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Dual screen question(s)
« on: 2007.06.13, 11:43:17 »
Hi all,

lately, I was able to try a dual-screen setup with my eCS machine.
I had 2 LCDs for a customer arriving at my office and before driving over to the customer with the whole other bunch of hardware, I gave it a try.

My Matrox is able to run 2 (even 3) screens. I then attached the two LCDs (one is 19", the other 17") to the Y-cable of the Matrox. Now the problem is:

Under windows, the drivers allows me to specify resolution and timing and stuff for both screens independantly.
Under eCS (with one of the latest SNAPs) I can "create mode using 2 screens" but it won't let me specify their settings independantly: Whatever I select for the "first" screen gets used for the second as well. Also, the screen contents is simply cloned instead of giving me a "large desktop".

Any idea? Do I need to use xpager in conjunction? How do I set up different screen settings for the 2?
Also, if accepting to suffer from the backdawrs of NATIVE matrox drivers, would that run better in matters of dual-screen? And finally - what about the new Panorama VESA driver? Does it do dual-screen?

Thanks for any hints.
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Re: Dual screen question(s)
« Reply #1 on: 2007.06.13, 12:40:08 »
I've not tested but as far as a know the snap docu says, only same resolution for both displays is possible. Changing resolution on the fly is not possible with OS/2 due to WPS restrictions. So a reboot is required. Desktop stretching should be possible i.e. wider or higher Desktop. Some times ago, maybe a year or so, there was a discussion on about this topic. As you know german, you can search there.