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Paul Smedley

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Re: Preview of CUPS 1.3.7
« Reply #60 on: 2008.07.27, 01:04:46 »
For Pete: Thanks for the HowTo, it worked like a charm (after deleting all printers with prndrv), finally I'm able to print doublesided from OS/2 to my Canon IP4000.

In general, it appears that (some) 'print job properties' in the OS/2 application don't have much effect. To print double sided, I have to set Cups so (via localhost:631), it doesn't matter what I set in e.g. OpenOfice.
Is this always so? I though such options were passed as 'job control' in the Postscript file ?

Mat Nieuwenhoven

We made progress on such things yesterday - the OS/2 postscript driver has some deficiencies :)

Try using

This driver has:
1) pscript.drv built as gutenprt.drv
2) Approx 650 of the simplified ppd files pre-imported into the driver
3) Some fixes to postscript syntax and by one user's accound, enable all the settings to work.

The reasons why the IBM postscript code fails are listed at:

Hi Paul,

I only had now time to test your Gutenprint driver. In combination with Cups 1.3.8 it still is so for me that Cups seems to determine printer options, not the user/application. I tested with Cups' printers options set to single sided, and print from Lucide 2 pages set to double sides, but they came out single. I will try to get a PS file output for double sided from both OS/2 and Linux, and see if I can spot the difference.

Mat Nieuwenhoven

There are known issues with applications that send 'Raw' data to the Postscript driver.  Lucide (and Odinised apps) generate the postscript themselves, then pass it through gutenprt.drv (or pscript.drv) which then tries (not very well) to add them to the already generated code.  Instead of determining the best point to insert the settings, it put inserts it at the beginning, prior to the #!PS-Adobe marker - which can cause other problems too.

This issues are being investigated - for now - don't expect printer settings made in Odinised (including Acrobat 4.x, 5.x) or Lucide to take effect.