Author Topic: Looking for a replacement of the Scheduler found in eCS v1.2...  (Read 7361 times)


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Hi Oli,

Thank you for pointing that out.  I meant the below address.

Thanks Melf, I looked at hobbes too and for some odd reason that entry did not pop out at me.  I found SCHEDB2 by an AltaVista search for WPS enhancements which lead me to the article in OS/2 eZine.

BTW, I found another on hobbes that looks really interesting too.  I hope to eval it later.  I seams to have a few more bells and whistles and still a WPS enhancement. Koodoos! The link is below...

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You may already have a copy of timexec.exe on the system. (without the schedule gui front end)  It shipped with one of the OS/2 add ons, I think it was one of the networking packages.  It is a simple cron program with a setup file similar to the unix cron program.

I believe timexec was later released as an stand alone Employee Written Software package but I cannot find a reference to it.  The schedule package on Hobbes includes/uses timexec.