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Hi everyone,

I am setting up a test headless eComstation v2 system. Ultimately this will be a standalone system in a closet. I installed and configured eCS v2 with no more than a few minor issues. eCS then boot properly and I have configured everything I need for the evaluation. I then remove the keyboard / mouse / monitor and started the system. Waited approximately 5 minutes and then re-connected the monitor to see the status. A blue screen with a mouse pointer in the middle just stayed there like it was idle, but without WPS starting completely. Just the blue screen with the mouse in the middle. I powered off the system and connected the mouse and keyboard again. The eCS system came up ran the required chkdsk for the required partitions and rested at WPS fully functional. I can duplicate the matter over and over.

More testing, I changed the JFS drive letters to none to reduce startup time when chkdsk had to run after a non-proper shutdown, also c: is the boot and is HPFS, I tried various configurations of using SNAP / Panorama / GRADD with usb kb/mouse and PS/2 Keyboard and the only consistency was the connection of the PS/2 keyboard.

Now another test. I commented out the protshell=c:\os2\pmshell.exe and used protshell=c:\os2\cmd.exe for testing. Started the system in all the above listed configurations and everytime the system came up properly to a full and stable WPS desktop. I did not connect the PS/2 kb or in other test instances the USB kb/mouse. At the command prompt I would then plug in the PS/2 kb or USB kb/mouse and then run fron the c:\os2 prompt and WPS worked everytime... Make sense?? I feel like I am rattling on...

Thank you,

Hi Ivan,

I know this is a late reply and I have been busy.  My idea of this was to build a solution with eCS hosting the solution.  I know many other solutions are available.  But my hopes are to build solutions around eCS.  I spoke with Peter Moylan and his technology does allow for download resuming and I can build the segment downloading that will employ his resume technology sometime in the future.  The segment downloading will pull from multiple servers or at least from multiple NICs the ftp data and construct the segments into a single file once the downloads are complete.

Thank you and best regards,

Applications / virtualbox for eCS...
« on: 2011.05.31, 05:30:15 »
Hi All,

Who do I talk to for information to use eCS as a host for virtualbox.  I know that we have the ports from Paul from a long time ago (I appreciated GREATLY all that Paul does!). I do not need the latest and greatest.  I do not need serial / parallel / usb.  I need multiple guest capabilities to run at least two WinXP/7 sessions.  I need to use nearly 3 gig of RAM for those sessions. And of course I need it to be stable.

I am trying to develop my next small office server series for my professional client base.  I want eCS to be my host.  I wanted Samba/2 to be my file server but I can not make it run stable enough for my expected commercial implementation.  Therefore, all I can do is run XP Pro / 7 Pro for the line of business apps that need the file server functionality.

I really do want to make this work! I want to again have an OS/2 - eCS based solution that I can offer to my commercial clients.  eCS will at least have licensed seats and the revenue from such that will in turn support more development by Mensys.

I need a path forward!

Thank you,

Hardware / Re: Cluster systems
« on: 2011.05.15, 22:17:56 »
I was thinking moreso of supercomputer clusters that are now prevalent. It would be interesting to run OS/2 on a Beowulf cluster. I have a feeling that the kernel can handle it, it's just a matter of finding (or writing) MPI software to manage the message passing between each physical computer.

I am kinda quiet around here, but I deeply desire to be a part of building such supercomputer cluster someday.  My resources are few for such at this time, but I do quietly hope that someday...  Someday I will be big enough to really participate and push such an effort.

Hi All,

I am looking to build a multi-site server platform.  One of my goals is to be able to support my own tech services to download support files at client sites.  From time to time I find myself needing large files that I need to spend an extended period of time just waiting for the download to complete.  Time better used elsewhere if I could only download the files more quickly.

Does anyone have suggestions for the server/daemon based technologies?  A torrent server would be an option, but I have not found an eCS / OS2 server/daemon.  I could use ftp, but I need to support segmented downloads from multiple locations to a ftp client.  Now that I am thinking about it, a ftp server that supports download resuming would support segmented downloads. Right?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...


Hello All,

Boy oh boy! I wish I could answer my own questions all of the time! But here we go... LOL I was having protocol issues with our compiled RSync, well though I thought! Not! I was having issues with me really knowing the RSync tool as it is. Reading into my RSync session txt I found that along with what seamed to be a protocol error there was a Read Only Error.

Well, like we all pretty much know that the complete error is what we normally troubleshoot with and we should troubleshoot with the top down approach, right? Well not me, dummy head, yes that is me, LOL. Normally yes I do, but this protocol issue jumped out at me and I ran with it. Researching the protocol part and gave so little weight to the Read Only Error.  Yes top down, well in order of appearance, well as the errors came to be in that same sequence. Yeah you all get the idea...

So, after some time, considerable time, well way to much time spent on chasing down the wrong part of the error. I found that the Module, the description of the Folder / Directory for the daemon to work with, also happens to have more attributes that can be assigned. Just like working with multiple domains definitions in Apache and like so many other technologies we work with. So, I set up a "Read Only = No" under my "test-rsync" module in my RSync daemon config file and WaLaa! The W32 RSync client took off like a rocket!! Well, I had to restart the daemon and sign back into the client too. Well you get the picture! Yehaa!!!

OK, I am very over tired. Need to get some sleep so I can do this thing I love all over again! Live and Breath Technology and Their Solutions in Modern Business! Wow, I am tired...

