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Hi All!

Firstly - A Big Congrats to Kim and anyone else who contributed to the new site!!  ;D I am looking forward to an article on how it was all setup.

Has anyone tried getting VirtualBox running under OS/2 eCS as a client. I vaguely remember there being a post with links on how to setup and build it under OS/2 eCS on the old site forum. If anyone has had any success, I'd  find it interesting any feedback on how well it runs, seems to run other hosts pretty well and efficient under Windows/Linux (Ubuntu7.04). Also, if anyone could repost on how to setup and build under OS/2.

Many thanks and wish everyone a Super Weekend.


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Re: VirtualBox
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Re: VirtualBox
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Hi All,

finally i've managed to compile VirtualBox partially under eCS 2.0b4. VBoxDrv.sys does not build, but the VBoxBFE SDL version is working.
Unfortunately it is very slow on my Athlon XP 2500, nothing usable. Ubuntu 6.10 starts up properly.

The build instructions give all information you need. Of course you must know, how to set up a build environment.

Best regards