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Hardware / Re: Intel H67 Motherboard - Here we go again
« on: 2011.05.03, 04:56:28 »
I was afraid this was an UEFI BIOS problem (since manual says it "supports UEFI this and that", but even FreeDOS boots nicely on this machine (including DFSee)... weird.
In fact, I have already tested: Win95, Windows 2000, Haiku, Windows XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu 8.4 and 10.10... all of them are able to boot, but Warp 4.52 traps and eCS with ACPI hangs on splash screen. Go figure...
In the past 20 years using OS/2 / eCS, I have never experienced a problem like this.

Hardware / Re: Intel H67 Motherboard - Here we go again
« on: 2011.05.03, 04:37:23 »

  Hi, Roderick,

What happens if you switch the hard disc controller back to AHCI mode ?

  Nothing changes. :/

Are the diskettes unpacked to the memdisc (the white bar).
If it gets passed unpacking the diskette images to the memory disc.
In the preboot menu switch of the DANIS506.ADD driver and see if you get the message
that you need to insert the CD ROM.
If this happens thats good news! Because the upcoming eCS 2.1 will contain the  new OS2AHCI driver!

  Nothing changes! It seems the system is hanging way before any driver
is loaded. It seems it hangs on kernel loading!

  I disabled every single feature of the motherboard, but ... nothing really changes!


Hardware / Intel H67 Motherboard - Here we go again
« on: 2011.05.02, 21:16:32 »

  Finally my new computer arrived. It's configuration is as follows:

- Motherboard DH67CL (LGA1155)
- Processor i7 2600 3.4GHz
- 2TB SATA HardDisk
- 950W Corsair power supply

  For now I am (sort of) using Intel integrated video-board.

  The results: TRAP 000d at boot on "Legacy" and "Modern Hardware Safe"
modes. On "Modern Hardware, ACPI" it displays eCS2.0 boot logo, but hangs
right there. Disabling boot logo did not provided any useful information: it
hangs as soon as Kernel version is displayed.

  I have tried SATA legacy mode (IDE mode) as well as disabling
multi-threading. Nothing changed (not even a little bit). I can't remove
the extra memory, since it would void the warranty.
  Any ideas?

  New hardware generation... new instance of old problems.

  BTW, Windows 7 x64 and Ubuntu x64 are booting and working fine (I have
not fully installed them, but until the moment the hard disk must be partitioned,
both installers run just fine).

PS: The manual states that the motherboard has "minimal support to
Windows XP, from Home to Professional"... it should boot eCS 2.0! :/

My problem seems similar to this:
Unfortunately, it seems no one was able to provide a solution.

Applications / Re: Java for os2
« on: 2011.05.02, 06:30:40 »
You might try to use JDEBP cmd as it does not have the command line length limitation.

This may be a solution... but I am really trying to work it out.
Today I was able to make NetBeans 5.0 run, but it seems to hang after opening a project, on the "Analyzing Classpath" task.
I was able to load NetBeans 6.9.1, but it presented me no options to start a new project (nor I was able to load an existing project). I will do some more testing and then I will publish the loader so others may contribute to make it better. :)

Now NetBeans 6.9.1 is running better than 5.0 (at least here). I was able to make it detect every installed extension and thus it is able to create and open projects. This version does not "hang" at analyzing project or searching class path... on the other hand, I am not able to build the java program, since NetBeans complains about not being able to find JAVA (which is somewhat curious :).
Probably some command line options have changed from 4.1/5.0 to 6.9.1. I need some more time to check them out.
BTW: this is running using OpenJDK 1.6.0RC2, but a LOT of errors can be seen on command line. Since OpenJDK 1.6.0 is still "beta" code, improvements can be achieved in a near future.
Also, the project need more funding. I believe Java is a superb update for our system, since more and more apps are being created as "pure java application". Important improvements and fixes on ODIN code are result of this project; ancient problems like hanging applications, no SMP support and other awful ODIN-related behavior are expected to be gone in a near future... but, again, the project need some more community help.

Applications / Re: Java for os2
« on: 2011.05.02, 03:49:01 »
I also tried the Netbeans 7 that was released some weeks ago.
I didn't get it to work. It even seems that the platform independ version has some binaries for Windows and Linux. Or possible I don't have the complete skills to make it run.

