Author Topic: Now I have input, I need output.  (Read 7552 times)

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Re: Now I have input, I need output.
« Reply #30 on: 2008.11.27, 03:51:36 »
Well guys, I just installed Linux Mint, install took less then a 1/2 hour in a single phase. I do not even know Linux yet, and I easily set up my "Impossible to print from GDI WinPrinter" in less then 5 minutes and printed a test page! This OS went in easier and faster than any OS I ever installed besides Dos. It had no complaints about drivers, or HD partitioning. I always felt intimidated by Linux. But Mint is sweet, and free.

Any ways it gave me a choice of network or USB printing, It printed using cups v1.3.x.
Interpreter Information, Postscript: Level 3, Version: 3010 (861), Product: GPL Ghostscript, Serial #:42

Well, this means printing GDI in OS/2 is possible with cups and some configuring.

Interesting - what printer did you select in Mint when you were added the printer?


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Re: Now I have input, I need output.
« Reply #31 on: 2008.11.27, 04:57:07 »
Oki C5500 Hiper C. It was almost brainless to install this printer under mint. I did not have to open a web browser or any thing, I just selected new printer, mint detected it on USB and Network. Even in windoze you have to install driver and reboot, and OKI supports windoze. I know you are the printer guru, so if you want me to get more info, let me know, but you might have to coach me, as I am a newb at linux.

More info from printer configuration
URI: socket://
Make and Model Oki C5500 Foomatic/foo2hiperc (recommended)
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Just waiting for eCS to have all the features................