Goodnight Everyone,

Hello All,

I am revisiting this again.  I have had really good luck in the past with the eCS to eCS transfers.  I tried to use various cygwin and other windows rsync clients.  I found out back then that the v3.05 (I know we have v3.07 now) for eCS always worked as like something like a 29 revision of the rsync protocol (I know my memory is a little foggy on the specifics). But does anyone have a working win to eCS rsync transfer solution? If so what version are you using and then if you would share some of the tricks aka parameters used...


Thank you everyone who has participated! I have been running a good nearly perfect solution for over a week now.  I have a video resolution of 1360x768 (basedev=atombios.sys +13600768, BTW I would not have even tried the atom bios because I saw that and thought only Intel at first glance.  Thank you Melf!) that works with both the netbook LCD and the external Viewsonic VG2428wm or VG2028wm monitors.  I even change monitor output with the netbook keyboard FN + F2 interchangeably... Which is Great! Well now I can use my simple drug store reading glasses and see the netbook 12" screen to do work while on the go and then plug into my netbook DeskStation when at the office or at the hotel.  Awesome!

The only slight anomalies are:

1)That video is not perfect at repainting a screen in iether eCS WPS or in VirtualPC/2 once maybe every few days on a system that is used heavily.

2)Blue moon freeze of either screen when I do a WPS operation of selecting files then drag the folder with the selected files by the titlebar and I get a freeze of the entire WPS and have to C-A-D to reboot the system...

I am quite sure these two anomalies are video driver based and will document and test between Panorama and SNAP at a future date...

Thank you again everyone!!!

Best regards,

Hi All,

I have this new netbook. Overall the netbook works GREAT!  Both Panarama and SNAP work but I can not get to the resolutions that I really want and know I can get with other operating systems... I have observed this widescreen 0.74 information in other searches, but have not found the actual widescreen driver or tool...

Where do I go?


When I try to use ACPI from the eCS ACPI config tool, upon reboot I get the system at an indefinite prompt of loading KBDBASE.SYS...

What to do, what to do?


I have been testing eCS v2.0 on various platforms that all use the AMD processors.  I have realized that the disk throughput seems to be very slow compared to the nearly identical config with eCS v1.2MR. Any ideas?


Hardware / eCS v2GA - Questions for hibernating the OS...
« on: 2011.01.28, 23:49:32 »

I have a NetBook that I have successfully installed eCS v2.0GA upon. I use VPC/2 for my must have Windows sessions.  I want to used hibernating for eCS v2.0GA.  My install disk is HPFS and secondary partitions using JFS. I can setup a dedicated FAT partition for the old way of hibernating if needed.


Thank you everyone! Just had a long go of it. While trying the mac insertion technique listed above, the netbook wound up not booting at all properly and was a mess and unstable. Not sure what happened. Did not have time to fully explore.  I pulled the hard disk and placed it into the image server and reset the C partition. I kept a copy of the damaged C to possibly explore while it failed later when I have time for it.

I really am hoping for the MultiNic technology.  Sounds really good from what I have read! I tried Neil's recommendation and it worked and the RTL8167 based nic found its DHCP with the RTL8169 mac of v1.13 supplied with eCS v20GA. Thanks Neil! I also tried the DHCP from within VirtualPC/2 and DHCP still did not work.  I found that I needed a different approach anyway when I am at client sites with my development system.  I now have a small router and wireless bridge that will get me to the internet and client networks without constraining where I need to put my development equipment down.

I am up and running for now even though a bit confined from my original goal.  I will come back later and chat about the wireless side and the PCI info on the NICs...

Thank you again!

Hi All,

I hope everybody had a good holiday!  Mine was blessed with family and friends... :-)

I am working a a netbook project.  The netbook had a Realtek GBE RTL8167 at 10/100/1000 and a Ralink Tech RT3900E_C2 wireless adapter at 802.11bgn.

Used GenMac v2.20 and it found both macs and identified the Realtek RTL8167 as an RTL8168 and the second was recognized but had no association of a supported mac/NIC.  So I used the RTL8168 recommended. I then rebooted and was up to the familiar DHCP IP address request that eventually time out. The Workplace Shell started and then turned on the DHCP monitor to check the obtained address. The DHCP monitor never acquired an a
ddress.  I then tested another box on the router that had the DHCP server turned on and the box received a proper IP and pings were used to verify the configuration. I then set the eCS v2.0GA with the GenMac RTL8168 to a static address that was in the range of the router that had the DHCP server.  I could ping the router and other addresses on that router. I could use firefox to bring up the webadmin of the router.  I tried DHCP config on the TCPIP configuration utillity again and rebooted.  Still no address during boot or after Workplace Shell started.

I need DHCP for this.  I need this netbook to be operational soon. I really want to use this technology with the VirtualPC and use it for my mobile development platform. Does anybody have a solution for me. I would actually prefer to use the Ralink Tech wireless. I have downloaded the latest GenMac and tested that specifically with no recognition either with the Ralink Tech mac.

If someone proposed to me the development of the Ralink Tech RT3900E_C2 and/or the Realtek RTL 8167 as a GenMac or a hybrid driver, I would be thrilled!


Hi Oli,

Thank you for pointing that out.  I meant the below address.

Thanks Melf, I looked at hobbes too and for some odd reason that entry did not pop out at me.  I found SCHEDB2 by an AltaVista search for WPS enhancements which lead me to the article in OS/2 eZine.

BTW, I found another on hobbes that looks really interesting too.  I hope to eval it later.  I seams to have a few more bells and whistles and still a WPS enhancement. Koodoos! The link is below...


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