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I guess it basically amounts to this: Is the community ready to pay another 10000 to 15000 Euros for a port of the GTK? It would definitely be great to have as it is the base for another plethora of applications like Pidgin, GIMP, GNU Cash, Avidemux, XSane, etc. However, collecting the money for the Qt 4 port wasn't exactly easy, so I have my doubts.

Marketplace / Software and books for sale/free
« on: 2010.07.01, 18:19:58 »

I found some OS/2 stuff that I would like to part with. In general, I do ship world-wide, but note that shipping costs are high to some countries. I will give the free ones as a goodie to people purchasing something else.

Note that the prices are for single purchases. If you purchase several items, we certainly can talk about a rebate.

If you are interested in an item, please contact me via email at christianXhenneckeXos2voiceXorg (replace X with dot and @ characters). Please do not use the internal messaging of this board since I don't read it regularly and might miss new messages.

Operating Systems

- eComStation 1.1 German w/ Application Pak and SMP option (30 EUR)
- eComStation 1.0 German
- OS/2 Warp Server Advanced German (40 EUR)
- OS/2 Warp 4 German (15 EUR)
- OS/2 Warp 3 Connect blue-spine German (10 EUR)
- OS/2 Warp 3 red-spine German (5 EUR)
- OS/2 2.1 DAP Edition (free)
- OS/2 2.11 (free)


- Visual Age C++ 3.0 with printed documentation (30 EUR)
- Watcom C/C++ 11 Student (free)
- Hockware VisPro C (15 EUR)
- Hockware VisPro C++ (15 EUR)
- OrisaPro 1.0.01 (5 EUR)


- Describe Voyager 5.06 (30 EUR)
- Relish (20 EUR)
- Mesa 2 (25 EUR)
- DBExpert (25 EUR)
- IBM DB2 2.1 Single User (20 EUR)
- PMFax 3 Pro (free)
- FaxWorks Pro 2.0 (free)


- Colorworks 2.0 w/ book and plug-ins (30 EUR)
- PMView Pro 3.x (20 EUR)
- BlueCAD (free)
- NeoN Grafix 3D Lite (5 EUR)
- NeoN Grafix Storybook (5 EUR)
- TrueSpectra Photo>Graphics (free)


- NetDrive 3.x (15 EUR)
- HOBLink X11 (10 EUR)
- ZOC 4.15 (20 EUR)
- Remote Control/2 1.2 (5 EUR)


- Object Desktop 2.0 (20 EUR)
- Object Desktop 1.5 German (10 EUR)
- Xit (5 EUR)
- Process Commander (5 EUR)
- Performance Plus V4 (free)


- Avarice - The Final Saga (10 EUR)
- B.E.M It crawled from the net (5 EUR)
- BUGS (5 EUR)
- Crown of Might (10 EUR)
- Drilling Billy (15 EUR)
- Entrepreneur + Expansion Pack (25 EUR)
- Galactic Civilizations Gold (20 EUR)
- Hopkins: FBI (20 EUR)
- Master of the Empire (10 EUR)
- Matrix (free)
- Microlearn Game Pack Vol 2 (free)
- Semtex (10 EUR)
- Sim City (5 EUR)
- Sim City 2000 (15 EUR)
- Star Emperor (10 EUR)
- Trials of Battle (15 EUR)


