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Great news. Probably not good enough to make me reformat my Win7 test drive to put eCS back on, but still great news. I'm really glad for you guys, hopefully a JRE follows suit soon.

Article Discussions / Update on new Flash version for OS/2
« on: 2009.03.31, 07:14:56 »
Hey Roderick, does this mean that you guys will sponsor the continuing development of ODIN or WINE for eCS?

Hey, I need the help of the gurus. I desperately want to not throw this ancient piece of junk out but I have no use for it because: I will not waste a license of XP on it to get WPA2 support and ME is terrible, no linux distro I have tried will install and eCS will not install.

The problem is thus: once the computer boots to the install CD it can't go any further. On the Linux side, it says it can not find the CD-ROM drive. This issue I am familiar with on this laptop because I had an issue with the DANIs drivers post 1.2mr but not even the IBM drivers will make it go past the splash screen.

My question is, how do I get eCS on this thing? I've tried DANIs compat, DANIs performance, and IBM compat/performance. ACPI off because this computer is ancient and only supports APM (barely).


Article Discussions / 3.1.0 beta 1 available
« on: 2009.01.18, 19:31:33 »
Fantastic work guys. Hope you keep it up.

Hardware / RC6 Install on Sylvania G Netbook
« on: 2008.12.08, 02:54:12 »
1.2GHz VIA C7-M ULV Processor
VIA VX700 System Media Processor (integrated North & South Bridge)
DDR2 SO-DIMM up to 1GB
30GB (optional 60GB)
Panel 7" WVGA 800x480 with Touch Panel
VIA UniChrome™ Pro II IGP Integrated 3D/2D Graphics with shared memory up to 64MB
VIA Vinyl VT1708A HD Audio codec
2 speakers
Realtek RTL8100CL 10/100 Mbps
Wireless LAN
Azure Wave 802.11b/g (USB interface)
I/O 4-in-1 Card Reader
1 DVI-I port
2 Hi-Speed USB2.0 ports
1 RJ45 Ethernet port
Audio jacks
   • 1 Mic-in audio jack
   • 1 Array Microphone jack
   • 1 Headphone (line out) jack

ACPI (Debug)
DASD (DANIS compatibility)
1 USB CD-ROM (boot from USB cdrom enabled)

Will not boot past the boot blob.

Article Discussions / smplayer for os/2 ecs
« on: 2008.10.15, 17:30:56 »
Excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent. It's nice to have a functioning GUI player for eCS. Shame it's not native like WarpVision but this should probably prove to be more stable anyway :P

Good work guys!

Applications / Hard-coded cursors?
« on: 2008.09.10, 08:31:49 »
I was wondering if OS/2 or Firefox come with hard-coded cursors that can not be changed. For instance, the cursor in Firefox that denotes a hyperlink. Or the hand cursor in NewView that does the same.

Also, what of the loading cursor that firefox displays? its the black cursor with the sideways timer right next to it. I ask because I've converted my favorite cursor pack from .cur to .ptr and I have the cursors for waiting and hyperlink but can't seem to set them.

These are not IOPROCS that can be placed in MMOS2/DLL right?

Article Discussions / Papyrus 2008 (DEMO)
« on: 2008.08.08, 05:33:15 »
This is actually pretty darned nice. Throw in the OOXML and MSXML format support as well as an option to view the sheet as single and centered, and I'd rather my support agreement pay for this than OpenOffice.

Article Discussions / ZSNES/2
« on: 2008.08.01, 20:06:54 »
Wooot! This is compiled against the latest build, awesomeness!

Article Discussions / eComStation 2.0 RC5
« on: 2008.07.04, 01:10:12 »
Sounds sick! I guess I may have to pony up the cash and try it out....

Article Discussions / Warpstock 2008 - Open for Registration
« on: 2008.06.09, 02:44:53 »
Anyone else like, stupid excited about the stuff in this PDF presentation?

These are all things that eCS is sorely missing IMO, and I'd really love to see them in eCS 2.0 GA. Anyone else have any other info on this stuff they'd like to share with me?

Especially Slide 16, about the multi-group container folder class. That's the most important feature of XP to me. I have every folder as Show by Groups (File Type) so I can find my files with ease. Plus, thumbnail previews of images/videos, this would be heaven indeed. The new progress bars are awesome, as are the suggestions for the new file dialogs. Oi, the new tasklist replacement with window previews. More or less the shit :P Thats why I use coolswitch for XP. Improved clip-board with preview, a nice touch. Myself, I'd like to see system-wide support of copy/paste images. Firefox seems to have this disabled in OS/2, its very lame :C

Again, very excited to see any of these features soon!

Article Discussions / SysBench 0.9.5c Has Been Released
« on: 2008.05.22, 04:03:48 »
I benched my desktop, but the author's site is no longer accepting benchmark results, so I guess I'll post them here.

For all you HT non-believers out there, there is a marked improvement in system performance with HT enabled under OS/2, verified by Sysbench. So far, about 13% improvement in Integer tests and 14% improvement in floating point tests. I'd say this is pretty significant.

Applications / eWP Startup
« on: 2008.05.21, 14:50:51 »
Hello, I've been having an issue with eCS 2.0 RC4 for the past few days that begins with startup of the PMSHELL.

The desktop goes to load, a PC speaker beep series occurs (about 3 notes in rapid succession) then the desktop opens, window list shows, desktop closes, desktop opens, etc etc. This will occur indefinitely until I force the computer to restart.

Now, if I force the eWP/xWP "safe mode" and run XFIX and delete what invalid handles WILL be there and write it back to the .ini, I can get to my desktop and work fine, as I am doing right now. However, when I reboot again, I will have to begin this process anew.

Xfix complains that there is one more handle than there should be. It remarks something like (xxx expected, xxx+1 counted, hmmm.) I am not sure of the significance of this? Running Cleanini/CHeckini only seem to exacerbate the problem.

I have also had a run through things with FPOS and Iconomize utilities, after which I do a check with Cleanini to force a WPS reset so the changes don't get over-written (or thats my understanding).

The disk is recently check-disked and is clean, and is recently defragmented.

Could this have to do with changes I have made to the Virtual Memory addressing and thread counts?
Threads: 384 (1sec boost)
Swapper: 2mb
Virtual Address Limit: 2048mb
Disable DLL Basing (on)
High memory for Java (on)

Do I need to reformat/install?


Open Bounties / TerraIM/2 Port Bounty
« on: 2008.05.13, 03:45:21 »
TerraIM (a very light-weight but feature rich IM client) is back under very active development after about 2 years hiatus. It uses wxWidgets (of which there is an OS/2 build of the proper level) and nothing else. It can be compiled under GCC, Borlan, or other C++ compilers. I tried my hand at setting up the sources and building with OpenWatcom but I really had no idea what I was doing, so needless to say, it failed, and failed hard.

Some Features to Note:
No need to install, settings can be stored in an .ini
File Transfer
Buddy-list Management
Tabbed IM Windows
IM Logs
Small! (About 1.2mb)
Remote Control Interface

Anyway, I would like to see a TerraIM/2 branch and I was wondering if anyone would be up to the task of porting and possibly maintaining it? If you can set me up with a working environment and build scripts, I can probably manage to maintain it if need be.


TerraIM 1.2.6 Windows Binary (to test out) [note: it will run with Odin/Innotek, but the windows dont draw right]:

TerraIM 1.2.6 Source:

wXwidgets OS/2 Source Archive:

Login Window:

Buddy-list Window:

IM Window:

Preferences Window:

Profile Window:

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