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Whatever will they think of next  :D

It was nice to be able to print directly from FireFox (or Minefield to give it it's correct name. ;D )  It worked well and I am impressed.
As Melf says, the whole system feels good as far as I have tested.  Many thanks

regards Bill

Actually,  pages 1, 2 and 3 are blank.  Only this page (4) has any entries

regards  Bill

Off Topic discussions / Re: Snow Bound
« on: 2010.01.18, 16:52:27 »
Well, the snow has finally gone from here in Yorkshire.   :D  It has been as deep as about 35cm  (over a foot) but has varied a lot over the past days since the 19th December.  Some days the sun has melted a lot but then more snow would fall.  The paths have had snow on them all that time.   Sadly we are told it may fall again in 2 days  :(

Off Topic discussions / Re: Snow Bound
« on: 2009.12.30, 20:45:43 »
Here in Yorkshire we have been around freezing or just above for a few days now.   The snow has almost gone, thanks to the heat of the sun, but the wind chill factor these last few days has taken the feel of the temperature down to about 20F ( about -7C I think).  There was a very small flurry of snow this morning, but the next few days are to be clear which means that the temp. will be down below freezing :(

Off Topic discussions / Re: Snow Bound
« on: 2009.12.22, 18:03:40 »
Here in Yorkshire, today is not much different, but in 24 hours it has tried to thaw in the sunlight, and then we keep getting more snow in light showers.  Temp is still about 32°F / 0°C .  The real problem does seem to be in the London / SE England area.

Off Topic discussions / Re: Snow Bound
« on: 2009.12.20, 17:20:52 »
Hello folks,

here in Yorkshire, Northern England we have had about 2 inches ( 5cm ) of snow for about 2 days. It is very cold, temperature is 32 F ( 0 C ) and with the wind chill taken into account it feels like 23 F ( -4 C ).   Have just come back from taking the dog for a walk and can confirm the local weather station's 'feels like' figures.   :(  There are places about 50 miles away that have over a foot of snow ( 30 cm ) but the temp is supposed to go above freezing soon so I suppose the snow will melt  :)
      Cheers,  Bill

Keep up the good work   :D

Thanks for providing a link for us all

Thanks Rob.   I was using the facility to send to a named *.pdf file, but had not spotted the point about creating them on the desk top.  Useful info all round, for which my thanks

regards,  Bill

I have just tried direct print on 3.0.5 and it still does not work. :(

regards, Bill

Setup & Installation / Re: Boot ECS from GRUB
« on: 2008.11.30, 23:42:39 »
DFSee shows my disk as having the first entry as

01>   Prim oa IBM-BMGR  (etc.)            where the > shows this is the active/startable item on the system
02*    Prim 83 Linuxnatv    (etc.)            where the *  shows this is a bootable item
03*    Log  07 Inst-Fsys     (etc.)               "         "         "         "        "           "

there are two other Log 07 partitions with * which appear on the BM menu and can be booted.   The system starts or re-starts with the BM menu and continues happily to whichever system is selected.  I have never had Linux get confused by this.  My Linux is a Debian based one, I think some other bases may have problems???
As before, it works for me but YMMV

Setup & Installation / Re: Boot ECS from GRUB
« on: 2008.11.30, 18:25:55 »
        I use Boot Manager to run two eCS opsystems and a Linux one.     I run the eCS partitions as normal and I set up Linux from a disk and when it came to setting up Grub, it asked where I wanted Grub, in its own partition or in the Linux base partition.    I asked for it to be in the Linux partition and it continued the install.

I put an entry in BM pointing at the Linux partition and use it to start Linux.    The machine jumps to the Grub start up, asks me which kernel I wish to use and carries on from there.

So, put Grub in the Linux partition, it works for me :)

cheers,  Bill

General Discussion / Re: The New Hobbes
« on: 2008.09.06, 18:24:19 »
I too find it impossible to download from at present.   I will just keep hoping.  I was being asked for a password at one stage but I am not sure whether that was Hobbes or Firefox 3.1 (?). Anyway Keep hoping!!

Bill Scarlett

Polls / Re: Poll about Faxworks disappearing
« on: 2008.05.26, 00:32:52 »
 :-[  I must have voted as I see the 'remove vote' sign also.   Sorry about that but I have no recollection of voting. It must be put down to the approach of senility I fear.

      Thanks for sorting it out,  Bill

Polls / Re: Poll about Faxworks disappearing
« on: 2008.05.22, 20:09:07 »
Thanks for replying but I AM logged in. I have let the cursor roam all over the area at the beginning of the item where the Poll result is shown but, nothing makes the cursor change to a 'select' icon. Please, where do I vote?

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