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Networking / eCS Samba Client (EVFS) timeout problem
« on: 2011.06.08, 23:53:28 »

  Since yesterday I am using EVFS (Samba Client) as a IBM Peer to Peer replacement. I have found one little problem, though.
I can connect to a share on another computer, but after some time it just doesn't work anymore. If I had left EVFSGUI opened, it can't reconnect: the drive has to be dettached, EVFSGUI must be closed and reopened so I can connect again.
   I believe this has something to to with some timeout setting, because the system reacts just like if the connection was lost.

  Anyone knows how to overcome this limitation? It is *very* annoying to dettach/close/open/attach several times a day.


Networking / Re: eCS 2.0 x Win7 Networking
« on: 2011.06.07, 05:30:45 »
Ha... the answer is Samba Server.
It is incredible how Samba Server install has evolved! :)
I am really surprised. The only thing I think could be improved is asking the workgroup name. Besides that, everything is done really fast and simply... works. :)
Kudos for Samba Server for eCS developers! :)

Networking / eCS 2.0 x Win7 Networking
« on: 2011.06.07, 04:40:28 »

  Is there any way to allow Windows 7 and eCS to see each other through NetBIOS over TCP/IP?
  I had already configured hosts/lmhosts files and the correct workgroup... but without any real result.
  There is not problem between WinXP and eCS on the same network.


Multimedia / Re: AVxCAT (formerly FFMPEGCA) version 1.2.0
« on: 2011.06.04, 16:11:00 »

  Hi AVxCAT has been installed on my harddisk for some months now, but I never really had time to used it until today.
  I am writing to thank you for this great tool for OS/2 and eCS... and to say you can add the "*.rmvb" filter on supported file formats... because I am converting rmvbs to wmvs right now and the result is perfect. :)
  (running version 1.2.4)


   Daniel Caetano

Games / Re: Doom on the Web
« on: 2011.06.01, 15:21:51 »
Two different experiences:
On my Athlon XP 2600+, it was sluggish (4FPS), but with some kind of sound. 100% CPU use (running eCS2). No shots.
On my i7 2600. it run decently at 35FPS, with sound (although somewhat sloppy), using only 80% of one of the four cores (running Windows 7 x64). I was able to shot using CTRL.


Ah, on both cases it used almost an entire gigabyte of RAM... it seems a lot to play a 15 years old game. :P

Does anyone know how to make the Atheros 168c:1014 wireless NIC work on a T43? Genmac see's the adapter but then says it is "unsupported"! The internal Broadcom NIC (Cable) works O.K.
Using eCS 2.1
  Is there possibly a different driver that will work in this Laptop?
Thanks for any ideas

  Hi Klipp,

  I was fighting with this issue today when my laptop lcd backlight burned out.
  Anyway, it seems GenMac doesn't enable some WIFI driver features when
running on unsupported mode, hindering it useless from xWLAN point of
  For RTL8187SE I was able to patch the GenMac driver so it recognizes
mine as one of supported WiFi and then then it suddenly works and was
recognized by xWLAN.
  But... before trying anything wild, try to boot on eCS and run

  type WRND32$

  to see if the driver is being loaded at all.

Applications / Re: Java for os2
« on: 2011.05.19, 03:50:38 »
I have been using NB 5 for years using GC 1.4.1. It also works with Java 1.4.2

 Can you please provide your cmd files?


  I have not been able to make things work.

Applications / Re: Java for os2
« on: 2011.05.18, 05:03:04 »
I had been trying also BlueJ IDE
"$JAVAPATH/bin/java" -cp "$CP" bluej.Boot  "$@"

But I can not replicate it for eCS. any help to test it out?


  This can be oddly related to the problems I am facing on NetBeans. Specifically, NetBeans 6.9.1 reports that the Java 1.6.0 directory is not a valid JDK and, therefore, it cannot build the projects.
  I have tried NetBeans 4.x, 5.0 and 6.9.1.