  The problem I am experiencing with any version since 5.0 is an OS/2 command line size limitation: the command line used to start netbeans is HUGE as I have posted previously. Have you solved this problem?

Applications / Re: Java for os2
« on: 2011.04.30, 23:50:24 »
Use there you'll find the ZIP files
I use netbeans 5 with JDK 1.4.1 and runs just fine. Tell me how it works with the new Java
Nos vemos

  Hi Leo!

  I was not able to make NetBeans 5 start up so I fall back to NetBeans 4.1. I was
able to run it with Java 1.4.2, Java 1.5.0 and OpenJDK 1.6.0... But I am experiencing
a bizarre problem: NetBeans doesn't show me any text outputs when running the program
through the IDE. That means: System.out.println doesn't produce any result when running
inside the IDE. Running the JAR directly works ok. Swing output also works nice.

   Are you experiencing this kind of problem?

Networking / Re: WLAN is not detecting my Wireless device
« on: 2011.04.30, 21:24:18 »
You might want to ask the guy who takes credits for the German translation. The email address mentioned in the help file should still be valid.
It is developed by "NetLabs", but there is no entry on netlabs SVN. :(
Maybe it has not been migrated from the old CVS server. But it's very likely that the source still exist.

  Yeah, good idea. :)
  I drop him an e-mail and lets see if I can get to these codes.

  BTW, along with the binaries, source snapshots should be released regularly on ftp sites. Development file repositories like CVS and SVN are interesting but should not be the only way one can get the source code.

  Also... is NetLabs dead? I was browsing their page... no linking to the projects, almost no signs of activity... :(


Networking / Re: WLAN is not detecting my Wireless device
« on: 2011.04.30, 16:04:17 »
Daniel, I think it is another abandoned project.
It works for a small set of available wireless cards and works well for those I'm told - I have never got it to work but then I've never had one of that small list of cards.
You might be better off looking at how the linux world does it and seeing if you can produce something based on that.

  Hi Ivan,
  It is sad, because the board is fully working as the network driver is concerned and everything needed for encrypted connection is built in WLAN already. I believe it will be the only way to go, but then... if one will have to reinvent the wheel over and over again, we are indeed in a bad situation in this community.
   Anyway, Netlabs' projects were not supposed to be open source?

   But thanks for your answer. I must get past my PhD thesis presentation and then I'll try to summon the midiclorians needed to recreate the application.

  My kindest regards,

  Daniel Caetano

Networking / Re: WLAN is not detecting my Wireless device
« on: 2011.04.30, 06:27:15 »
I really would like to help, but despite my efforts I simply could not find the source code ... not even the person "in charge" of WLan development. It is developed by "NetLabs", but there is no entry on netlabs SVN. :(

Networking / WLAN is not detecting my Wireless device
« on: 2011.04.28, 04:43:45 »
Hi there,
I have just been able to make my Realtek 8187SE Wireless device to work with a beta GenMac Driver (thanks to GenMac developers!) and everything works fine when using no encryption (IP configuration done by regular eCS DHCP Daemon). Even web browsing worked just fine.
The problem is: WLAN is installed on my netbook but it is *not* able to detect the wireless device (which not only is present but also is working without any problems). Anyone knows a way to "force" WLAN to use a specific device?
I have sent a message to wlan-user mailing list, but it seems dead. The last message (besides mine) is 6 months old. Anyone knows where is the code so I can peek and try to adjust the wireless device detection procedure?

My kindest regards,

Daniel Caetano

USB / Re: USB to Parallel Bridge
« on: 2011.04.15, 04:33:13 »
From my experience:
All that USB-Parallel-Adapters are crap. Better using an internal or external Printerserver for such purposes, it's also true for Windows NT, 2000, XP systems.
I recommend HP JetDirect or Emulex NetJet. Both have internal and external models for ethernet or token-ring.

  I've got an used HP JetDirect 170x (external). It arrives next week. I hope it works with eComStation. :)

Applications / Re: Java for os2
« on: 2011.04.09, 19:46:46 »

If anybody can post the call sentence that get generated by the REXX script will be usefull. I get confused of how the netbeans rex script is calling java.exe to run it.

