Author Topic: DevCon: how to reanimate old project?  (Read 1035 times)


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DevCon: how to reanimate old project?
« on: 2010.03.11, 23:34:09 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Thursday, 11 March 2010

eCoSoftwa. .. .

Ok, lets try the criticism in a constructive way about this news.

I don't share the idea of using eCo Software runtime in any application.

This is the license for eCo Software runtime.

    *   You can use eCo Software runtime in commercial and free applications free of charge.
    * Limited warranty. The software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.
    * It is recommended to write in the documentation: "The program uses eCo Software runtime"
          o in readme -> Contacts section
          o On the site of the product -> in Contacts section
          o In the announcement of your program -> in the end (where URL, etc is mentioned)

So, it is free, but it is not open source (under an OSI approved license) that means that eCo Software had the complete control of the software and may change the rules as their wish. So if a make a program that depends on this libraries I had a risk that in the future eCo Software will release a new version that it is not free of charge and possible a new version that will be incompatible with my development.

Or, if eCo Software quits the scene and leave us "high and Dry" how can we take over this libraries? or possible we can be in a legal void since we don't know if we can legally change/improve the toolkit ?

But, if this libraries are turned open source, and under the same license of XWorkplace, that will be another story. We will have clear rules on how to use it and even if eCo Software quits the scene we will be able to legally improve the software.

Under the conditions we currently are under the eCS-OS2 community is better to have everything open source since developers are quitting, dying or getting bullied ;) (ok, sometimes by me)
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