Author Topic: Probably Not a Hardware Question.....  (Read 2204 times)


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Probably Not a Hardware Question.....
« on: 2007.06.05, 15:31:32 »
Thanks for all your help on my previous questions. Now for a couple more:

   1. When I boot my laptop, the eCS logo is on the screen for what seems like forever--30 seconds+. How do I get it to go away a lot sooner and continue the boot process?

   2. I have a cable modem connected to an ethernet router. The router has 2 ethernet output cables--1 to my desktop and one that connects to my laptop whenever I am using the laptop in the office. When I start the mozilla browser that came with eCS, it shows I am connected to the internet, but it continues to tell me it cannot find,, etc. It also cannot locate Google or my email provider. I put the new Firefox browser on the laptop and it, too cannot locate anything. How do I get the cable connection to work on my laptop???

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Probably Not a Hardware Question.....
« Reply #1 on: 2007.06.05, 16:38:56 »
Hi Dennis,

for q1 my counter-question is: What brand/model is the notebook? Or at least: How's it configured (drives, ram, etc.). I don't know by heart what happens during bootup at that point, but I guess it's the kernel loading... so perhaps something related to acpi (if applicable) or not... BTW: What eCS version is on the laptop?

for q2 my first guess would be that the DNS is unreachable or the domain names cannot be resolved.
Try to ping "" from the commandline. That shouldn't work either... then, try to use some known IP-adress in the URL entry field of the browser instead of a domain name. If that works, your lan interface or network or (default) route seems to be misconfigured...
BTW: Currently, seems to be found at so you should enter
in your browsers URL entry field to give it a try...

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Re: Probably Not a Hardware Question.....
« Reply #2 on: 2007.06.05, 17:02:18 »
Hi Dennis

To see what the holdup at boot may be you could display the drivers loading at the bottom of the screen and see what the pause is caused by. You can do this by pressing Alt F2 as the system starts to boot - or use the "lazy method" which involves starting a text editor and saving the empty file as [BootDrive]:\ALTF2ON.$$$

Either method will display drivers loading on a status line just below the boot logo and, hopefully, give an idea of what is causing the delay.

As regards your internet connection it sounds as though you do not have any Domain Name Server addresses in the configuration. Check both the router setup and your eCS tcpip setup for DNS entries.

Hope the above helps.