- OS/2 2.0 Technical Library, roughly 30 cm of heavy information incl. PM programming, IPF, REXX, debugging, drivers, multimedia (30 EUR)
- IBM Redbook: Multimedia in OS/2 Warp (5 EUR)
- IBM Redbook: OS/2 Version 2.0, Volume 1: Control Program (5 EUR)
- IBM Redbook: OS/2 Version 2.0, Volume 2: DOS and Windows Environment (5 EUR)
- IBM Redbook: OS/2 Version 2.0, Volume 3: Presentation Manager and Workplace Shell (5 EUR)
- IBM Redbook: OS/2 Version 2.0, Volume 4: Application Development (5 EUR)
- IBM Redbook: OS/2 Version 2.0, Volume 5: Print Subsystem (copy) (5 EUR)
- Dutt/Freiburg: GIMP (5 EUR) German!
- gruppeZ/Tewi: OS/2 Warp Version 4 w/ CD (10 EUR) German!
- Koch: Das OS/2 Warp 4 Kompendium w/ CD (10 EUR) German!
- Mark: OS/2 Warp Server for e-Business (10 EUR) German!
- Moskovitz, Kerr: OS/2 Warp 3 für Insider (5 EUR) German!
- Orfali/Harkey: Client/Server Programming with OS/2 2.0, 2nd edition (10 EUR)
- Rohrbach: OS/2 Warp V4 im Team w/ CD (5 EUR) German!
- Schels: Chip Schulung OS/2 Warp V.3 Grundkurs (free) German!
- Scholin/Sullivan/Scragg: OS/2 2.1 Corporate Programmer's Handbook (5 EUR)
- Extended Attributes, printed magazine from POSSI, Vol 5/No 2 - 10, Vol 7/No 3, 4, 8 (free)
- OS/2 Only, German printed magazine, complete (5 EUR)

Please note that diskettes are rather susceptible to bad shipping conditions, so I cannot guarantee that they will work. I will try to create disk images prior to shipping, though.

What's really needed IMO is updating the port of and enabling all the functionality that is provided with Java stuff, e.g., macro handling and all kinds of wizards. Currently, that's still missing.


From my own experience I can tell you that your motherboard is one of the most problematic in regard to Uniaud. I have an M2N-E myself and the latest build by David actually fixed most things for me. So I'm optimistic.


well... I agree:
Delenda carthago! :)

Weeell, that has already been taken care of.  ::)

  • Genmac future. Phone call with Willibald Meyer. Indicates he will provide information to Steve Levine.

I hate to say this, but thought it would make sense to tell you:
As I have understood from the German forum, there seems to be largely different viewpoints on this between Willibald Meyer and Mensys. Between the lines, my impression is that Willibald Meyer will NOT open-source anything to Mensys. If netlabs could make a difference here I don't know. I guess if you ask either person involved here, you get a couple of different responses.

As far as I understand it, it's not a matter of perspective as in Willibald Meyer vs. Mensys. The situation rather seems to be:
  • As for opening the code, the point is not to whom code may be given but whether it will happen at all. And Mensys would be completely fine with giving it to
  • There seems to be quite a difference between the viewpoints of Willibald Meyer as announced by third parties (not Mensys) and those reported by people who have talked to him personally.

Since we all depend on second-hand information, there's no bullet-proof conclusion and we can only rely on indicators and own experiences for now. Said third parties have been constantly flaming Mensys and their product in the German forums for almost a year now. What began as a rather constructive discussion I happily contributed to degraded into an increasingly aggressive, violative, and destructive campaign that has even managed to put off people who agreed with their (IMO) more valid points. "Ceterum censeo Cathargo esse delendam" combined with "if you are not for us, you are evil" style stuff, you know? That added to the "fun" I had with one of those persons myself... well, I am wary. (And yes, I do work for Mensys part-time.)

Setup & Installation / Re: eCS 2.0 GA - first details
« on: 2010.05.08, 16:51:28 »
Q: Will GA version include also the updated (quick) version of Panorama VESA drivers?

As far as I know yes.

I think you won't have much luck solving the issue here. IIRC there is an Apache for OS/2 mailing list. You could also try raising the issue on the IRC channel.

Unfortunately, the Xine MCD project never got past an early alpha. But it did include some more current stuff you could, e.g., use to play stuff encoded with DivX.

Well, there simply is not much information available. All I ever found -- including that which Scott Garfinkle provided me with -- is in the XWorkplace documentation. Be careful with that setting since as far as I understood it, increasing the number of possible processes reduces the available shared memory.

That said, running high-traffic sites with Apache under OS/2 is pretty much a no-go, at least if also PHP and MySQL are involved. AFAIK the problem is that sockets/processes are opened/created but never properly closed/terminated. IIRC Apache 1.3.x and 2.x have slightly different problems. Increasing the number of processes could maybe postpone the point of failure but will not be able to actually solve the problem. You probably will have to reboot the machine regularly (which does). What you CAN do is to reduce the risk of failures by using Squid to "shield" Apache so the problematic conditions will not occur.

