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Medion Akoya (MSI Wind) netbook and eComStation

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ok here it is: http://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php/Medion_Akoya_Mini_%28HowTo%29
(the outlline of the article at least)
I created redirections for "Medion Akoya Mini E1210" and "MSI Wind U100" and added links to the Hardware and How-To sections.


thanks to Shai I finally after lots of attempts made progress!

Things I had to do:

Downgrade the ACPI of RC5 from 3.09 to 3.05, otherwise the boot process freeze with the /APIC switch

Made a complete new Installation without legacy support (DOS-Win) will be substituted by DOSBOX

WLAN is working, stable, can not scan for hotspots either

(actually I am now using ecs RC 5, the medion akoya and WLAN to write this  ;D ;D)

LAN - the driver loads but says: IRQ detection fault - hm..... can not verify if it works even though

Picture can be seen here:


As one can see a lot of USB stuff is loaded, but havent tried to activate EHCI support yet - the trap008 frightens me ::)

So, its funny to surf the net with eCS while listening to music....

Cheers and greetings to all

I just tried to activate the USB EHCI driver as well yesterday - and - it worked!!!

For some reason I do not have trap 0008 any more, I can not verify why. Even connecting:

- 4 GB USB Stick
- USB DVD Burner
- Terratec T2 USB TV

at the same time - everything works, even after about 15 reboots and booting via bootmanager XP and vise versa....

So it seems to be quite usefull  :-)

Thansk to Shai and the great job he has done!

Picture can be seen here:




the screenshot looks awesome. Coooool!! Way to go!
Thanks to you guys for working this out.

I'm looking forward to see that machine at the Duesseldorf WSE :)

BTW... that Terratec thingy... is that a DVB-T or...? Is that supported by Rudi's Emperoar?
(Sorry, am too lazy to seek for the information... ;) )


Hi Thomas (you lazy guy  ::) )

yep - Cinergy t2 USB DVB, ( look here: http://www.ciao.de/TerraTec_Cinergy_T2__1930321 ) supported by emperor TV.



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