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Setup & Installation / Re: Setting up ClamAv
« on: 2008.06.30, 19:05:22 »
Double check, that you are using the config file that comes with the version of ClamAV that you are using (suitably modified to match your system). Something changed between the 0.92.x version, and the 0.93.x version, and the program won't use the old one. I don't think that the problem would be with the path rewriter.

Also, check that you have the parameters in the program icon set correctly. It will look for the config file in %ETC% (usually your boot drive\MPTN\ETC), if you don't tell it otherwise. The proper parameter is:
(I copied the original config file to clamddb.conf, and modified that one), and make sure that the working directory is where the program is. The path to the config file uses the two dots to navigate down one directory, then into the etc directory that ClamAV uses. You could put the config file into the default ETC directory, and remove the parameters, but it really doesn't make sense to clutter up your default ETC directory with stuff that isn't really appropriate.

Setup & Installation / Re: Setting up ClamAv
« on: 2008.06.30, 04:28:47 »
The short reason why NVC is gone, is that not enough OS/2 (including eCS) users bought insurance against viruses.

Melf: What is the problem with daemon mode? it just sits there running, in the background.

OriAl: I have no trouble downloading the WPI version of the 063 dll. What sort of problem are you having? Unfortunately, the ClamAV installer has been built in such a way, that you must install the 063 dll first, using WarpIn, or ClamAV will refuse to install. You could use WPIView, and extract the files, so you can install ClamAV manually, but I don't recommend that.

I don't think you will have much to understand, about ClamAV, if you set it up according to my instructions. You could have a problem, if you try to figure out the command line parameters, and the config file parameters. They are typical *NIX programs, with about 3 useful parameters, hidden among about 800 useless parameters (yeah, I know, that is a bit of an exaggeration). The main difference with ClamAV, is that it doesn't have an "on demand" mode, like NVC has. That means that you do have to manually scan files, as you receive them. That can be done automatically, using the REXX that I suggest for PMMail, but that doesn't work for files from other sources. If somebody can figure out a way to automatically scan new files, as they enter the system, from any source, ClamAV users would be grateful.

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