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Setup & Installation / eCS on X24 installation problem...
« on: 2011.09.28, 17:08:08 »

I am trying to install the eCS 2.1 on a ThinkPad X24, I was running so far OS/2 warp 4
on a second partition without any problem...
So I installed the eCS 2.1, but the system hangs after loading the "vmanwin.sys" .

Any ideas/help?

Thank you


Games / VICE 2.3
« on: 2011.02.26, 20:33:25 »
The new version of VICE just released!

grab it while is hot  :D



thank you for the replies.

Is it possible to link my old posts with my current account? (posted all as xchris).



Comments, Suggestions & Questions / What is going on here?
« on: 2011.02.24, 11:15:42 »
Since a couple of minutes ago, I could not login anymore to this forum.
it seems my account was deleted, as I re-register again using the same username.

I am curious to be informed WHAT I did and you deleted my account.
I am not very happy about this kind of ban/deletion without any reason.


as I see now, my old account was marked as 'guest' ....
ok, if you like to ban people without any reason... "congratulations"

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