   NB 4.x will run without problems with Golden Code 1.4.1; it runs but it is useless with any Odin based Java (1.4.2, 1.5.0 or OpenJDK 1.6.0).
   NB 5.0 has problems with GC 1.4.1 and Odin javas (1.4.2, 1.5.0 and 1.6.0).
   NB 6.9.1 only runs on OpenJDK 1.6.0, but it complains it can't find a suitable Java (even if it points to the correct OpenJDK directory).

   By "useless" on NB 4.x and 5.0 I mean it is not possible to build a project, even a single-class one.
   Based on the observation that NB 4.x works nicely with GC 1.4.1 and *doesn't* with 1.4.2 or any later odin based version, I believe there is some sort of problem with odin libraries.
   Also, there is something NB 6.9.1 uses to "detect" a suitable Java installation that is not present on OpenJDK 1.6.0.

  I am doing some more tests but I will soon fill a ticket on Java 1.6.0 bugtracker.

Hardware / Re: Intel H67 Motherboard - Here we go again
« on: 2011.05.12, 04:02:50 »
On some motherboards, I've been able to get around that by setting USB legacy mode for keyboard and mouse. It makes (on *some* systems) the USB keyboard look like a PS/2 keyboard. Not all though.

  Hi Robert,

  I've tried... and nothing. It doesn't work even with keyboard in the legacy mode. :(
  And... there is no way I can use a USB-to-PS2 adapter. I *do* have PS2 keyboards...
it's the motherboard that doesn't have PS2 ports. In fact, it has no legacy ports at all.
No PS2, no serial, no parallel, no FDC controller, no PATA controller...  Sigh...

  But hey, I appreciate very much the ideas. :)
  I just do not want to migrate to Linux. :P

Hardware / Re: Intel H67 Motherboard - Here we go again
« on: 2011.05.11, 05:51:03 »
I had some more luck booting OS/2 on such hardware, just later after wps was loaded i had a freeze. Can' tell more now as i had no time looking into it.

  Hi Mike!
  Which is exactly your hardware? Maybe mapping the differences we can find out what is preventing eCS from boot here.


Hardware / Re: Benchmarks on real vs virtualised hardware
« on: 2011.05.07, 17:39:19 »
updated benchmarks with a test version of the eCS AHCI driver

  Hi Paul,
  My board is already up and running Windows 7 (not Linux yet, because I do not want it to thrash my partitions like some said latest Ubuntu releases will do) and I think my PCH (chipset) temperature is somewhat high (about 57oC compared to CPU's 37oC). Can you please check your PCH temperature? Is it usually higher than CPU temperature, also?


PS: I believe mine will be somewhat higher than yours because I am using H67-i7 integrated video for now... but I am worried about the absolute temperature value.

Article Discussions / Re: OSFree Project News
« on: 2011.05.04, 21:09:43 »

   It seems OSFree was updated. Today I downloaded the ISO image (which is the only known "OS/2" able to boot on my new hardware ... :) ) and it works nicely. It seems to run some servers already and this version has a simple command line which allows process listing, killing and alike.
   Since uK development is such a pain in the arse, I am really impressed with the advancements!

(Notice: only the ISO and code were updated. I spotted no changes on the web page itself.)

Hardware / Re: Intel H67 Motherboard - Here we go again
« on: 2011.05.03, 17:30:50 »
What you can also try todo is boot so you get the kernel trap and when it hangs press CTRL ALT F10 twice.
Will it ask for a floppy is so I will give you more instructions. We need to see if we can get a memory dump
to hard disc. Then we can analyse this.

   Humm... Nothing. The keyboard just gets ignored.

Hardware / Re: Intel H67 Motherboard - Here we go again
« on: 2011.05.03, 16:37:38 »
Paul has/had 2 problems.
1. His video is slow because of an improper setup of the MTRR registers.
2. His hard speed is fixed. He ran an early test build of the OS2AHCI driver and his compile speeds went up quite a lot...

