits original acts of stupidity while in a zombie-like state who dislikes his freedom so much that he gets off on giving it away as fast... as... is... humanly... possible." Those are not my words. These are the words of your masters talking to you.

Do you think that their opinion of you is inaccurate?

Say so here and write clearly why you believe it is not accurate, in reply to this post. Back it up. Prove them wrong.

Can't do it? Truth has a bite to it like a dogs teeth locked onto the side of your face... pulling you down, down, down... you can't help, but look the other way.

You cannot argue against what the elite think of you... because they are correct.

MicroSoft, (see above), is the wanton dream of the average, male online user.

Remember, that thing in your hand should be the rudder that steers your life, and should have nothing to do with a Micro Soft. least a rudder is hard.

Remember... you always have a choice. 2B or Knot 2B, that is not the question, but the way out, simply undo the snarl, (knot), that you've gotten yourself into... that you've been wrapped up in... and develop your personal growth... after all, it's what you were put here for.

Didn't know that?

Hmm... seems likely that you have been distracted by too many, virtually, pretty birdies... **tweet, tweet!** Tout Suit! Sign up now! The deal is sweet! Dépêche-toi! But... sure to read the EULA, for the hidden payment lost in the small print and the end of a very, long read... is your balls. And micro soft demands payment in full! And for all you same-sex, swingers out there, it's all right in front of your face!

Multimedia / OS/2 and Vector Graphics
« on: 2012.06.05, 17:08:50 »

Does anyone know if there is an OS/2 program than can do any or all of the following?

Read, Write, and/or create Vector Graphics?


Hardware / Tape Drive & Config.sys
« on: 2012.02.03, 16:27:55 »

I recently had a number of SCSI tape drives given to me.

My SCSI card recognizes my test unit and the Hardware Manager shows it and provided the expected data.

Nothing shows up in my Drives Folder however.

I am unfamiliar with Tape Drives, but distant memory from reading past news groups, tells me that a device driver is required... I don't know if such a driver would be brand-name specific or not.

I did a Google Search on OS/2, Tape Drive & Config.sys, yet nothing shows up of value.

I don't know if it matters, but I'm using an Exabyte drive, internal.

Does anyone here have a working SCSI Tape Drive and some information on the Config.sys necessaries?

Any help would be appreciated.

Networking / InJoy Firewall... Dead?
« on: 2012.01.10, 15:36:14 »

It has been a very long time since I've heard anything from the InJoy Firewall people... and their mailing list has been dead so long that I unsubscribed a while back.

... And their website hasn't been up dated in years.

Is the InJoy Firewall project still alive?

It would be a crime for it to have gone the way of the Dodo:(

Hardware / OS/2 on a DEC Alphaserver 1200
« on: 2011.12.17, 23:38:25 »

I just had an old DEC, (Digital), Alphaserver 1200 dumped onto my lap.

Before I waste time playing with it I was wondering if anyone here has any had any success/failure installing any version of OS/2 upon it?


Applications / FreeCAD & QT
« on: 2011.09.28, 22:36:02 »

I'm having a look at Free CAD.

It is "platform independent".

"FreeCAD is an Open Source 3D CAD/CAE program, based on OpenCascade, QT and Python."

While I have no experience at compiling sources --QT or otherwise--, (is that even necessary?), I'm willing to give it a go, (as long as it's not too time consuming).

However, before I begin, can anyone here who is knowledgeable on such matters, tell me if I'm getting in over my head AKA wasting my time?


Multimedia / 3D CAD Under OS/2?
« on: 2011.08.04, 23:19:09 »

I'm looking for a 3D Computer Assisted Design program that will run under OS/2. Old or new, I don't care.

I have been using BlueCAD for a while, (and I still am), but it is strictly 2D and has a number of annoying bugs.

Is there any 3D CAD program that will fit the bill? It doesn't have to be native... as long as it will run.


Internet / Firefox 4? Firefox 5? Huh?
« on: 2011.06.20, 13:00:37 »

What's going on with Firefox?

Just recently version 4 was released, and now version 5 is on the ramp with no significant changes over version 4.

