Author Topic: POLL: Video about eComStation 2.0  (Read 31961 times)


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POLL: Video about eComStation 2.0
« on: 2008.11.28, 09:54:13 »

the next Video I would like to make should be a video only about
eComStation 2.0 and it's enhancements. For this I plan to invest more
time to make it look more "professionell" (there will be a script,
better equipment and so on). Because of fitting more needs and make it
as valueable as possible, I would like to ask all of you the following
questions and ask for your opinion at all:

How long should the video be ? (5 Minutes, 15 Minutes ...?)
Should there be a spoken comment? No comment? Subtitles?
Should it include interviews?
Should the "Commentator" be seen?
What kind of music should be used?
Should special persons be included (interviewed) ?

What enhancements of eCS you would like to see in particular?
What eCS - OS/2 programs should be shown?
Should there be information about the OS/2 - eCS History?

What do you think? What are your ideas?

Even though my spare time is rare I would like to start such an
attempt. I already have some ideas how it should look like but I
appreciate all your ideas, feel free to tell your demands!

My idea is to release this video through the net at least when eCS 2.0
is available.

We will see.

Thanks in advance



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Re: POLL: Video about eComStation 2.0
« Reply #1 on: 2008.11.28, 11:27:32 »
 Hi Sigurd,
First of all thanks for your efforts to make eCS "visible"!

I have just some suggestions:

It should be short I think, not more than 2 minutes.
Desktop ought to be "styled", not the install desktop - maybee an escheme type?
It should mediate the core of eCS - for me that is, among other things, responsiveness, usability, simplicity. Showing the use of virual desktops - shifting easy with eg Ctrl + arrow.

It would be ideal if it's possible to show eCS, its style and functions in a "natural" way, see someone  working maybe (shifting between writing, messenging and simutaneously listening to music or something) and not too much of "instruction". A short interview could work, maybee the video then could be 2½ minutes.

Applications: Open Office, Firefox, the new GUI smplayer, maybee some instant messenger like Jeti/2?

Well these were my ideas, thanks for asking!


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Re: POLL: Video about eComStation 2.0
« Reply #2 on: 2008.11.28, 18:49:41 »
How about using some OS/2 native apps like MrMessage to lend some support to things like that? Highlight the efforts of Paul Smedley by showing eCUPS and Samba and the Samba GUI as well as other things that will be included in eCS 2.0


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News Update to: Video about eComStation 2.0
« Reply #3 on: 2010.10.22, 09:32:10 »

believe it or not - I still do work on this topic  ::)

I did define the following:

Title (but still a secret  :D ), 9 words in all

Chapters: leitmotif (hm - seems to be a word like kindergarten - transformed from german to english) will be a timeline from 1987 to 2010; referring to the title of the movie - with the years up to 2005 will covering 1/3third of the time, 2010 ("today") 2/3 of the time

Hardware shown:

- IBM Thinkpad 760 ED
- IBM Thinkpad T42p
- Lenovo X200T

Software shown:

(most of them with "shrinked wrapped boxes" at hand  8)

- IBM OS/2 Version 1-1.2 (only pictures)
- IBM OS/2 1.3 - 2.11 (in motion - Virtual PC)
- Warp 3 (connect) with the Thinkpad 760ED, with reference to Warp Server 4
- Warp 4 (4.5) with the T42p
- eComStation 1.0 - 1.2R (in motion - Virtual PC)
- eComStation 2 with the Lenovo X200T (including LAN,WLAN,WAN,Stylus,Sound.....)

Some small clips from and references to youtube will be added as well.

I am still not sure but the maximum time is 10 Minutes, I guess in the end there will be the "short" 10 Minutes version (to keep it uploadable at youtube) and a longer one (Directors cut - hahahahaha.... ) that will be placed at hobbes.

Release date:

In 2010, most likely around x-mas, may be a teaser earlier

Will let check it by IBM before.

So, I hope I will keep my own promise :-)

Would be nice to have a "SMP" working flash and Java 6 until x-mas though   ;)

Stay tuned for more...

By the way: If you may want to read something more about the "X200T - eCS2 story", please check this: