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Article Discussions / We made it as a "tech cult"!!!!
« on: 2010.06.08, 15:53:50 »
ROTFL, we made it as a tech cult in Infoworld! Is there going to be an awards ceremony?  :D

Emulators / Panorama driver does not work with VBOX 3.20
« on: 2010.06.01, 23:26:34 »
Hi guys,
   It looks like Panorama VESA driver which shipped with ECS 2.0 GA does not work with VBOX 3.20 (latest version). I had to go back to SNAP. Symptoms are: no video updates (black screen) or going from full screen to windowed mode, there's a still image of the desktop.

   Anyone else seen this problem? VBOX is running on MacOSX snow leopard.



Applications / DOS app on JFS, HPFS and FAT
« on: 2010.01.22, 17:36:38 »
Hi guys,
   I think I may have found very weird bug in JFS when in DOS. I have a JFS partition (about 30GB), a HPFS partitition (30GB) and a DOS paritition (512MB). When I run Autocad R10 (really, really old) on the JFS partition, I get the error:

FATAL ERROR: Overlay file d:\apps\acad\acad.ovl invalid

However, when I install acad on either the HPFS partition or the DOS partition, everything works!

Note: I did check that the acad.ovl file had the same check sum on the JFS partition and I also did a full copy from the HPFS partition to the JFS partition.

Has anyone else seen this? Perhaps I should file a bug report.


Hi guys,
   Here's the instructions for installing ECS Silver in Vbox. ECS in VBox can
(1) be in wide screen mode
(2) Have sound
(3) Mouse integration
(4) Firefox works
(5) Networking works
(6) USB flash works
(7) Sharing files via SAMBA works.



P.S. you'll have to login to see the pdf file

Hi Guys,
   I've installed the latest version of virtualbox (3.1.2) on my iMac running snow leopard. I'm having the hardest time with the Ecomstation Silver installation:

(a) Everytime I reinstall, I have to type in by hand the registration code from ECS 1.2. Is there a way to make it read from file. I tried putting my registration key on a JFS partition in the Vbox vdi, but Silver just doesn't see it!

(b) The first start of Firefox on Silver just crashes the kernel. See picuture. I did NOT enable ACPI during the install (the ACPI box was not checked). I'm using Panorama drivers set to highest resolution of 1600x1200x16777216. Then after the first crash, FF refuses to start again, even with a fresh FF re-install. And the vbox extensions were not installed at this point. This is from a fresh install.

(c) How do I share folders? I tried doing what the VirtualBox help says:
   net use u: \\vboxsvr\imac

where imac has been set in the Vbox shared menu. I get the errror:
NET3503: OS/2 error 53 has occurred.
SYS0053: The network path was not found

Any help would be appreciated!


Applications / Lost XPager on desktop, please help
« on: 2009.10.29, 15:45:18 »
Hi guys,
   For some reason, my display of Xpager is not displayed on the desktop anymore although Xpager is still working. I suspect it's offscreen somewhere. Is there a way to reset its position on the desktop?



Internet / Firefox 3.5 eating up more and more CPU time
« on: 2009.09.23, 20:36:07 »
Hi all,
   I'm wondering whether anybody is seeing this: When I first start firefox, it does not seem to hog the CPU, but leaving it up overnight, it seems to start hogging the CPU. Using top its using up more than 90% of the CPU time.

   When I'm typing this message, FF is doing something because I see nothing being shown on screen when I'm typing but is being buffered. What's going on?


FF version 3.5.3

Article Discussions / OSFree
« on: 2009.09.03, 18:36:01 »
   I'm amazed that OSFree is alive! It is interesting to have people working on the next generation OS/2. Since OSFree is really an L4 microkernel hosting an OS/2 personality, and Voyager is supposed to OS neutral (I think ...), perhaps the two can be the next generation OS/2.

   I'm also surprised that there is a FreePM that is being written too.


Programming / gdb for gcc 4.4, why never ported?
« on: 2009.08.05, 08:35:17 »
   I'm just curious why gdb 6.8 was never ported to OS/2 except for the old emx gdb port? Is there a technical reason why gdb cannot be ported to OS/2? For debugging without printf's it's really nice to have a real debugger.



Hardware / Is it worth getting a SSD drive?
« on: 2009.07.27, 10:11:45 »
Hi guys,
   Is it worth getting a SSD drive for installing ecomstation rather than a really fast drive like a velociraptor? Reading the OCZ SSD drive forums, at least for XP, there's lots of tuning required.

Anyone has comments or experience with ecomstation and JFS installed on a SSD drive?



   Just to let the author know, the is not on hobbes. It seems to have been deleted. Doing a search yielded no results.


« on: 2009.07.03, 05:16:02 »
Hi all,
   I have a Cricket USB 3G EVDO Modem that works on MacOSX and Win$ for sure. I googled and found that it should also work in Linux if configured with:
[Dialer Defaults]
Init1 = ATZ
Init2 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &D2 +FCLASS=0
Modem Type = USB Modem
Baud = 460800
Modem = /dev/ttyACMO
ISDN = 0
; Phone = #777
; Username = **********
; Password = cricket

I was hoping the usbcom.sys will see the modem and then I can just ppp and dial in. However, although usbcom.sys was installed to com5, doing a
   mode com5
gives a sys0021: The drive is not ready. It also gives the same error for com3 and com4 because I don't have anything installed to these com slots. mode com1 and mode com2 shows the serial ports as expected.

Is there anything else in config.sys which I need to enable? Or is this a lost cause?


Hardware / Criticisms of Panorama VESA
« on: 2009.06.14, 15:42:23 »
Hi all,
   I'm just wondering what everyone's opinion of Panorama is. After reading some threads here on choosing eCS compatible hardware, some people just don't like Panorama. However, looking at the new ecomstation video

where the thinkpad SL300 (which is at best a 2.26GHz core 2 duo)is used to play DVDs, I'm not convinced that Panorama is as bad as what people say it is.

   So my questions are:

(1) Does panorama suck :-) ?
(2) Is it compatible with XFree86, full screen DOS or other software?
(3) Better or worse than SNAP?

   Let the criticisms begin :-)


Development / QT4 donation
« on: 2009.04.26, 05:11:56 »
   It seems that the link for QT4 donation is broken:

How many more units to get this going?


Applications / Anyone tried Qemu?
« on: 2009.04.04, 03:30:03 »
   Has anyone tried out QEmu? How does it compare with VBOX/2 especially USB support?


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