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Hardware / Re: Intel H67 Motherboard - Here we go again
« on: 2011.05.10, 22:16:40 »
I had some more luck booting OS/2 on such hardware, just later after wps was loaded i had a freeze. Can' tell more now as i had no time looking into it.

JFS for OS/2 with some modifications came from AIX and this code presented to Linux hasn't
much in common with the OS/2 JFS code. Lotus Symphony is mostly OpenOffice with some ibm additions,
and OpenOffice wasn't an idea of IBM, but instead they killed their own Smartsuite.
After the final roadmap for OS/2 IBM had some docs how to start with 'porting' OS/2 apps to linux,
they also had a library for it. Why they now should put again time and money on this
transition after a long time? IBM forgot about OS/2, they will have a big headache
to find all parts and code to work on it :)
We have luck to benefit from open source linux stuff, we select the nice good working things for us but in return linux needs OS/2 code? IBM is working on linux and other projects won't have the
need for old rusty code, they maybe will be frightened to look at this code at all.
OS/2 on top of linux and not in a vm will end up in a window manager theme
with a compatibility lib like rosetta. IBM can support SSI/Mensys, then
all these legacy apps can still run on a newer refreshed Version of OS/2 aka eCS.

OS/2 on top of whatever kind of linux is useless, when they want to just run old stuff they can put it inside a vm, thats for ibm. Nobody from linux wants any components or src from OS/2, they have already tons on stuff and we know ibm won't touch any old code, they haven't made and they won't. I think IBM news related to Warp haven't been much pleasure for us in the last years  ;)

I see no problem to have a bounty for this driver port, we had already success with another one but if mensys feels free to take over and make a project for it then all is fine. So how is the progress on it? Contract is on the way and we can see some work soon?

Hardware / Re: Commodore and eCS?
« on: 2010.03.24, 00:20:15 »
Was working with 1.7.10 and 1.8.x line of the driver.

Hardware / Re: Commodore and eCS?
« on: 2010.03.23, 21:56:13 »
About the danis506 driver - it has support for the AHCI mode on selected chipsets already. Maybe it wont work on latest chipsets but i had successful attempts with via and intel chipsets.

Interesting news about this bounty. First the driver modules are separated, but if we would have a port of both of them nice  :)
How came mensys to this idea to support the development of this specific driver? Would be nice when we would have some updates on the progress of the contract and planing. In case this all would take place then we will move to a new bounty and no money is lost.

Open Bounties / Re: VLC player Port
« on: 2010.03.14, 18:43:58 »
The first port of VLC Player arrived. Its a Technical Preview made by KO Myung-Hun, dont expect that everything will work as its still in development. You can download it from hobbes Check the readme for requirements, addtional it needs the gcc442 lib.

Hardware / Re: The advent of 4096 byte/sector drives
« on: 2010.03.11, 23:26:10 »
yes not all is lost if they will add a compatibility mode in the firmware of the drive. This utiliy program offered for xp users is a joke, easier to buy a non 4096sec formatted disk  ;) This problem will be for all software that cant handle this new formatting its not limited to warp only.

the bounty is quite clear... this link is for the developer as its the source code mentioned in the bounty.
To have old driver source from intel might be a nice addition yes, but like this we need to deal with the legal department. In case someone has a source he can do as normal tech support wont answer any of those questions. Without it its still possible to have a nice port of the driver.

Open Bounties / Re: Forcedeth ethernet port
« on: 2010.03.09, 23:21:57 »
Pete, he already has the money  ;) The driver works in a nice way and maybe he should get another favor :)

These old drivers no matter from where ONLY supports PCI based adapter. This bounty is for newer PCI-E based cards and chipsets. I even have an official  answer from intel that there are only old drivers that wont work with newer cards  ;)

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