Author Topic: Anyone tried Ricoh/IBM 6500 printer  (Read 2585 times)

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Anyone tried Ricoh/IBM 6500 printer
« on: 2009.09.30, 16:16:36 »
I'm looking at a printer that does continuous forms for a high-volume printing application. This was once handled by an IBM Proprinter XL, but those haven't been available for years.

RICOH/IBM - Info print Solutions Company

Info Print 6500 Line Matrix Printer MT (6500)

Model 6500-v5P

This printer looks good, but does it work with the IBM Proprinter driver? Anyone actually have one using OS/2? Suggestions for other printers?

This computer has limited RAM and CUPS is simply not an option. (The WPI wouldn't fit on the disk, for example).
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Re: Anyone tried Ricoh/IBM 6500 printer
« Reply #1 on: 2009.09.30, 16:28:47 »

not sure if "continuous form" can mean "impact printer" as well... anyway.
In the past (yeaaaaars ago) we had good results with Epson dot matrix printers for high volume list output.
Have no clue about what todays models can do, especiall in combination with eCS, OS/2... YMMV. ;)

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Re: Anyone tried Ricoh/IBM 6500 printer
« Reply #2 on: 2009.10.10, 20:40:43 »
It SHOULD be supported via at least two standard modes that should work in OS/2:

    * IBM Proprinter   <--
    * Epson FX-1050  <--
    * P-Series XQ
    * Serial Matrix  <-- (PROBABLY this as well)


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