Author Topic: eCS - OS/2 on Tablet PC - Virtualbox - native - any experience?  (Read 1760 times)


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Hi, I just copy here what I have written at the eCS yahoo group to spread the information:

(If you want to follow the thread there:  )
sold my three Laptops/Netbooks via ebay and bought the one, that fits all my
needs: Lenovo X200T Tablet (no Multitouch). With 4 GB RAM and 500GB HDD it seems
to be a good choice. I am still waiting for Lenovo to send my ordered XP
recovery CDs to replace Vista with the "usual" mixture of eCS and XP.

What might be interesting - espacially for Ed Durrant :-) - I installed eCS 2.0
RC7 inside Virtualbox in VISTA. Installed the addons. Then I was able to use the
Tablet device (PEN) to work with the eCS inside the virtual machine (for me it
was surprising, I guess experts do expect it because the Pen is just seen as a
mouse) . But even though - thats a nice feature.

Question: As soon as I will get the XP I will try to install eCS. It is clear
for me, that some parts will for sure not work (WLAN,WWAN,Bluetooth,Webcam
a.s.o) - but I want to give it a try. I already downloaded the latest availiable
PEN and Tablet Drivers for OS/2 - eCS and see if there is a way....
Is there anyone out with having experience in using OS/2 or eCS with Tablet PCs?

Any hint welcome!

Later this day I will post a video at youtube about it (Virtualbox Tablet)


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Video online
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