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No, within the File Control itself (in the Tree View & the List View).

If your objective is to make the UI more up to date, keeping 8 color icons and file controls is sort of counter to the stated purpose.

Ugh, can the 8-color icons not be used in that dialog?

Hardware / Re: Sungworld 89001A
« on: 2010.07.09, 11:54:37 »
Appear to have found the VIA MSP Card Reader Linux Driver Kernel Patch (Source?).
OP updated and link below:

Setup & Installation / Re: hpfs vs. jfs for minimalist user
« on: 2010.06.23, 07:16:24 »
If you want your SSD to "scream", make sure you have that partition/filesystem aligned to a block size that is compatible with your SSD's controller.

In other words, don't have it overlap blocks because you not only flog the controller, you also double-write and decrease the life expectancy of the SSD greatly.

DFSEE can do this, I talked with Jan about it, you have to use the "geo" command. I've not been able to do it successfully however (no problem with the tool, just not familiar enough with the commands and syntax to accomplish what I want). Jan said he is looking into making a "Gui" front-end for DFSEE in the coming time to facilitate tasks like this.

The eCS Installer should do this by default. I'm rather miffed that at this point in time, with the benefits of aligned partitions being known [most especially for SSDs], it does not yet do it. At least it isn't alone, I think OSX still doesn't do it by default though WinNT 6.0 and above and Linux both do now.

Setup & Installation / Re: hpfs vs. jfs for minimalist user
« on: 2010.06.22, 03:43:42 »
I'll say this for JFS on mobile devices:
Its error check/recovery process is both faster than HPFS and more robust.

I used to use HPFS on my laptop but when I would run out of battery and have a dirty shutdown, it would eventually end up killing the filesystem. No such problem with JFS yet. For this reason, I also use JFS on my Linux Netbook as ext4 and XFS are highly prone to corruption.

Yeh, drives need to have full LVM info on them but I've done this with most all of my devices at one point or another so it is now rare for me to find something that won't work under eCS (unless its A) new B) someone else's).

DFSEE it up is my recommendation. Delete partitions, clean up partition tables, reset Geo to LVM style, remove LVM info, add default LVM info, then create the partition using MiniLVM and format it using CMD or whatever you like. Usually works well enough. Can get tricky formatting it in FAT32 with booting back and forth but its doable.

Please note that not all of those steps may be necessary, just what I do and it seems to work so I've never refined the process :P

Utilities / Re: Zip Program
« on: 2010.06.16, 08:58:47 »
Word to what Melf said. 7zip is just fantastic. The ONLY program I know of that one-ups 7zip is DragonUnpacker but that is mainly for game stuff.

ArcView is a simple tool, but I find it simple at the expense of actually being useful. I've been assured by Alex that new features/formats will be added down the line, but I wrote that email about two years ago at this point.

AKA the rendering engine for Google Chrome as well :P and Dolfin.

Hey hey, finally a Webkit based engine.

Hardware / Re: Sungworld 89001A
« on: 2010.06.13, 21:51:43 »
Ah thanks. Appears I have to wait for the next version of the realtek driver or something, whenever that is. Or contact whomever had the patched driver to see if they will distribute it.

Hardware / Re: Sungworld 89001A
« on: 2010.06.13, 21:16:51 »
No, I dont have a way to read that news server. I have to use the HTTP interface which frankly is crap. Can you link me to the patched driver or whatever?

Hardware / Re: Sungworld 89001A
« on: 2010.06.13, 18:18:01 »
If I shut down the netbook, remove the battery, press the power button (and I guess clear any left over power/ACPI info) and turn it back on, the mouse will behave properly. But, only for that one time.

Hardware / Re: Sungworld 89001A
« on: 2010.06.12, 06:35:09 »
Using the RTL8101e files from above, I've been able to get GenMac to load for my Wired NIC.
However, as soon as I plug the Ethernet cable into the NIC, the computer will hard freeze.

Attached is the W10ECx8136.NIF file for the RTL8101e.

Hardware / Re: eCS running great! Few questions now...
« on: 2010.06.11, 16:59:10 »
1) Start up the ACPI wizard and go through it. If the ACPI line does not have /SMP on it, you're only going to initialize one CPU. Conversely, just open a command prompt and e config.sys and find the ACPI.PSD line and add /SMP to the end.

2) MMPACK comes with eCS but the mp3 codec does not ship with eCS due to licensing issues.

3) Never tested

4) Not sure.

Hardware / Re: Sungworld 89001A
« on: 2010.06.10, 18:17:37 »
Here are two zipped folders with what I believe is necessary for the GenMac driver to work properly with the rtl8101e and the VNTW6656USB.

Both folders have the files identified by Windows Xp as in use for the hardware, the *.inf file pertaining to them, and an export of the registry node that defines them and their settings.

Can anyone else tell me what needs to be done now? The instructions on the site are either vague, Engrish, or just downright confusing.

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