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Hardware / Re: Fat32 on 4gb Data Traveler USB
« on: 2007.07.11, 15:48:15 »
That didn't get it! -- It did as far as Windoz & Linux are concerned but ECS can't acces it, yet going to local system>Drives>Drive L gets "no objects were found that matched the specified finf critera" but going to properties Drive L >details shows the correct partition size with the correct amount of files in use. From a command prompt I can change to L: but trying a "Dir" gets "the specified disk or diskett cannot be accessed,"
   I guess the next thing to try is to see if this procedure works on a 1 gb memory stick,  I have one (Fat16 formatted) and I'll have to back it up, but if that'll format Fat32 then the problem is probably an inability to cope with 4 gb. If that doesn't work, -- I dunno, guess It'll indicate its me thats screwed up.

   Weird. This was happening before I did the precedure I told you. Anyway, I formated my DT using Windows2k (not XP) and used the "Manage" option of "My Computer" to format it, where I could define FAT32 with 1KB for each cluster (the default on WinXP is 4KB, if I am not wrong).
   If you discover what is wrong, please, tell us.

Hardware / Re: Fat32 on 4gb Data Traveler USB
« on: 2007.07.11, 01:56:02 »
Hey, "djcaetano" when you say "clear the master boot record" do you mean use the "rewrite MBR" option in lvm>system ?
I had to use DFSee to get rid of the partition! Didn't have the other options available.


  First go on: MODE=FDISK » Cleanup partition tables  » # 'The USB Partition'
  After that, go on: MODE=FDISK » MBR updates; NEWMBR/NTsign » Wipe start of disk to ZERO » # 'The USB Partition'

  I believe with these actions you will be able to create a volume using eCS LVM and then format it on Windows.

Applications / FireFox versus SMP
« on: 2007.07.10, 15:59:05 »

   Is there any known problem on using FireFox on a SMP computer? I found strange
that the loading indicator at the tab (the rotating one) just doesn't work (it's displayed,
but the animation do not work). Later I noticed that I have to save links using "Save
Link As"; if I just click a file link the dialog asking me if I want to open the file or save it
to disk will never have the "Ok"  button enabled.
  Besides, I noticed the system got somewhat unstable after running FireFox.

  I don't know if this is related to Firefox or to this SMP configuration; anyway, it is
somewhat common the system start to say me there is no memory available, even
if I have more than 1700MB free memory (and no program will open, not even a
"dir" is possible when the system start to complain about the memory).

  Any ideas?

Hardware / Re: Fat32 on 4gb Data Traveler USB
« on: 2007.07.10, 15:37:52 »
I have the same problems "djcaetano"  had with his 1 gb Kingston Data Traveler, except That mine is a 4 gb Data traveler and came formatted for fat32 --- which don't work with ECS 2.0 rc1. I tried David Graser's solution and deleted the partition using LVM, that worked (not really)! But LVM will not create a new partition no matter what options I enter into the setup procedure.

  You should delete the partition *and* clear Master Boot Record. I had to use Win9x fDISK to do this, but I believe OS/2 4.0 and previous fDISK will do the trick. You can try DFSEE also. Only after deleting all partitions and cleaning the MBR LVM will be able to create a new partition/volume. After that, you can safely eject your DT, connect it to a Windows XP machine and format it using FAT32. The result will be readable both on Windows and eCS.

Hardware / Re: FAT32 on USB Mass Storage device
« on: 2007.07.07, 00:28:12 »
i'd like to see your revised acpi.cfg file. please post!

  The only line that is not a comment is:

REMAP 23 TO 11

   On the other hand, I forgot to mention that I added the /CD parameter on
ACPI.PSD config.sys line! :)

  Here is the forum where I first read about this problem:

Hardware / Re: FAT32 on USB Mass Storage device
« on: 2007.07.06, 20:30:07 »
  I have just discovered FAT32 traps the SMP kernel when I connect the DataTraveller. It seems some kind of incompatibility, because the problem is gone when I remove the "/SMP"  from ACPI.PSD.

  Well, one step forward to buying eCS 2.0: I solved the USB DataTraveller problem using /SMP, but this was not a simple step. First I tried to enable /APIC. Oddly enough, the system was slowing down when loading DANIS506, OS2DASD and then hanging on loading OS2LVM. Since ACPI docs are saying DANIS506.ADD SATA is ready for high IRQs, I tried every single switch of ACPI.PSD. None worked.
  Reading on some eCS forums I discovered that the information on the ACPI docs is not really right. DANIS506 (even the newer one) do have problems when running SATA harddisks on high IRQs. So, as suggested in the forum, I used PCI.EXE to discover device ID, then SCANPCI to discover the PIC and APIC IRQs for the device and changed the ACPI.CFG to REMAP the high IRQ to the low IRQ and ... voilà: working SMP with APIC and USB DataTraveller running ok using FAT32.

