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odin access error
« on: 2007.05.18, 11:58:56 »
Hi to all, :)
i'm new on this forum, but i'm a old os/2 guy. I love this system an i have no errors with that.
now i have a little problem i need voip but i have no programm found for os/2 . to fix this problem i had the idea the programm from t-online to use but it's writen on microsoft  :'(.  So i have installed odin on my system and i have test it with realPlayer and it works  but it works not with the t-online software.  ???
the error text on the screen is meaning that i have no right for access the harddisk i must be (the master?) . Now i have no idea to fix this.
have anyone a idea to fix this, i think it's only a littel  at configuration.
I hope no time that warp / os/2 must die, i'm hopefull that microschrott  must die.

Thank you to all people the are intressted at  os/2.  And i hope that my english is not too bad.  ;)


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Re: odin access error
« Reply #1 on: 2007.05.19, 22:15:38 »
Could be the odin directory is not OK, did you run the odin installer (at least once) ?
Win error messages are confusing and can mean anything.

But voip does not work in odin (yet?) I tried a few progs and as soon as I make a call it does crash in the dsound.dll.

This looks more promising;

Runs with java 1.4 so runs in eCS / OS2
But its not finished now, there is not yet a working version..