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Re: Roadmap of eComstation ahead
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Sorry, I was not clear. I know that eCS is not in charge of Firefox port but I was just wondering if anyone heard of Firefox 4.0 for eCS, I know a lot of great work has been done on version 3. Just looking at the future.


New beta versions of Firefox & Seamonkey with printing support are now
available.  These betas are part of a project sponsored by Mensys to
provide full printing support in the Mozilla apps. 

In Phase I, printing via CUPS or directly to many Postscript-enabled
printers is supported.  Printing using native drivers such as OMNI,
LASERJET, etc. is not supported yet but will be in Phase II. 

Firefox v4.0b7pre is available from:
 Seamonkey v2.1b1pre is available from:

These betas are based on newer versions of the Mozilla code and should
be more stable than the previous releases.  Like the previous versions,
they use Exceptq v7 to generate debugging reports should the app crash.
Printing support is largely unchanged. 


I just ran the Peacekeeper browser benchmark (
and get a score of 1940 which is more than double the performance I had with 3.5.3 (around 900).