Does anyone know the reason for this strange numbering? I would "assume" that it is because of some sort of aligning, but I have no knowledge of this.

I'm quoting here from "OS/2 Warp News and Rumors";

Firefox 5.0 is scheduled for release on Tuesday, and the directory structure on the server is already in place for it; it's not expected to be significantly different from 5.0 beta 7  - the differences between Firefox 4 and 5 are minimal.


Multimedia / VLC 1.1.9 - No Go
« on: 2011.05.15, 13:39:57 »
I have been using VLC 1.1.7 now for a while. It's one of the very best video players out there for OS/2, (and other platforms too... or so I have read).

However when I gave 1.1.9 a go, it exits passively, silently slipping away with my expectations, leaving not a trace of its passing.

Has anyone had any better luck?

Multimedia / "favicon.ico" creation
« on: 2011.04.19, 20:37:18 »
One of the big problems that I have with OS/2 graphics software, (most of them are powerful enough), is in reducing an image to the 16x16 file size required for the favicon.ico used in the root of HTTP servers... you know, the little graphic that shows up in the corner of a Firefox tab that is the websites logo?

The problem is in getting an image to reduce to the required size while still being legible.

I have seen many, many, excellent micro-graphics, (my term), that are incredibly clear at that severe a reduction. I suspect that those making them are using Photoshop or equivalent, which will not run under any flavour of OS/2.

The best way that I have found is to make the base image really large... the reduction quality is then maximized within the limitations of OS/2 graphics software that is, but really, even that is crap!

Has any had any better success in this arena?

Recently I have been getting audio troubles with the newer movies I have downloaded, errr... have had loaned to me. (That's it!)  :D

As best I can tell it's an Audio Codec problem. None of the available OS/2 players can play back the audio.

Here are the relevant Audio Specifications and, as far as I know, this is correct, but I got it from the person who err... "loaned" me the movie.

      Audio Codec: AAC
      Bitrate: 239 Kbps VBR
      Sample Rate: 48.0 kHz
      Channel Count: 6

Here's the error that I'm getting with KMPlayer. I get a similar error with MPlayer;

      "DART error(1138e):Hardware error.
      Cannot open audio"

I changed the config settings to use UniAud. That yielded up this error;

      sample rate supported: 4000 to 96000
      channels refine err: -22
      pcm open error -10006
      Cannot open audio

I am noticing this problem occurring more and more frequently with the newer movies, especially the higher quality versions. If anyone can offer some helpful advice I would appreciate it.

Oh! And using BreezeSleep, (WindDoze) is not an option. 8)

Off Topic discussions / Happy New Year! OS/2 World
« on: 2011.01.01, 01:04:21 »

                                                                          H A P P Y    N E W    Y E A R!       

OS/2 WORLD!   :D

May the coming year be as good to OS/2, (eCS), as 2010 was!

And may your personal year be better still...

Multimedia / *.JP2
« on: 2010.12.26, 23:32:43 »
Firstly, "Merry Christmas !"to everyone at OS/2 World.

Secondly, does anyone know how to view an *.JP2 file under OS/2? PMView will not do it and while GBM claims to, it will not. Embellish, Impos/2, etc., will not either.

Any suggestions?

Hardware / USB hardrive power-down and JFS crashes
« on: 2010.11.18, 18:24:53 »
The title really says it all.

My little USB hardrive works great. But when it goes idle, it powers down. If I then try to access it through an app, (like FM/2), JFS traps the system.

If I try to access it first via the commandline it will eventually power up, but inevitably it will still crash the system. This means a long chkdsk for the system on boot and a mega-long chkdsk for my removable drive... the latter owing to no, (or a partial), eject procedure prior to the trap.

Does anyone know of a cure/work-around for this?

Internet / Firefox, URL search & Google
« on: 2010.07.04, 18:40:54 »
I have been checking out Firefox 3.7a-pre.

I do not know if this is unique to this version, but whenever I type non-URL text into the URL window it automatically does a Google search.

This is highly undesirable.

I have adjusted the search engine settings, but nothing seems to be able to turn this "feature", -ha!- off.

Is anyone familiar with this?

Does anyone know how to disable it?


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