Author Topic: Which games is the site missing ??  (Read 3580 times)


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Which games is the site missing ??
« on: 2008.11.25, 03:52:47 »

I always like to ask this question arround.

Which OS/2-eCS Native games I am missing in the Gaming site ?

Or, if you have any suggestions about Java or Odin games I should post there, let me know.

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Re: Which games is the site missing ??
« Reply #1 on: 2009.01.01, 13:20:26 »
Hi OS2-World,

I missing a download of Golf Links for OS2, because Stardock does not sell this game anymore. I hope anyone in this OS2-world has this game and there is a way for me to get this beautiful game.

so long mn.
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