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Article Discussions / Re: Odin32 new build
« on: 2010.09.17, 22:21:15 »
Melf, what release version of 7-zip are you using successfully? I'm using the 9.x beta and under each button I'm only getting the "@" symbol, but this is a marked improvement over having the buttons not drawn properly/moving around as in prior Odin builds.

Article Discussions / Re: Odin32 new build
« on: 2010.09.16, 19:31:50 »
AIM6: Not working
Windows Vista Style Builder: not Working
BTProx: Not working (MSCOREE.dll)
ColorPic 4.1: Not Working (Exception Access Violation)
DC++: Not Working
DNRGarmin: Not Working (MSVBVM60.dll, OLEAUT32.dll)
Eusing Free Registry Cleaner: Works great (some minor drawing issues)
Eusing Free Registry Defrag: Launches fine, does not find registry to defrag (minor drawing issues)
Foxit Reader: Not Working (MSIMG32.dll, MSVCRT.dll)
Garmin MapInstall: Not Working (GDIPLUS.dll)
Google Earth: Not Working (OpenGl32.dll, MSVCRT.dll)
IE9: Not Working
TreeSize Free: Not Working
MplayHomeCenter: Not Working
Amnesty Generator: Not Working (MSCOREE.dll, .NET Framework)
Microsoft Small Basic: Not Working (MSCOREE.dll, .NET Framework)
Microsoft Expression Encoder 4: Not Working (MSCOREE.dll, .NET Framework)
Microsoft File Transfer Manager: Not Working (VC++ Runtime termination)
Microsoft VirtualPC: Not Working (Kernel32.dll error)
Mobile Media Converter: Not Working
MixMesiter BMP Analyzer: Not working
Windows Movie Maker 2.1: Not Working (WMVCore.dll, GDIPLUS.dll)
Windows Movie Maker 2.6: Not Working (WMVCore.dll, GDIPLUS.dll)
ResourceHacker Mostly Working (won't find anything but .dll files when viewing directories)
Skype: Not Working (User32.dll)
Steam: Not Working (Win32 Error: Cant set file permissions) - Launches/downloads platform updates, cant apply them
SpeedFan: Not Working (NVAPI.dll)
Taksi: Not Worknig (MSVR80.dll)
Tunatic: Not Working (MSIMG32.dll, User32.dll)
uTorrent: Not working
WeGame Client: Not Working (GDIPlus.dll)
Windows Installer Cleanup: Not working (MSVBVM60.dll, OLEAUT32.dll)
Windows Live Suite: Not Working (MSVCR90.dll)
WordPad: Not Working (MFC42U.dll)
Windows Photo Viewer: Not Working (STI.dll, API-MS-WIN-CORE-LOCALREGISTRY-L1-1-0.dll)
Windows Sidebar: Not Working (ATL.dll)
XML Notepad 2007: Not Working (MSCOREE.dll, .NET Framework)
Apophysis: Not working (HHCTRL.OCX, MSVCRT.dll)
ArcGIS: Not Working (GDIPLUS.dll)
Audacity: Not Working
Ballance: Not Working (No text in error message, likely DX related)
Chaser: Not Working (DINPUT8.DLL)
Chaser Dedicated Server Launcher: Working-ish (launches/configs fine, can't host games [DINPUT8.DLL])
Chaser FS Utility: Not Working (Exception Access Violation)
Chaser WorldStudio 2000: Not Working (Crash after load, likely DirectX related)
CMap Tools: Not Working (Java Error: Cannot find the main class)
CrashDay: Not Working (QueUser APC Kernel32.dll)
CrayonPhysics Deluxe: Not Working (D3D9.dll) - Uses SDL, might be able to work around
DropBox: Not Working
Fate: Not Working (D3D8.dll)
FEAR: Not Working (D3D9.dll)
FireFox: Not Working
Adobe Flex Builder 3: Working-ish (Launch then hang) Likely needs updated JVM, Eclipse, and Flash, but looks promising
HammerHead: Working-ish (Drawing issues, sound unconfirmed [no sound in VM])
IDRISI Andes: Not Working
Juno Nemesis: Not Working (D3DXOF.dll)
Kompozer: Not Working
LeafDrums 2: Not Working
FlashPlayer10 Stand Alone: Not Working
NFS ProStreet: Not Working (D3D9.dll)
NFS World: Not Working (MSCOREE.dll)
Nifflas Games FINCK: Not Working
Nifflas Games Knytt: Working-ish (Slow, sound unconfirmed)
Nifflas Games Knytt Stories: Not Working
Nifflas Games Within A Deep Forest: Not Working (DSOUND.dll)
OpenOffice 3.2.1: Not Working (MSVCR90.dll)
Opticks 4.3.2: Not Working (Memory Allocation Error)
Outwars: Not Working
Painkiller: Not Working (DINPUT8.dll)
PainEditor: Not Working (DINPUT8.dll)
Penumbra Games [HPL Engine]: Not working (OpenGL32.dll)
Quake2: Working-ish (crash after load)
Quake3: Working-ish (no crash, engine stops because of no OpenGL subsystem)
Quake4: Not Working (OpenGL32.dll)
Quake4 Dedicated Server Tools: Not Working (OpenGL32.dll)
RainMeter: Not Working (GDIPLUS.dll)
RocketMania Deluxe: Not Working (likely DirectX)
Secret Service: Not Working (MSVCR80.dll)
Soldier of Fortune Payback: Not Working (DINPUT8.dll)
Sonique 1.96: Not Working (Image loading errors, GDI?)
Spectra: Working-ish (Color bar blank, everything else okay)
StarShip Troopers: Not Working (DINPUT8.dll)
Synaesthete: Not Working (PowerProf.dll)
KWorld TiVME: Not Working (MSCOREE.dll)
TrackMania United Forever: Not Working (D3D9.dll)
Tuniac: Not Working (OpenGL32.dll)
Unigene Heaven: Not Working (Directx/OpenGL)
XNview: Working-ish (drawing issues, slow)
ZSNES: Not Working (DirectX)
PakScape: Working
UnetBootin: Not Working
WinDV: Working-ish (Can't confirm access to firewire camera)
Capture.NET: Not Working (MSCOREE.dll)
CCleaner: Not Working
wPrime: Not Working (MSVBVM60.dll)
CPUMon: Working-ish (Possible VM issues)
CrystalMark Tools: Not working (Admin privileges, Kernel32.dll)
DivFix: Not Working (Access Exception Violation)
DragonUnpacker: Working-ish (Image is not valid, related to Sonique issues?)
FastResolver: Working-ish (Drawing issues, resolving works 100%)
FontCreator 5.5 Portable: Not Working (Out Of Memory)
Hasher: Working-ish (Cursor drawing issue, works great)
SRWare Iron Portable: Not Working (Kernel32.dll)
lithUnwrap: Not Working (OpenGL32.dll)
Minitab v16:
MP3Val: Working
nrg2iso: Working (can't confirm convert)
PunkBuster: Not Working
RDP Password Encrypt: Working-ish (Hash seems to fail)
ReNamer (Regular Expression Namer): Working
TerraIM: Working-ish (severe drawing issues)

