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Re: Papyrus 2008 (DEMO)
« Reply #15 on: 2008.08.12, 13:40:04 »

I tried Papyrus 2008 and can read the German text etc.
I noticed that it's lightning fast compared to OOo, seem quite straight forward and I felt "at home" right away though I only used it shortly. No crashes or anything like that. If they have created a product for OS/2 that is so complete as the one tested, there's no idea to throw it away. They should release a full blown version too, just hope they do.

OOo contain alot of features, but is to bulky and doesn't do things the OS/2-eCS way. Wish we could steal parts of it and create building blocks that we'd then create Office suites and other apps from.

If their development environment require them to code each language and bind to resource files, then I can understand why they want to charge extra, but they'll get alot more users if they can load languages dynamically and use the same file format (possibly encrypted).

And that was not an insult, but merely an exclamation. An insult has to be meant for a person, and that clearly was not directed toward you (calling you bullsh_t), but rather saying it's bullsh_t for them to charge for the language switch pack.

I work for a company that almost charged extra for language packs, but as a new naive employee I accidentally asked why they didn't include as many as they could in the standard product and use that as a selling argument. They looked at me as I was some kind of Alien... but apparently took a decision (without involving me) to follow my word and allow as many languages as possible. The approach is a bit "special", users can translate the application and use it, but not share with others. They can though send it to us so we can repack it and charge other customers for it. Yes, we're greedy... but then again, we're in the market.

I have apparently a way to "accidently" come up with ideas that are good as they've implemented several of my suggestions.
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Re: Papyrus 2008 (DEMO)
« Reply #16 on: 2008.08.16, 15:28:37 »
BRAVO! :-* W/O people like you as key+ "idea_men" Ooops: ideapersons, companies would not have niches (pro. " NEECHE " ops ) in any marketplace and therefore be forced out by their own competitor's efforts, i.e.,those  that prove more creative and as a result more lucrative, that is the Amerikin way, excepting of course, MS, which historically strong arms the comps in one way or another-beating them into submission and ultimate extinction  via Bill's serrogate DELPHI BUEREAU ..MZ
someday os2 will be ruled by the young and famous-at least in the open-source world!