  This is very good news, indeed. :)

Try and boot ACPI.PSD with /EIS.
Its either the kernel that goes BOOM or its screen01.sys, thats my guess...

   Well... I believe I've tested EIS before, but tried again... and no changes
on the output screen.
   Probably is the kernel going boom, yes... but maybe because it expects
some special configuration that is not being made. ACPI snooper is doing
a better job than traditional PCI Snooper, since when booting without ACPI
the kernel (or the OS2LDR) simply TRAPs with no further information.

   The really bad thing is this computer doesn't even have a serial port...
hindering the debug kernel useless on this machine.

Hardware / Re: Intel H67 Motherboard - Here we go again
« on: 2011.05.03, 15:49:17 »

  Hi again, Roderick!

  First of all, thanks for your patience. I know these problems are
awful to spot. On the other hand, there is almost not mention of
new generation hardware on compatibility list...
Paul Smedley has bought one (Gigabyte) and now I have another
(Intel). Interestingly, Paul's board (based on P67 chipset) is booting
when selecting IDE mode for SATA (instead of AHCI), although he
experienced performance problems (already known, since most
updated drivers are still in progress). I thought H67 would boot
ok, since the basic change from P67 to H67 is the addition of
a video port to use internal video (inside CPU processor)... but
the reality is proving me awfully wrong. :/

Well lets analyze. Because I don't think this has todo with EFI.
What happens if you switch on ACPI debug in the preboot menu and turn off os2 boot logo and then instead of hitting F10 press ALT F2 what does it hang on ? Screen01.sys ?

  Well... the result is a blank screen with the following text:

--:--:--.-- ACPI_LOCAL_NMI: ProcID FFh LINT1 -

  And nothing else. When I disable all possible features* of my mainboard, it
seems to print a little more information, but hangs none the less... before
trying to load anything. The output screen is this:

--:--:--.-- ACPI: MCFG @ 0xDAC4C1B0/0x3C (v1 INTEL  DH67CL   0x1072009 MSFT 0x97)
--:--:--.-- ACPI: HPET @ 0xDAC4C1F0/0x38 (v1 INTEL  DH67CL   0x1072009 AMI. 0x4)
--:--:--.-- AcpiOsTableOverride Ex:FEA2C140 New:FFC1FFA4 SIG:[DSDT]
--:--:--.-- Table [DSDT]
--:--:--.-- Table [FACS]
--:--:--.-- Table [FACP]
--:--:--.-- Table [APIC]
--:--:--.-- Local APIC address: FEE00000h
--:--:--.-- System also has 8259
--:--:--.-- APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 1h LocalApicID 0h - usable
--:--:--.-- APIC_IO: IO ApicID 0h addr FEC00000h INTI 0
--:--:--.-- APIC_XRUPT_OVERRIDE: Bus: 0h Source 0 Global SysInt 2 - Polarity active: Bus spec Trigger by: Bus spec
--:--:--.-- APIC_XRUPT_OVERRIDE: Bus: 0h Source 9 Global SysInt 9 - Polarity active: High 0 Trigger by: Level
--:--:--.-- APIC_LOCAL_NMI: ProcID FFh LINT1 -

   Note: I am adding no parameter on ACPI driver. I tried it with several
of them earlier (/CD, /!NOD, /SMP, /APIC)... and nothing changed. The
APIC messages suggested a test with /PIC switch... but again, not a single

   I am using eCS 2.0 GA (which means ACPI 3.18, AFAIK). Maybe testing the
3.19 beta could help? Just putting 3.19 files in the root of a pendrive would
do the work? (this computer doesn't even have FDC ports anymore!)

(*) I said before that I was disabling everything possible because I cannot
disable onboard video (my only video) nor SATA (CD/DVD is SATA) and
cannot disable all USB/USB Legacy, since this motherboard has no PS/2
keyboard port... and eCS CD boot menu (at least the first one) will not work
with the USB mouse with USB Legacy disabled.

   Thanks again for the help!

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