Here it is; It is installed on K:\NETBEANS and JVM is on c:\programs\java160:

c:\programs\java160\bin\java -Djdk.home="c:\programs\java160" -cp "K:\NETBEANS\platform6\lib\boot.jar;K:\NETBEANS\platform6\lib\org-openide-modules.jar;K:\NETBEANS\platform6\lib\org-openide-util.jar;K:\NETBEANS\platform6\lib\locale\boot_ja.jar;K:\NETBEANS\platform6\lib\locale\boot_pt_BR.jar;K:\NETBEANS\platform6\lib\locale\boot_zh_CN.jar;K:\NETBEANS\platform6\lib\locale\org-openide-modules_ja.jar;K:\NETBEANS\platform6\lib\locale\org-openide-modules_pt_BR.jar;K:\NETBEANS\platform6\lib\locale\org-openide-modules_zh_CN.jar;K:\NETBEANS\platform6\lib\locale\org-openide-util_ja.jar;K:\NETBEANS\platform6\lib\locale\org-openide-util_pt_BR.jar;K:\NETBEANS\platform6\lib\locale\org-openide-util_zh_CN.jar;K:\NETBEANS\platform6\lib\locale\swing-l10n_pt_BR.jar;c:\programs\java160\lib\dt.jar;c:\programs\java160\lib\jconsole.jar;c:\programs\java160\lib\tools.jar;" -Dnetbeans.user="K:\HOME\DJCAETANO\.netbeans\5.5.1" -Dnetbeans.osenv="J:\LOTUS\TEMP\nbenv61.013" -Dnetbeans.osenv.nullsep=FALSE -Dnetbeans.dirs="K:\NETBEANS\nb5.0;K:\NETBEANS\ide6" -Dnetbeans.home="K:\NETBEANS\platform6"  -Dnetbeans.importclass=org.netbeans.upgrade.AutoUpgrade -Dnetbeans.accept_license_class=org.netbeans.license.AcceptLicense -Xms32m -Xmx128m -XX:PermSize=32m -XX:MaxPermSize=160m -Xverify:none -Dapple.laf.useScreenMenuBar=true org.netbeans.Main  --branding nb

   No wonder why OS/2 complains about the command line size. :P

Applications / Re: Java for os2
« on: 2011.04.09, 19:03:38 »
Hola Leo, do you have run script to make it run. The documentation of Netbeans says doble click the Windows exe or run the linux executable file.
Netbeans 5 starts up with java 6, but no luck with 6.9.1.  There is a CMD file included in the BIN directory up until 5.5.1 -- I didn't try any past that version.  And you need to edit the cfg file in the ETC directory.

  I have downloaded 5.5.1 version, but I am receiving an SYS1056 error. It seems nbexec.cmd is composing a too-large command line (mainly due to -cp directive). I tried to set classpath before running java vm (and thus removing -cp from java vm command line) but received an unexpected exception "Main" not found (which usually means there is something missing on classpath or wrong class being executed by JVM).
  Any insights?

PS: this error happens no matter what Java version is being used, since it happens on CMD loader level.

Mensys has announced their interest on claiming this bounty.
The binaries are available for download at:
The source code is also posted on that site.
Mensys had requested that the founds claimed will be donated back to the " Standard Windowing Toolkit (SWT) OS/2 Port" bounty.
Any feedback from the community is welcome in this thread. I will be closing the bounty and moving the funds in two weeks.

  I believe they are doing a pretty good job on updating NIC drivers.

  BTW... any chance of Intel 82579 being supported by e1000 on eCS? It seems it'll be present on my new motherboard and Linux e1000 seems to support it already, but it is not listed on eCS's e1000 wiki. :/

USB / Re: USB to Parallel Bridge
« on: 2011.04.04, 21:47:39 »
If the versions found here
don't work for you: I think I can make 9.20 available on Monday night when I'm back on the other computer...

  Hi, Rudi,

  I was working on it in july 2010... didn't know you had ported it. :)
  As a matter of fact, the only thing missing in my port was the DLL part... I was
not able to build a working DLL. I'll peek into your code and learn something. :)

   Thanks for your work. :)

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