    Cool, but made me feel ACPI (or DANIS506) need some more work before eCS 2.0 becomes GA.

Hardware / Re: FAT32 on USB Mass Storage device
« on: 2007.07.06, 17:57:55 »
Only hangs when it is up and running (never on boot time). Some examples:

   - When a program is closed (like Lotus SmartSuite 1.7.3);
   - When I shutdown/restart the system (the system hangs just before reboot);

   Usually the system slowdown (one of the CPUs goes 99.9% without any
reason) before these hangs, but sometimes it seems it can recover itself.
I am detecting SMP using PIC. I will try to configure APIC this afternoon.

(Edit1: in fact, even with SMP disabled (but using SMP kernel) I am having
some weird memory behaviour in this machine. This happened just now:

 [C:\]dir acpi*.* /s |more
SYS0008: There is not enough memory available to process this command.
All available memory is in use.

But Sentinel Memory Watcher shows me 2 MB of Swap, 306MB used, 1733MB
free memory). It just doesn' t make sense... :/   )

Hardware / Re: FAT32 on USB Mass Storage device
« on: 2007.07.06, 16:38:44 »
Your usbmsd.add is a pretty old version.  However, this is probably the best you can do without upgrading to eCS.

  I'm thinking on upgrading to eCS on my work, where I use an Core2Duo computer, but more on that later. :)

There is one thing you might try.  I do this to all my usb devices before using them with eComStation.
Delete the partition on the usb device using fdisk.   Then create a new one using OS/2's fdisk.  I use LVM instead of fdisk since I use eCS.  Format Fat32 and then see if it is recognized.  DO NOT CREATE THE NEW PARTITION USING WINDOWS DISK TOOLS.

   Ah! That worked! The problem was LVM was not being able to cope with the partition that came defined on the DataTraveller.

   Now, about eCS... A friend of mine lent me eCS2.0 RC1 CD so I could test on the new machine I have at work (since he has no dual-core CPU and he would like to know the results and I want to know if my boss will kill me if I request to buy a new OS). It has been several days fighting with eCS, removing the unsupported GForce7300GS (sloppy result with SNAP drivers) and keeping the onboard Intel GM950 and then I was able to install and run it. When I used the ACPI Wizzard it messed my Config.Sys but I was able to correct it so the system now boots ok using SMP.
   Well, almost ok. Every now and then the system hangs with no explanation and now I was able to make the DataTraveller work smoothly using FAT32 on my OS/2 box, I have just discovered FAT32 traps the SMP kernel when I connect the DataTraveller. It seems some kind of incompatibility, because the problem is gone when I remove the "/SMP"  from ACPI.PSD. The version of FAT32 and ACPI are the versions that came with eCS2.0RC1. Only for information, MB is an ASUS P5GZ-MX, using intel chipset (945GZ / ICH7 ).

   I believe it's almost running and probably will be worth buying, but maybe I'll wait until these random lockups (with SMP) and problems with FAT32/USB FC/SMP are gone. The fact is eCS1.x bring too little for such a high price. eCS 2.0 clearly has improved in this matter.

Hardware / Re: FAT32 on USB Mass Storage device
« on: 2007.07.06, 03:39:55 »
What version of OS/2?

  MCP2 (4.52)

What version of the FAT32 drivers are you using?

  Packaged with WarpIn, 0.9.11.

What version of the USB drivers?
bldlevel <drive>:\os2\boot\usbmsd.sys

  usbmsd.add version 10.123, the latest I could find.

  This problem was fixed on a newer version?

Hardware / FAT32 on USB Mass Storage device
« on: 2007.07.06, 01:39:00 »
  Hello, guys,

  Yesterday I bought a Kingston DataTraveller 1GB (USB 2.0 Mass Storage Device) and I was really glad when I plugget it on my OS/2 box and OS/2 gently detected it.
   After some experience and awe, I noticed DataTraveller came formatted in FAT16: ie: small filenames and EA_DATA.SF and alike files.
   I have FAT32 drivers installed on OS/2 (and several FAT32 partitions on my HD) so I decided to format the DataTraveller using FAT32. After that, OS/2 still recognizes it, but when I try to read it (dir, for example) OS/2 tells me it's unable to access it. In the properties notebook, the filesystem is reported to "unknown".
  I reformated it as FAT16 and everything was fine again. I tried a couple of options (even formatting it using Partition Magic and other tools), but no way: OS/2 refuses to access the DataTraveller using FAT32.

   I read somewhere that CWUSB driver would allow me to read this device, but all external USB ports on my machine are EHCI, which are not supported by CWUSB drivers (and using only MSD driver from the package with base IBM USB drivers resulted in the same problem as before).

  Am I doing anything wrong? Any clues?
  Will I be forever doomed in the world of incompatible long filenames between OS/2 and Windows machines? :P

  My kindest regards and thanks in advance!

  Daniel Caetano

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