Try contacting Roderick Klein for some advice. Mensys are probably those with the most experience in that area.

^ It may be their plan, but do we know if they have actually gotten the companies on board, or is the large part of their clientbase end users?

I can tell you the following: So far 2009 has been the best year in sales to enterprise customers for Mensys. That's an official statement Mensys made in a letter to OS/2 and eCS customers sent out a few days ago.

Well, from what I know, forget it if it needs the KDE libraries. You'd end up porting most of the KDE environment.

As I checked some months ago, OS/2 Warp 4.52 is included there, it was available for download. So IBM will not bother to use OS/2 in Universities (Academic Use Only). I really see it more from the Serenety/Mensys side to have a way also to give eComStation for free to students, but thats up to they and possible they see a risk of IBM suing them for giving the software for free to Students.

AFAIK Mensys has to pay a fixed amount of money per license to IBM. So they would actually lose money by giving eCS away.

About Eugene optimist and Christian Hennecke negativism, well my opinion is that you are both wrong.

That's not negativism but realism. And IMHO the OS/2 community needs a good shot of realism to survive. It needs to clearly see the situation, analyze the options, and draw the consequences. I was rather pleased to see that some have actually bit the bullet now (a few years ago, a project like Qt 4 would have failed) but the majority is still sleeping, dreaming, in a state of denial or has resigned.

Christian you see this Eugene's effort like it is a waist of energy, but I think you are wrong. Let the people/students decided by theirself which is an interesting OS and which not.  Possible there are students that will like what they can fix on OS/2-eCS instead of what it has or not. But you don't even want to give them the chance know about eCS.

Excuse me? I am not denying them anything. Think about the effort required for success -- a few pages on a site that's basically unknown outside the OS/2 community and sometimes has warnings issued by Google (yeah, I know that's not Eugene's fault but the effect remains) will not suffice -- and about return on investment.

Christian, you give a good point on explaining why this initiative will fail, but you don't even suggest in what will be good for Eugene to waist their efforts. Your criticism is not in a constructive way.

Come on, Martin, do you really want me to spell out what is only too obvious? Me and many others have already told this Eugene before but he won't listen. One can sum it up in one word: Focus!

> no one is writing articles. Not _ONE_ ! You cannot go and tell Christian to write an article,
> this is very ignorant and impolite. The correct way is that YOU write an article and submit it!

eComStation.RU is publishing 1-2 articles every month. We are working with the developers and users.  There are N x times more users in Europe and America. So, potentially OS2VOICE can publish 10-20 articles and reviews every month. It's necessary work with the people.

Yes, the magic word here is "potentially." Mark and me have been trying to work with people for years. We've issued numerous calls for articles, approached people directly -- all to little or no avail. In fact, exactly one article has been submitted since the last issue and for another we've been allowed to publish a translated posting from a German discussion forum. The sad fact is that the community is simply not interested in supporting itself. People bitch and moan, they spend hours in moot discussions and bashing others, but writing an article is too much. They have made their decision. I am not going to waste any more time trying to change something I cannot. And I am certainly not going to fill in for them.

Examples: team can publish "Analysis of OS/2-based ATM situation" in the newsletter. OR take interviews from famous users and developers (I shared this idea with Christian several times)

My, my, to think you still have the nerv to make demands... I told you as many times that we'd be glad to publish such interviews if somebody conducted and submitted them. As for the Newsletter team doing it all themselves: Feel free to pay us to do so. Otherwise, there's many a way more pleasant to spend my time: Go out with friends, watch animes, read a good book, listen to nice music, etc. etc.

Posted by Martin Iturbide - Tuesday, 09 March 2010

The s. .. .

Eugene, I appreciate your effort to draw young people to the ageing community but I think you are wasting your energy. It's much too late for such actions. Young and aspiring people will not choose an "obsolete" system. Just try to see it from their perspective: In a 64 bit world, OS/2 is a 32 bit OS with some 16 bit components, spotty hardware support, not exactly many available applications and a rather limited set of development tools. In addition, I really doubt that their professors would be excited about them choosing something from the past to solve their tasks. They'd be shooting themselves in the foot.

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