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Networking / Re: Traffic shaping with SafeFire Firewall?
« on: 2008.02.14, 06:25:14 »

I like that you are using SafeFire Firewall.  I do not have the package currently running, but from what I have studied, found that the traffic shaper was in the dial-up package and that plug-in was usable in the regular SafeFire Firewall.

Hope this helps... :-)


Applications / Re: dbExpert
« on: 2007.10.30, 09:25:45 »
I would be interested in the database maintanance and development. I maintain and service databases for many clients in my professional consulting business.  Please tell me more if you are interested...

Applications / Re: 2 Apps Needed by eCS
« on: 2007.10.30, 09:13:37 »
I want to develop in WDSibyl,  I have built very small prototype apps and I really like what I see.  I have been in hopes to build my first verticle market apps to assist with businesses with delivery routes.  After I completing a magor portion of that project I was hoping to use WDSibyl to build from a proven Delphi accounting app base.

If the two above were successful, I was hoping to build a formal group of consultants / resellers to sell and support the solutions across the US and Canada.  Everything within the core accounting modules is completely customizable for what ever market we wanted to target as a group.

But I need to take steps, small steps...

Anyone interested please contact me!!!

Yes, I would definately use it personally.  I am in hopes of building a portable computer solution to be mounted in my personal vehicle in the near future.  I would base the portable computer on the LPWS type unit.  I would use GPS, PM123, OpenOffice and possibly WWW via my cell phone connection.  The cell phone connection solution is not currently in hand.  What is LPWS?  Look here...

Professionally, I am on the cusp of building custom delivery management software for two clients.  GPS was one of the features that I was hoping to integrate in a later version of the Delivery Assistant.  But until now I thought it was going to be quite a daunting task to offer a GPS feature.

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