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Applications / Re: Recommended software?
« on: 2011.07.05, 00:45:52 »
as Java works not too bad in SMP mode, we know that Flash10 still has some SMP problems.
we will look at them later. Right now we are fixing some Java problems, then QT4 4.7.3 will be done.
and afater that we will look at Flash10 again. especially the Odin part of it.

but still we need some funding.

In all cases a very good work from you and the main developer of the Java6 port. I hope that the rest of the money will be there when people use the now available GA version. Any plans for a Mozilla compatible Java6 Plugin?

Marketplace / Re: SIO.SYS
« on: 2011.06.26, 13:02:02 »
I talked to Ray Gwinn like a year ago and he sayit was ok to open source his driver. But it was a big job to remove some depencies of the source code that cant be opened.

He was ok to send the source code to steve, but Im not sure if it was completed. If there is other person out there willing to help and code/compile the driver maybe we can try out to contact Ray again and continue this.

iWould be nice when its possible to grant one required license and to make some progress with the source. The 3rd party code there sounds interesting, i hope its not the IBM way of telling too much work with the code to remove these parts.

Internet / Re: Firefox 4? Firefox 5? Huh?
« on: 2011.06.26, 12:47:25 »


And very closely related...

...from where is Mozilla getting all their funding? Is AOL still feeding them?

And if so, why?

AOL quit the game a long time ago with the latest 'Netscape' releases. 
Some thoughts from Mike Kaply about this:

Internet / Re: Firefox 4? Firefox 5? Huh?
« on: 2011.06.23, 20:33:34 »

What's going on with Firefox?

Just recently version 4 was released, and now version 5 is on the ramp with no significant changes over version 4.


Well they somehow went a little bit crazy by following the chrome release mode. We waited long for 4 but now already version 5 and 4 won't get any improvements. Interesting how mozilla will support all these monthly releases  ;)

Networking / Re: Ethernet Card Problems
« on: 2011.06.10, 14:54:08 »
The reason we BTW included this realtek driver was because the other drivers from  a Japanese developer and Genmac would on some systems not fail gracefully but we have had hangs with does testbuilds. This Realtek driver at least does not hang your system.
I agree that these old drivers may cause problems, but to include a beta driver that most of the time will not work is also not the way to go as the user wont have a working network access. What is the plan with the SVN? Users create tickets but nobody from the developer team reply to these tickets since the last beta release of the driver.

Networking / Re: Ethernet Card Problems
« on: 2011.06.08, 21:30:07 »
They included the test driver for newer realtek lan adapter? A better choice is the intel one now, but its on intel hardware only :-)

Applications / Re: virtualbox for eCS...
« on: 2011.06.06, 19:04:05 »
Who do I talk to for information to use eCS as a host for virtualbox.  I know that we have the ports from Paul from a long time ago (I appreciated GREATLY all that Paul does!). I do not need the latest and greatest.  I do not need serial / parallel / usb.  I need multiple guest capabilities to run at least two WinXP/7 sessions.  I need to use nearly 3 gig of RAM for those sessions. And of course I need it to be stable.

Hi Todd,
there was a restart of the OS/2 port virtualbox about one year ago, see
Then not much changes again so what we have is still this old stable 'innotek' version. Would be nice to have a newer build and some additional feature sets for the host.

Article Discussions / Re: About Snap Technology
« on: 2011.05.21, 18:12:16 »
..also Andy. I don't disagreed with you that ACPI, Panorama, UNIAUD, and any other software requires more work, but this is complete separate thing if they are OSS software or not.  It depends on the amount of efforts and resources needed to be improved.
thats exactly te point, open source will have the same quality level when it is maintained like a closed source product owned by a company in case of development and defect support.
Uniaud is far from being perfect, but it serves basic sound support on most hardware now. We can be happy that IBM/Innotek made use of the ALSA core and implemented this technology for OS/2. The sblive and cmedia driver are outstanding drivers when it comes to features and stability however its not suitable for todays onboard sound devices, to develop a driver for each single sound chipset or a similar driver core like ALSA is not the way to go.
ACPI may not be important for old hardware but when it comes to new hardware it may be the only way to boot OS/2 on such hardware.

Just in case.. maybe somebody can contact the author?  ;D

The interesting part about the contract are the details, eg if it will include some kind of defect support options or something similar or sell the IBM code as it is only.

Article Discussions / Re: About Snap Technology
« on: 2011.05.18, 22:12:27 »
All about Alt Richmond was strange from the start. They had an emty website and showed no interest making a business case with the OS/2 version. Did they ever added new drivers to the SNAP core or sell this software to somebody else? To pay the license doesnt mean to have new drivers included...

Open Bounties / Re: Porting AbiWord
« on: 2011.05.18, 21:39:29 »

I wouldn't like to move the flame forward, but I just can't keep it to myself.

hello doodle,
you are welcome. We are here to discuss different kind of topics, thats why NOBODY should get crazy or rought in case different views come up. Enlightened people can comment their point of view here. First of all GRADD is not a driver its an architecture, IBM switched to GRADD to implement graphics drivers in a more easy way. We are all happy that demetrioussharpe started the GL/2 project ... to be continued.

Article Discussions / Re: About Snap Technology
« on: 2011.05.17, 20:27:14 »
agree with both statements from martin and warpcafe. First of all Alt Richmond showed no interest in the OS/2 part in the time mensys was asking them. The details about licensing are still mysterious because it means to share the core of the SNAP technology, thus preventing it from being open source and like martin said be dead again in the long run. We should better focus on something new and forget about panorama as a main graphics driver, its nice to have it as a fall back solution, but we want an easy nice working solution like SNAP was.

Hardware / Re: Intel H67 Motherboard - Here we go again
« on: 2011.05.14, 21:00:53 »

  Hi Mike!
  Which is exactly your hardware? Maybe mapping the differences we can find out what is preventing eCS from boot here.


its one of the latest revision of an ASUS P7H57xxx motherboard, it also has such a crappy graphical EFI BIOS. After changing the setting of the SATA Controller to Compatible Mode it was working ok. It also has one PS/2 connector for the keyboard. You face problems with the bios or not latest ACPI level. The USB legacy support should work no matter what OS is booted as it will operate without any USB driver loaded, think about DOS  ;)

Hardware / Re: OpenGL ddk
« on: 2011.05.10, 22:28:31 »
I've finished the initial implementation of the memory manager api

congratulations! It is amazing to see the speed of progress  :)  We cant wait to see the working code and soon after it the next step moving to the graphics driver part. Good luck for your project !

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