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Polls / Re: Poll about Faxworks disappearing
« on: 2008.05.21, 20:01:43 »

If you see a Poll, PLEASE vote in it. If an option that you think should be there isnt, please let one of the moderators know (or post such in the poll's thread) so we can consider adding it...

eCS doesnt have the largest development pool out there, but it does have a dedicated one, as well as numerous apps that can be ported from Linux or someplace else, or apps already in existence that just need a nice interface and installer. It's hard to determine what eCS needs if no one answers these polls. It doesnt just show a lack of interest in the software, it shows a lack of interest in the OS itself. If you run eCS or Warp, you have to have some sort of opinion about the need for a particular piece of software...

Over 100 people (as of yesterday) voted on the Warp vs Windows poll on another site (linked to from here)... yet so few people took the time to vote here (even though this poll has been up WEEKS longer)...

And if someone does port or write something... please send them an email, or msg through the forums or something saying "Thanks" or providing feedback about what works and doesnt. If you dont want to spend lots of time, a simple "I'm using ______, thanks for your efforts on it" is, I can assure you, appreciated by the programmer.
:(Problem is that I cannot persuade the system to let me vote???????????     I am sure that I have done so in the past but I just cannot remember how.  HELP.    Bill

Marketplace / Re: SimCity 2000
« on: 2008.01.13, 19:49:38 »

Lately I've been playing OpenTransportationTycoon  which is much newer, using SDL even works in fullscreen (though it is much faster as a maximized window then in fullscreen mode). 

Robert,   I have an old copy of Railroad Tycoon but nothing for Transport Tycoon.  I have seen some info on TT but assumed that I would need the original before I could play it.    Is this true???    Thanks,  Bill Scarlett

Web applications / Re: Opensource Flash Petition
« on: 2007.12.30, 19:59:52 »
Signed, Bill

« on: 2007.10.30, 20:39:32 »
As a dedicated lurker this is my first try at submitting a comment but I just have to acknowledge all those of you who can and do write the programs, without which I would no longer be using what is the best opsys I have ever used.  I expect to be using it for some time yet, so again my thanks to all those listed earlier and keep up the good work.

            regards,   Bill Scarlett

General Discussion / Re: Way better
« on: 2007.04.28, 23:47:11 »
First impressions are good. Keep it up :)

Bill Scarlett

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