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Hello eComStation World!

I would like to let you all know that today I have launched a new eComStation software website known as This site is a place where members will be able to upload and download eCS related software. There are many categories ranging from system and developer tools to themes and icon sets.

The site is brand new and is seeking new members and contributers. There have already been some files uploaded but I am sure there are a great many useful pieces of software that need a place to live. Currently the site is set to allow a max upload of 100 megabytes but if you want to host something bigger contact me and I we can arrange to host the file.

My hopes for this site are to create a service that is complimentary to other eCS related services and websites already in existance and to work with these resources to create a better overall eComStation community. See you there!

Dennis d'Entremont (a.k.a TheNerd)

Congratulations on the the new site.

I wish it all the luck.

Also, as a recommendation, perhaps a posting to the V.O.I.C.E. news mailer...

I have book marked the site. It is really nice and looks very professional. 8)

I clicked on the link but it did not come up. I used Google to find it and was able to get to it. The site is the same as the one I clicked on. I do not know why it did not come up for me.  ???

Hi folks,

thanks for the encouragement. I've posted it to submit[at]os2voice (correct I believe),,, on the IRC channel, here on OS/2 World, and maybe a couple others. Not sure if any are picking it up yet but I know it's at least been posted to Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

I am not sure why the link didn't work for BigWarpGuy, it seems to work for me.


I also, accessed you website via the link in your signature file.

It worked fine for me.

BigWarpGuy, you might want to check your browser settings... maybe you're using a proxy?

If so, maybe some tweaking there...

If not that, maybe you missed the link and got one of the others... we all do it.  ::)



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