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Applications / Re: Flash 9 Player for OS/2?
« on: 2007.09.16, 07:11:49 »
If gnash is updated, how will that help firefox? Or do I not understand how Gnash works?

Open Bounties / Re: libMTP Port and Implementation
« on: 2007.09.06, 08:51:21 »
Thoughts or suggestions? Anyone? I would like eCS to have MTP/PTP support on the system level, I think its a worthy cause. Admittedly, I know little about the OS/2 operating system and porting/programming, so I am really interested in what people have to say.

General Discussion / Re: Norman No Longer Supports OS/2
« on: 2007.09.04, 20:49:38 »
Have you/can you compare ClamAV to Trend Micro PC-CILLIN and Windows Defender?
Also, how easily does ClamAv work under OS/2? Is there a PM interface, or only command-line?

General Discussion / Re: Norman No Longer Supports OS/2
« on: 2007.09.02, 08:06:21 »
Wasnt ClamAV looking promising?

Open Bounties / Re: SWTSwing
« on: 2007.08.31, 08:28:45 »
Not to take away from the thread, but wow, you write well  :o

Open Bounties / Re: libMTP Port and Implementation
« on: 2007.08.31, 01:19:39 »
Okay, its small, but I want to get the ball rolling a little. So I have added a little cash to the pot. If anyone has any ideas/suggestions, Id love to hear them. Also, if possible, I would like to be as involved in the porting/creation process as possible, so yeah. :P

Open Bounties / Re: libMTP Port and Implementation
« on: 2007.08.30, 17:51:42 »
I have been discussing this issue on the eComStation newsportal, and here is some further information from that discussion.

Its not an application I seek (although an application that communicates over MTP to devices is most certainly welcome as well), I simply seek the integration of MTP/PTP, two common and up-coming device communication protocols into the operating system and WPS so that people can use whatever hardware they wish freely. At the least, I would say that it should be an option upon system install to select whether you would like libMTP/PTP support. I would say this belongs on the page with the drivers for USB/ACPI/VGA/IDE/PCMCIA or under the extra features or experimental features menus on the software install page.

I seek to port the libPTP/MTP binaries into eCS in such a way as their functioning is transparent to the end user. Ideally, as a system driver (like USB or other filesystem support) so that when said MTP/PTP devices are attatched, they show up in the drives object, or possibly mounted as a device on the WPS desktop. Include a tabbed journal for the libMTP/PTP implementation (possibly in the eCS kernel object? or is that too crowded already?) that would have all relevant settings and options for this driver, such as mounting behavior, etc. This way the user has control over how the devices are handled. Perhaps, if the user attatches a PTP camera, you could set up the driver so upon PTP attatch, cameraderie is launched. Something along those lines?

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