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Applications / odin32 and... KeePass
« on: 2012.03.25, 22:56:03 »

I installed the latest odin32 (0.8.4) and I did some 'experiments' with the KeePass...
I played with the portable version of it, (needs just the gdiplus.dll).
So far I managed to start the application (was not so fast), but the KeePass freeze when trying to decode (after entering the password) of a keepass datafile (or even save a new one).... but anyway I think is big progress
of the odin32, as IIRC I could not even run that app with older versions!



Setup & Installation / Re: eCS 2.1 installation.. crashed...
« on: 2012.02.23, 10:42:50 »
Thx... I managed to boot (disabled evfs) I just copied my files on a spare fat32 partition and now I am re-installing the eCS....

Setup & Installation / Re: eCS 2.1 installation.. crashed...
« on: 2012.02.23, 09:35:37 »
Alas, I will have to do a complete re-installation...
the boot cd went to maint mode and I did the check disk... then  I booted from the hdd again and
I faced the same situation...
also. booting on recover mode (ALT F1) did not work either (OS stopped on  "EVFS eComstation....")

The strange thing is i just unmounted an external HDD .. I mean how the NTFS driver corrupted the whole OS
because of it.. ok you know I am pissed off.. I even can use that external drive on an  Amiga 4k using a 20yrs old OS and a "freeware" driver!


Setup & Installation / eCS 2.1 installation.. crashed...
« on: 2012.02.23, 01:33:04 »
After I ejected an 160GB HDD (could not see the contents of the drive anyway (due to the current bugy NTFS))
I got a nice NTFS crash error.. then I rebooted the system...

now the OS boots and stops on the "EVFS eComstation Virtual File System Driver v.1.002"

I really don't understand.. I just ejected a device and the eCS auto-corrupted?! f unbelievable!
(note I was on JFS filesystem)

any ideas?


ouch my mistake!! i mis-read that your using XP as HOST...



I mainly use the VirtualPC 2007 SP1, as I had a lot of problems with the Vbox (guest os (eCS) could not see the shares from windows...) also mouse integration works very well !


Applications / Re: Java for os2
« on: 2012.02.08, 22:21:33 »
jAMOS ( AMOS BASIC reimplementation in Java ) runs very well too!

just to report that I got the Zalman ZM-VE200...


The problem is that on some machines that I tested it, they cannot see this as 'cdrom' on the boot ;-(

but my main desktop (Asrock with UEFI boot firmware) the boot menu showed it as CDROM and I manage to boot the first iso of the eCS 2.1 , could not manage to install, as of the ACPI trap-d crash...

Also, note that needs a Y USB cable , to provide more power (eg from external psu), as some systems cannot provide enough power to this...

Interesting thing....

btw, while searching for info about it, I found this:

..looks like can boot isos too ?!? (its around £25, not too expensive..)


Hardware / Re: OS/2 on a DEC Alphaserver 1200
« on: 2011.12.18, 13:05:38 »
Try to sell the whole system on comp.os.vms
some people may interested for it!

NT 4.0 was the last version that supported ALPHA, (the NT 4.0 CD, has the Alpha version too)
There is also one 'beta' version of windows 2000 that runs on Alpha (but is... beta ;-} )

You could run Tru64 there, but the ****** HP does not offer a hobbyist license anymore :-(


Hardware / Re: OS/2 on a DEC Alphaserver 1200
« on: 2011.12.17, 23:48:23 »
os/2 on Alpha CPU? !!!???

Try to get the OpenVMS (hobbyist license) PM me for more info (running OpenVMS on a DS10)


Networking / Re: ftp passive mode?
« on: 2011.12.12, 14:25:09 »
thank you all...

I just managed to find the nftp , a bit old (not supported anymore, has free registration), works like charm!

@Pete sadly the the FTP-PM  has no support for passive mode, as I see...(unless there is some .ini option that i don't know)


Networking / Re: unable to browse win7 shares...
« on: 2011.12.11, 12:27:22 »

Networking / Re: ftp passive mode?
« on: 2011.12.11, 12:27:03 »
the one that came with the eCS (built from IBM)... if you know any alternative pls let me know!


Networking / ftp passive mode?
« on: 2011.12.10, 21:30:13 »
I have no clue how to enable the passive mode of the ftp client (cli)... any help please?


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