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Fast graphics hardware for eComStation
« on: 2009.01.20, 18:32:25 »
I'm selling eCS-preloaded computers on my website, and I want to make sure that people get a good value for their money. Part of that is graphics performance. I can see a few posts of people who rely on Windows benchmarks, and I know those are pretty far removed from reality for eCS users.

I use Sysbench 0.95 to benchmark the graphics cards.

NVidia GeForce 66005112315
Intel 945G3962870

All measurements were at 1440 x 900, but changing the resolution didn't make a lot of difference. The Intel 945G was an on the motherboard adapter with shared memory. The NVidia PCI-Express was a beast with a heat sink that took up two slots in the computer.

Both graphics adapters were using SNAP graphics as the driver.
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