Article Discussions / Re: Odin32 new build
« on: 2010.09.16, 17:59:02 »
Also, minor issue with this build. It does not includ OdinTool & OdinGUI 1.9 so I'd avise that anyone interested get both tools. OdinGUI simply for ease of running applications and OdinTool so you can set your NT Level and other settings.

Speaking of, I do believe OdinTool should be updated to allow us to put in more NT Levels. For instance, many of my apps check NT Level to make sure that it is at least XP Sp2 level which Odin Tool does not currently set.

Article Discussions / Odin32 new build
« on: 2010.09.15, 23:12:41 »
Anyone play with this yet?

I've found it to run more programs than the previous build but it still hits many of the same limitations of the old ones. MSVCRT dlls, GDIPLUS dlls, and DirectX dlls (audio/input/etc).

However, it looks very promising. I'm going to keep tweaking with it to see if I can't get some important (to me) apps to run.

Networking / Re: Very odd Networking / Internet issue
« on: 2010.07.30, 21:16:23 »
I believe the DHCP client is set to renew its lease on an hourly or bi-hourly rate. I'd have to re-check though. The DHCP Client tool in Settings\Network\??? should tell you. It'll also show you all the requests, etc if you turn to to the verbose mode.

Networking / Re: Very odd Networking / Internet issue
« on: 2010.07.30, 14:45:42 »
Well, it doesn't look like anything is sharing in the low IRQ range.

Do you have UniAud installed for sound driver?

Networking / Re: Very odd Networking / Internet issue
« on: 2010.07.30, 13:37:54 »
IRQ conflict should show up in the Hardware Manager.
Or check IRQMon v1.1, it is what I was using to track down issues on an install.

Networking / Re: Very odd Networking / Internet issue
« on: 2010.07.30, 12:29:21 »
You don't happen to have GenMac/Xwlan installed do you?

I seem to remember hearing that they exhibited similar issues.

Yeah, Marty has some pretty cool things planned for the GUI so keep an eye out :)

I'll see if I can't keep some constructive encouragement on him as well. I've also got some ideas that we're throwing around too.

Networking / Re: Very odd Networking / Internet issue
« on: 2010.07.29, 16:51:09 »
I think I may have seen this issue before...
Run down your hardware and software specs for me please.

Article Discussions / Re: eComStation 2.0 is here !
« on: 2010.07.29, 16:43:15 »
HAH! ChromeOS is a sad, sad joke. Android has more power/market.

True, but the new versions of solaris (OpenSolaris) are just Linux with Gnome or KDE GUI, so easily distinguishable.

However, stuff like Sparc 7 or so do look very similar to OS/2 especially at a quick glance.

Sounds like for the King Kullen ones that they were running an old version of Solaris.

Here is the standard Win File Open/Save dialog.

You have the standard window navigation controls (previous/next folder history).
You have the standard URI bar (here, Breadcrumb style).
You have the standard File System Index/Journal search field.
You have the Organize Button (replaces standard File text Menu, as well as enable Details Pane).
You have the standard New Folder button (or right click -> New -> Folder)
You have the standard File System Tree view.
You have the View options button (Extra Large Icons, Large, Medium, Small, List, Details, Tiles, Content).
You have the Preview Pane toggle.
You have the help button.

I don't see what is lacking in the functionality of this dialog. I never suggested straight porting of Win code, merely that this dialog (IMO) is incredibly functional and flexible. What I suggested then as now is that something akin to this dialog would be VERY useful. Even if we never get a proper Index service, simply having the OS/2 Search command built into the dialog could prove pretty helpful.

That is all.

Certainly the aesthetics of the control dialog aren't the only thing lacking. I've previously suggested something more akin to the Windows or XFCE file dialog and got flamed out about M$ fanboy this and that and other (seemingly) requisite bullshit.

Seeing as I've already fought that battle, I figured I'd just comment on how its just simply ugly right now.

Pair that up with Eschemes, PNG Icons/Sunny Icons, etc and you have something that will look out of place if all it uses are the standard ugly 16 color icons. That is all I'm saying.

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